Albany, embroidered

albany embroidered patch

Mitch sent this along and we thought it was fun: It's an Albany patch -- like, the kind of patch you can sew on things. He explained:

Over the course of the past year or two, I've been on an occasional (but ongoing) search for an embroidered Albany souvenir patch. I came to the conclusion that we somehow live in the only city in the entire country that DOESN'T have one of these that can be purchased with 2 clicks of a mouse or a trip to a store.
I decided to take the task on myself. I'm a designer at a local agency, so it sounded fun anyways.

Mitch is selling them online -- they're $6 each.

We asked him if he had any specific applications in mind for the patch. His reply:

Honestly, the only real application I really had in mind for the patch was to put it on MY jacket. I think that part of the beauty of something like this is that everybody can, if they want to, figure out their own application for it. Like I said though, it's really just something that I couldn't believe didn't already exist, especially considering the local pride that Albany residents have.


these are awesome!! good job mitch :)

So cool! Pretty design, too!

Great stocking stuffer -- and something to order on Buy Local Saturday (Nov. 29).

But, Mitch, I think you can get these into some of the area tourism spots. Albany Institute, Albany Visitors Center, State Museum....places with a gift shop.

Oh yeah. My order is in and my orange vest is about to get ALBANIFIED! Sewing things on things is my favorite, and very much agree- the design is great.

Is that Albany's official colors?
I would get it in red, white, and blue, or neutral colors.

always wanted an albany flag patch so my stupid chicago friends could get over their city flag, but i wasnt lucky to find one --- this was a while ago so maybe they have em now

mg - those are the colors on the albany flag, I'm assuming that's where it comes from:,_New_York#mediaviewer/File:Flag_of_Albany,_New_York.svg

Albany's flag is orange, white and blue. And don't forgot the city's history as Fort Orange. Love the patch! Just bought 6.

Love it!

Any chance there could be a sticker of this design in the future? I've got a sticker collage going with a lot of NY-regional stickers (Enjoy Troy, KAB, Ithaca is Gorges, etc) and this would make a welcome addition.

Just ordered 2! Good find AOA

I'd love an Iron-On version.

I know a whole ton of folks who would like one of these if it came with male velcro on the back like "morale patches" that are popular with military, LEO, etc.

Anybody know if these are still available?
The link now just goes to a page that says "Please check back soon".

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