Drawing: Caribbean tapas party at New World Catering

New World Catering kitchen on Delaware Ave

New World Catering Kitchen on Delaware Ave.

Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

New World Catering Kitchen in Albany is hosting a Pop Up Rhum and Caribbean Tapas tasting party January 22. We have a pair of tickets to the event and we're giving them away.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

If you could hop a plane tomorrow for any warm destination in the world, where it would it be? And why that destination?

Yeah, this is totally mid-winter fantasy. We'll pick one winner at random.

Blurbage on the tapas event at New World Catering:

We are featuring cocktails made with Rhum Clement for Martinique presented by Brendan Edwards. Ric Orlando is creating authentic tastes in grazing tapas format which will include real Conch, Calalloo with crab, oxtails, salt cod fritters and more!

The event is Thursday, January 22 from 6:30-9 pm. Tickets are $50 per person, and only 40 will be sold. Call (518) 465-3465 for tickets.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Friday, January 16, 2015 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Friday and must respond by noon on Monday, January 19.

New World Catering advertises on AOA.


Svalbard. Because polar bears. Oh yeah, I guess the Aurora Borealis is nice too.

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico because of the great memories and all the beaches.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy. Beautiful, amazing food, warmth, history.

Tahiti. A beautiful island that is part of French Polynesia. Volcanic mountains, beaches, cultural diversity . . . sounds amazing. And warm.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Off the grid completely but there is so much to do. Surf all morning and relax all afternoon. Amazing people and you're in the jungle on a gorgeous beach. Grandma's porkchop. I miss that the most.

If I had to choose a warm location, I would choose Costa Rica and would love to travel with my friends for a beach vacation. BUT...I love winter, and actually have no desire to leave -- in fact, would prefer to choose to go north to Quebec to spend a weekend in the Ice Hotel!

This is definitely my partner's fantasy more than mine, but swimming with pigs in the Bahamas does sound pretty cool.

Hawaii. I've never been, but I've heard it's amazing.

Santorini, Greece

Quiet, beatiful, with wonderful people, food and local wine. A variety of different beaches (black sand, white sand, red pebbles, etc.) and the greatest sunset.

And it's volcanic eruption might actually be the basis for the lost city of Atlantis!

I would go visit my cousin in Hawaii. I love Hawaii, and I haven't seen my cousin in about 10 years.

I would love to visit Thailand. The country is filled with beautiful crystal clear beaches, white sand and stunning islands with gorgeous scenery. Most beaches are only accessible by boat, making it the perfect oasis from the winter chaos.

Fiji....well because duh. Year round warm temperatures, beaches, palm trees, coral reef.

Southern Italy, I'd love to experience the coast, and get to know some of the areas my family came from.

Jamaica - Because of the weather, laid back atmosphere and to visit friends!

Ireland! Not warm this time of year you say? I'd find the nearest pub with a fireplace and that would be my "warm destination".

Barcelona: beach, español, culture, ... beach!

Thailand. Beautiful beaches, great surfing, amazing food.

Hawaii....Kauai, big island or Maui. All are beautiful, each in a different way, with wondrous beaches, hikes, views and food.

Jose Ignacio in Uruguay because of the beautiful beaches, beautiful people and fabulous restaurants.

Victoria Falls. Because, Victoria Falls. And maybe a trek across the countryside.

If I could hop on a plane right now, I'd head for Australia. I have a need to meet and befriend a koala.

Melbourne! It's summer there and we can watch the Australian Open tennis!

Boqueron, Puerto Rico. Wonderful beach, and of course - warm.

El Salvador-- the food, culture, and gorgeous beaches. Need I say more?

Ocho Rios, Jamaica -- had my best vacation by far there

Placencia, Belize. Several friends spent NYE there and looked like a blast.

Fiji! Because it's exotic and remote. And because Jim Carey wants to go there in The Truman Show!!

Copenhagen. Why not go colder :)

Barcelona. Food, wine, siestas, gritty, beautiful.

Hawaii-- because the high today is 80 degrees and sunny.

Sandals Resort at Saint Lucia to celebrate my wedding anniversary

Bali, to one of those resorts with the huts on the water.

New Zealand, because Lord of the Rings and beer.

Walt Disney World (Florida) because I am a fan of anything Disney and warm weather.

Mumbai because India is endlessly fascinating. Mumbai is one of those cities that is a huge pile of ancient, modern, exotic and mysterious.


Cuba, of course. I'd like to visit that 1950s time capsule before the Yankee dollar changes it.

Puerto Rico- I have never been there and have heard great things.

New Zealand. Was watching cricket last night and the crowd shots of everyone with their Icees and cool drinks looked lovely.


Southern Italy...because I have always wanted to travel to Italy

Thailand. Bc Thai food and beaches!

Anaheim, just to be able to visit family,and not so much for the weather!

I'd like to go to Samoa in the South Pacific. Beautiful, pristine, great people. Oh...and WARM!

Sydney! I have a good friend from Sydney and she's always begging me to visit. She was in NYC last week and I taught her how to ice skate, so I'd love to go visit her and learn some of their summer sports!

Australia! To visit good friends that my boyfriend and I have not seen since we flew to Paris in 2009. They've since moved to Australia and I'm not sure if we'll ever get there.


Barcelona - because I love Tapas!

New Zealand!

A Beach Blast on the small island of Anuta, where subsistence fishing is still king, would greatly please me. Anuta embodies simple living at its finest.

Jamaica! Or maybe someplace in the Mediterranean since I haven't been there yet.

I'd visit my daughter in Malaga because it's warmer, has wonderful beaches, has beautiful ancient tile and mosaic infrastructure and the food and drink is fabulous.

Taormina, Sicily, because once was not enough.

I would travel to Bora Bora because COCONUTS and bungalows over the water!

Key West, it's fun to hang out with the freaks.

Belize -- we could snorkel forever!

Thailand and Cambodia - because one of my friends is there, and I am SUPER jealous of all her Instagram photos right now!!!

Anguilla. I've wanted to go there since reading a book about it ten years ago.

Santorini. Grilled Octopus, white wine, outdoor dining and beautiful beaches.

I have always wanted to visit Australia & New Zealand... because... who hasn't?!

Seychelles.... it just looks like the most beautiful place on the planet!

I just got back from Tanzania, it was awesome! But if I got to go somewhere else, I'd probably take a trip to Nicaragua. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

Hawaii. Hands down. I've been to the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. It's time to go back for Kuai. It's my idea of paradise. There's nothing like Maui's Road to Hana and the Seven Sacred Pools!

Portugal -- slowwww living, beauty, cousins!

I once saw a photograph of this hotel in the Maldives, and it has really stayed in my mind for years! http://www.tajhotels.com/luxury/exotica-resort-and-spa/taj-exotica-resort-and-spa-maldives/overview.html

South of France or Greece. I dream of going to these places every time I watch Anthony Bourdain's shows.

Hawaii!! To relive my honeymoon!!

Oooh this is my favorite type of question, and I daydream about it all the time. I would take a trip to Thailand to visit my brother who lives there, enjoy the amazing street food, and ride an elephant before I go to the beach. One day!

Martinique. I've wanted to go since high school french class.

I would go to Thailand! Phuket or Phi Phi Island, though, not Bangkok. It's so cheap and the food is incredible...and gosh, what a stunning place!

New Zealand/Australia, where I hear it's been quite warm lately. Beer, LotR, warmth; what's not to love?

Hawaii, because I've never been and would love to enjoy the weather, scenery, culture, food (poke!) and just relax!


Cuba, for la musica.

for now gonna hop a plane to Miami Beach!

Jamaica mon!

My sister and I were just talking about St. Pete Beach, FL today. What I wouldn't give to be on the beach right now. It's not the most exotic location, but we went there every year for family vacation, so it holds a lot of memories.

St Lucia because of the topography.

Gulf of Mexico. Some place where I could have my own beach hamock

ARUBA! Why? It is "One Happy Island".19 fabulous beaches all around the island, and on the "wild side" accessible by jeep or a tour...Conchi,(Natural Pool). It is like swimming in warm champagne.

Nothing too exciting. Just Florida to visit my parents.

I lived in the Philippines for three years in the 70s. It changed my life, made me more international, opened my eyes to the larger world. I have never been back. I would go to Baguio on the main island of Luzon.

I would go to Havana, so I could see where many of my favorite movies were filmed before it all changes...

Any Italian island - they all look so magical.

St. Thomas

Right back to guyana

Hmm. I'm not much of a beach vacation person, but I have never been to Hawaii.


I would go to Vancouver again. I was just there, and the temperature was in the 40s. It was heavenly in comparison to what Albany was experiencing.

Florida because despite the helicopter sized mosquitoes I love the Everglades and want very much to go back

Pitcairn because nobody knows where the hell Pitcairn is

The Dominican Republic, because that's where mi corazón is!

Just got back from Puerto Rico - would love to go back there and stay until April on the beach in the warm warm sun! People are so friendly and nice!

london! Went this summer and want to go back!

Guadaloupe to swim with sea turtles and my daughter who is teaching there!

Rio de Janeiro... Music, dancing, food and of course, bikinis.

Mexico. So cheap.

Puerto Rico - it's so close that you're in paradise in no time, it's a beautiful 79-85 degrees this time of year, and the sand is so fine and soft (definitely not coarse Cape Cod sand!). It is a perfect getaway.

Easter Island for the ruins, national parks, beaches, and long days of sunlight! Missing the daylight up here.

I would definitely go to Australia. I've never been and I've always wanted to go. I would love to check out the Australia zoo, go to their beaches, drink with the locals. Just got to watch out for all the deadly animals and insects!

I would go to Italy for the food of course!

Bali. Case closed.

It's carnival time in New Orleans, LA. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? I do.

Turks and Caicos?

Tucson, Arizona...to see my mom and get some great southwestern food....not the warmest time to go...but it's a heck of a lot warmer than here!!!

Thailand because one of my best friends lives there half of the year and has always been trying to get me to go.

Hawaii, it's been on my bucket list forever.......and because shaved ice!

Seville, Spain! The museums are wonderful, the food is excellent, and who doesn't love an afternoon nap?

St. Maartin, best weather, best water and best cocktails!

Texas, where the whisky's always pourin' and the boots are always two steppin'

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