Drawing: Valentine's Day dinner at Nine Pin Ciderworks

nine pin valentines day dinner

Drawing's closed!

Nine Pin Ciderworks and Jeff Loshinsky Catering are teaming up to host a "Cider is for Lovers" Valentine's Day dinner on February 14. Blurbage:

Bring your Valentine for a unique dining experience at New York's first farm cidery. For one night only,Nine Pin's industrial setting will be staged for lovers. Award Winning Chef Jeff Loshinsky will showcase a romantic four course dinner paired with four glasses of Nine Pin's finest ciders.

We have a pair of tickets to the dinner, and we're giving them away. To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's a small, everyday way that someone expresses love for you, you express love for another person, or you see how other people express love for each other?

Grand gestures -- the elaborate marriage proposal, the extravagant gift, or whatever -- get a lot of attention. But life is mostly a bunch of small moments strung together. And showing your love for someone -- whether it's your partner, friend, family member, whoever -- is often about the small things we do for each other. Maybe it's time made for someone, listening during a tough day, or cooking that person's favorite dinner on a Tuesday night.

So, this could be anything. We'll draw one comment at random. That person gets the pair of tickets.

The Valentine's Day dinner at Nine Pin starts at 7 pm on February 14. Tickets are $85 per person. For reservations: 449-9999.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Thursday, January 29, 2015 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Thursday and must respond by 5 pm Friday, January 30.

Jeff Loshinsky Catering catered the Rail, River, Hudson tour, and Nine Pin Ciderworks was a sponsor.


I love to get mail (beyond just bills and junk mail). My boyfriend and I, who live some distance apart, regularly mail each other cards. It's not just for the major holidays and birthdays, but whenever we find a humorous cat card (there are more cat/cheeseburger cards than you might expect); as a way to celebrate accomplishments, big and little; or merely just as a, "hey there, I was thinking about you."

clesning off my car of snow!

In a word ? Unconditional

They shovel the drive way before I wake up! :-)

Starting my car before I have to leave for work

A thoughtful note or text message to start of the day and let someone know that they're thinking of you

He always saves me the lady gummy, cookie, or bite of anything yummy.

Popping the popcorn

Every night, at bedtime, I snuggle up with my 7 year old, and as we say our goodnights, he tells me "I love you. You're the best ever yet always."
I'll try to remember this when he's 14 and tells me I'm literally the worst because he can't go see Paranormal Activity 15 or some s***.

My husband makes me coffee every morning before he leaves for work even though he rarely drinks it himself.

Walking both dogs before I get home from work on a snowy icy day.

Doing the dishes without being asked, even if they weren't the person to dirty them :)

My boyfriend put up a whiteboard in our shower (thinking he could get his ideas down while in the shower)- however the steam allows about 20 seconds of writing time- so now its more of a love note board- I love pulling back the shower curtain and seeing a cute drawing and note!

Every time my Dad calls my mom, he says "hello beautiful" when she picks up.
But for me, my boyfriend pretends to sleep late so I can watch my trashy tv on Saturday mornings by myself!

The little things are the best. Making coffee in the morning or having breakfast ready, helping one another out when the other is busy, picking up things at the store just because they remind you of the other person, compromising on what to do or when to do it...the list goes on. The big stuff is fun, but the small stuff is definitely what counts.

My neighbors are in their seventies and always walk out of their house holding hands.

I cook my dinner for my girlfriend and always make sure pack her up a container of leftovers for lunch the next day.

My husband shows me he loves me all the time in little ways. Like the other day, he came home with two DVDs that he knew I would want to watch instead of getting only movies he likes. Amazing guy.

My husband brings me a cup of coffee every morning as I am attempting to get my preschooler and baby out of bed and ready for the day.

Making the coffee before I get back from my morning run.

Every morning my husband and I say a silent prayer for God to make our marriage strong. Then we say let's be extraordinary!

Cookie Bouquet

Quality cuddling.

My husband loves to cuddle. He always makes me come cuddle with him on the couch, even when I have a bunch of things to do, even for just 5-10 minutes. He's also a great big spoon.

simple sharing.. a thought, a song, a look... and of course those 3 little words...

A simple "good morning, sweetheart" text every morning.

Making sure there is a pot of coffee for when you wake up.

One of the times my cellar got flooded, my gent friend, and i were supposed to go to the movies with my sister, and her gent friend. After the plumber unclogged the cellar drain , the plumber swept the water down the drain.
My gent friend brought back a mop from his house , and helped the plumber finnish the job so we wouldn't miss the movie!

Smile. Genuinely smile.

I love finding random notes in various places around the apartment - in a book I'm reading, on the dressing room mirror, near my toothbrush,etc. I like to do the same especially if I'll be gone for a while. Then it gives him a few days to find all of the notes that might give reasons why I love him, favorite memories, or favorite traits.

Snail mail

I make my fiancee coffee every morning...and I hate coffee.

My taller-than-me 16 year old son puts him arms around me and gives me a kiss on the keppy (head) -- in public!!

My eight-year-old daughter sometimes surprises me by sneaking sweet notes into my lunch bag. They brighten my day when I get to work and find these unexpected treasures!

It really is the little things. I'm lactose-intolerant and my boyfriend always keeps Lactaid milk in the fridge for when I stay over. He and his roommates always know to save it for me!

Lots of hugs!

Nightly back scratches.

He lets me nap and never complains about it.

appreciation! People will always do more when they feel appreciated. Whether it's a significant other, friend or family member, showing appreciation goes a long way. Stop expecting and start appreciating!

What is love? (Baby don't hurt me)

Kisses before leaving for work.

Clean laundry in my drawers, no dirty dishes in the sink, and shoveled stairs go a long way towards my feeling loved!

She cooks me the most amazing meals for me, takes me on great adventures, and totally puts up with the random things I geek out over

My husband takes the dog out first thing every morning while I shower - it's a sign of love for both of us!

All it takes is a look and a smile.

When kids are in the picture, letting your spouse or significant other take a nap is one of the most loving gestures that you can make. Also, probably awesome when kids aren't a factor. By the way, even if you're single it's a gift you can give yourself.

my sweetie lets me ramble on with overly complicated answers to simple questions with patience and a smile.

When my fiancé does a marathon day of laundry and washes and folds everything because he knows I've had a busy week.

Taking initiative to team up against the household chores: My fiance comes home from a long week at the United States Military Academy every weekend with the selfless desire to serve me. He looks for ways to make my life easier and filled with more joy and love because he is in it. He hunts for trash to take out for me from all over the house, he sets the table for dinner, and he takes charge over washing the pots and pans after dinner. The best thing about it is that he does it with a smile :)

My sweetie grinds the coffe beans and sets the coffee maker to go off in a timely manner every morning. When I wake up, I have a perfect cup of coffee waiting.

Grabbing and holding hands even just for a few seconds and getting that little squeeze of love, support, and affection

Instead of rushing, making time for a laugh in the morning before we leave for work.

I still open the car door for my girl. every. time.

A hug from behind

"Listening is an act of love."

food prep

Just a simple text message at the start of the day...

Simply saying "have a good day" and "i love you" every morning before one of us takes off for work. Best way to start the day.

Helping out with my least favorite chores.

Getting up early with the kids so she can sleep in

Doing household chores and sitting down together for dinner.

Just when I thought he would go on through the woods without me, he came back looking for me. Just understanding that I'm a chicken on skis sometimes, is pretty great.

Emptying the dishwasher. Seriously. That's love!

getting up to let the dogs out

Telling the truth is maybe the most important way love is shown.

Breakfast in bed is a simple way that I show my girlfriend that I love and appreciate her.

My husband is great - he does the laundry and vacuums all the time and with a smile!

What's a small, everyday way that someone expresses love for you:

Every night, when my husban gets home from work, he plants a kiss on me. Also, being 8 months pregnant & with an active toddler running around, he rubs my achy feet at night!!

My wife has arthritis in her foot. Every night, I give her a foot massage. In return, she willingly cleans the bathroom (we split a lot of the other chores, but I hate that one). Love!

Every morning my wonderful wife brings me coffee in bed.

My wake up hug and kiss every day from my love.

The screams and hugs from my daughters when I get home from work.

I work full time and go to grad school at night, so I'm not home a whole lot. My girlfriend always makes sure I have an awesome dinner to eat, regardless of when I get home (which is often after she's gone to bed). Means a lot to me.

Taking time off to accompany me to less than stellar Doctor's appointments, then taking me going out to the Fountain for comfort food!

sharing your dunkaroos with your SO

Stashing cute notes in places that my partner discovers later in the day.

Taking the time every night to sit at the dinner table and enjoy family dinner...with no interruptions, no phones, no TV. It's our time to be a family and reflect on our days. Plus, just a simple "I Love you" before we go to sleep means the world to me.

My husband does the laundry for a household of five! That must be LOVE!

Bringing home surprise snacks or favorite booze is the best :)

My boyfriend sings to me. It's the best!

A hug and a smile at the end of the day. A house full of laughter is the best way to wind down from the long day at work.

doing my dishes when i just can't manage to do anything else after a 14 hour day

Adventures and date nights and buying special treats

Watching Jeopardy with me.

Noticing and thanking me for the small things I do. Kissing me each morning as we depart from the house.

My boyfriend will kiss me on the top of the head at random times. Each time he does this it make me feel completely precious and adored.

Cleaning the bathroom!

When I come home to the bed made and he's cooking dinner for me!

Goodnight tuck-ins

We start each day off by saying a prayer for each other and our family.

Back massages at least once a week feel wonderful.

I love how many people have mentioned coffee on this feed. I agree with all of them! Also, driving me to work on really cold days :)

Love is brussel sprouts. True love is brussel sprouts with bacon.

When he watches shows with me that I know he doesn't like.

She refuses to dignify my jokes with a response.

Making a nice dinner at home unexpectedly after a long day.

just smile sweetly at each other :)

Since being diagnosed last year with leukemia, so many people in my life have shown so much love in so many ways. More often than not, it's the small gesture, like a text with a heart, that makes me smile and feel love the most. But just truly listening to someone vent or talk about their day or, really, whatever is important to them in that moment, is the best way to show love and that you care. A big, heartfelt hug always works, too!

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