Potential successors line up for Speaker, two die in separate Capital Region fires, man jailed for hitting mother, 72 year old lays down fitness challenge for Jimmy Fallon

Several Democratic lawmakers are already vying to replace the speaker. Here's a look at who they are, and a breakdown of the six days that resulted in Silver's demise. Meanwhile lawmakers are working on the budget without Silver. [TWCN][NYT]

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has reportedly lined up cooperating witnesses in the corruption case against Sheldon Silver. [TU]

Sheldon Silver is taking a leave of absence from the Manhattan personal injury law firm where he works outside of the legislature. [NYT]

Reconsidering how things get done in the legislature in the wake of the Silver controversy. [TU]

Saint Rose MB in post ad 2014-fall

A 97-year-old Rotterdam man died in a fire at his home near Rotterdam Square Mall Wednesday night.[WNYT]

A house fire on Fairlawn Avenue in Albany left a woman dead and her husband injured. [TU]

In sub-zero temperatures Albany firefighters battled a fire that damaged a vacant home on Ontario Street early Thursday morning. [TU]

A Schenectady man was indicted on murder charges on Wednesday in connection with a fatal shooting last month at State and Elder Streets.[TWCN]

A 37-year-old Schenectady County man was arrested for allegedly hitting his 69-year-old mother in the head with a blunt object after she refused to give him cash. [TU][WNYT]

A former Skidmore student allegedly went on a "rampage" through the school on January 18, stealing $8,700 worth of computer products and causing $10,400 in damage. [TU]

State police arrested an Albany man for allegedly vandalizing a wall of the Empire Sate Plaza with an obscene anti-government slur during last week's State of the State address. [TU]

An Albany County undersheriff testified Wednesday that a former sheriff's inspector who moved to Florida while he was still on the county payroll ordered a ceremonial retirement badge two months before he suffered a debilitating back injury. [TU]

Rensselaer County Sheriff Jack Mahar says he won't be seeking a fourth term.[TU]

The Capital Region housing market closed flat in 2014, in spite of an active 1st quarter.[Gazette]

Saratoga County's public safety committee is taking up the question of body cameras for sheriff's deputies. [Gazette]

Under regulations adopted on Wednesday, New York will allow liquefied gas storage facilities for the first time since 1973, when a explosion at a Staten Island facility killed 40 workers. [Gazette]

SureDone, a start up that allows people to sell products through websites, is opening a Schenectady office and hiring 26 people under the Start-UP NY program.[TU]

Chuck Schumer will be sponsoring new legislation to allow the children of severely disabled veterans to be covered through a federal health insurance program through age 26.[TU]

Union employees of Maplewood Manor, the Saratoga County nursing home, have rejected the terms of a proposed contract with Zenith Health Care Group , which is hoping to purchase the nursing home.

There were 62 million visitors to New York State parks in 2014.[Saratogian]

A 72-year-old Colonie woman is challenging Jimmy Fallon to a crossfit competition. [Record]

Honoring the longtime owners of Hoffman's Playland. [News 10]

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