We're curious why upstate had a relatively large portion of people reporting they're mobile-only now. One possible reason: upstate household income tends to be lower than that of downstate households, and households on the lower end of the income spectrum in this poll also reported higher mobile-only rates. Maybe it's just a simple matter of cost.


It's interesting to us that there appear to be two larger crowds of people who dropped landlines completely: those who did so more than five years ago, and those who did so in recent years.


This question was asked of people who currently had a landline. It looks like a lot of younger people are looking to go mobile only.

siena poll_mobile_usage_apps_for_voice

The question was asked of people who had smartphones and had downloaded apps, and specifically mentioned "an app like WhatsApp, Google Voice or Talkatone," but presumably this also includes Skype.


A hint at why media organizations are always talking about their "mobile strategy" these days.


There's been a lot of talk about "cord cutting" in recent years -- that is, dropping cable -- especially in regard to younger people. But there's still a big chunk of people paying for TV.

The future is mobile


Don't squint -- there's a larger version after the jump.

A Siena poll out this week had some interesting bits about mobile phone and other communications tech usage.

Among those bits: 28 percent of upstate respondents to the poll reported having only a mobile phone -- no landline. That was the highest mobile-only percentage for any region in the poll.

Here are a few things that caught our eye, in quick chart form...

Charts are above -- click scroll all the way up.

Siena Research Institute says the poll was conducted November 16-23, 2014. Margin of error is +/- 2.6 percent. And maybe it's notable that the poll was sponsored by AT&T.


"It's interesting to us that there appear to be two larger crowds of people who dropped landlines completely: those who did so more than five years ago, and those who did so in recent years."

These two crowds describe me and my parents. Finally enough pestering got them to switch to mobile completely. It could be a similar situation for other families with high school to young professional aged 'kids'.

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