"Say hi to everybody in Albany ... not now, later"

Two Saint Rose students were on the Tonight Show Tuesday night as part of the "Freestylin' With the Roots" bit -- and it was all spring flowers and... candy corn.

And, of course, Jimmy Fallon is an alum, so they had that to talk about, too.


Should he really be called an Alumni? Jimmy Fallon never finished taking classes, St Rose gave him a degree just to claim him as a famous, rich graduate.

That's not entirely accurate- St Rose, quite absurdly, did not allow him to finish his degree via life experience credits for years even though he was a communications major, as I recall. They relented once he got the tonight show gig.

As I understood, Jimmy was a Computer Science major, then might have switched majors, then definitely quit school. Then after he was famous St Rose offered a real bachelors degree based off their definition of 'life experience' and an honorary phd based on them wanting to kiss up.

Any way you look at it, its a discrace to anyone who worked hard and paid a great deal to achieve a degree.

No question- Saint Rose is not a terribly well-managed institution of higher ed. Frankly, the previous, long-standing, president of the college went on an ill-advised building spree- mostly financed by bonds. Now that their bond rating has gone into the toilet, the college has some serious financial challenges ahead...

As I understood it at the time (I was also a student at Saint Rose then), he was required to finish classes before receiving his degree. He did get some credit for life experience, however, long before he got the Tonight Show gig.

That said, it's against the law for the school to disclose any of this information, as it should be. You guys enjoy your rumor mill, though.

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