Drawing: Pianoply at EMPAC + Peck's Arcade

pianist vicky chow

Vicky Chow is one of the pianists who will be performing.

Drawing's closed!

EMPAC has what sounds like an interesting show coming up this Saturday: Pianoply, in which four pianists will be playing pianos in four different spaces at the arts venue.

We have a pair of tickets for the event, and we're giving them away. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. To the pair of tickets we're also adding a $75 gift certificate to Peck's Arcade, the new restaurant in downtown Troy.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's one of your favorite sounds?

It could be something general, like laughter, or a specific sound in a specific place, like the carillon in downtown Albany. We'll draw one winner at random. That person will get the tickets and gift certificate.

Here's a little more about Pianoply:

This evening of piano performances brings together some of the leading soloists working today in new music to explore their instrument's full color spectrum in EMPAC's complete range of acoustic environments. Performing on grand pianos of varying sizes and manufactures, Pianoply will examine virtuosity through the lens of situation and setting.
Pianoply will feature soloists Vicky Chow, Stephen Drury, Mabel Kwan, and Marilyn Nonken, performing on a selection of pianos: a 9' Hamburg Steinway, 9' New York Steinway, 7' Fazioli, 6' 7" Bösendorfer, and 7' 6" Yamaha pianos.
The audience will be guided through all of EMPAC's venues--the reverberant warmth of the Concert Hall, the intimacy of the Theater, the detailed crispness of Studio 1 and the enveloping diffusion of Studio 2--to explore the sonic properties of contemporary repertoire performed through particular instruments placed in particular spaces.

The event starts at 7:30 pm on Saturday, April 11. Tickets are $18.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 10 am on Thursday, April 9, 2015 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Thursday and must respond by 7 pm that day.


Water falling - like a stream, waterfall, etc. Love that sound - trickling brook.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Me and the mister are trying to have a grown up night out on Saturday anyway!

Since it's piano related, one of my favorite sounds is when students randomly stop in the auditorium in my building and play the piano in there....some of them are so talented and it's always cool to just escape from the day and listen for a minute.

I love the sound of the auto drip coffee maker finishing up a fresh pot in the morning.

The sound of Park Playhouse in the summer, drifting across the park to my house!

Outside - the powerful sound of wind blowing through leaves. Inside - the whistle of a tea kettle :)

My favorite sound is the sound of the door opening with someone you love on the other side. Nothing better.

A crackling fire. Whether it is on a cold winter's day or at the end of a summer hike. Regardless of the reason, the sound is an instant soul soother.

My 2 year old daughter totally engrossed in a lively conversation with her stuff animals and dolls.

I grew up in southern Indiana, where my first impressions of European starlings were neutral at best—eerie black clouds sweeping over corn fields, or miles-long trains of chittering birds slowly passing overhead.

It wasn't until I moved to Troy that I began to see more urbanized, solitary specimens hanging out in trees and wires. When I walk my dog around sunrise each workday, I can hear their whistles sliding up and down, with an occasional burst of disjunct notes—resembling a sort of avian R2-D2.

Separated from their reputation as an invasive agricultural menace, these birds seem almost like friendly greeters to me. With spring hesitating to forgo freezing temperatures at last, I look forward to hearing the starlings as I ease into each morning.

The sounds of loons on upstate lakes in the summer.

My favorite sound is when I am talking to my son on the phone and at the end of our conversations he gives me a kiss over the phone. I will cherish that sound forever.

My favorite sound is hearing my son singing along to Christian music on the radio from the back seat of the car.

Lately, my favorite sound is my barista asking me "is whole milk alright?" when I order a latte at Tierra. (Whole milk is alright. Everything is going to be alright.)

The sound of someone coming home after a long day: the door opening, the footsteps on the porch or the stairs. It's comforting and it always has been.

I love the soft padding of bare feet on wooden floors because it reminds me of warm nights on summer porches.

My 4 year old son playing with his hot wheels :)

The sound of walking in a forest- nothing but birds and leaves!

Silence. Really, I'm noise sensitive and still have acute hearing in my old age and there is so much noise out there. It's such a pleasure when I can be somewhere without all the white noise of traffic, radios, barking etc.

But, also, birds.

The sound of the busy Farmer's market in Troy:)

rain in the woods, splashing off leaves, hitting the forest floor...

The other day I brought my 3 year old to the park for the first time this spring. The shrieks of glee as she rode on a swing for the first time in 6 months was overwhelmingly amazing.

Rain falling outside my open window as I go to sleep.

streams and waterfalls found on hikes

New Orleans streetcar

One of my favorites: the sound from the back of my mouth when I yawn.

Sitting on my patio in the summer around 5 pm when the bells from the Methodist church begin to play. The bells, the sound of kids playing and the hum of insects and distant lawn mowers make every inch of me relax and be content with all I have.

Birds chirping in the morning when spring is just around the corner but it still feels really cold out. It's reassurance that spring will come soon.

Toss up, belly laughs from an infant or the sound of a cork coming out of a wine bottle

My favorite sounds has to be the sounds of my kids playing together and laughing. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does its music to my ears.

I love the sound of pouring rain and thunder.

My favorite sound is the ice cream truck coming up and down the block, because I know it's getting warmer!

Every spring, when the newly budded flowers drop from the trees and the tiny, green leaves are just big enough to catch the wind and rustle lightly for the first time in the breeze. I pause and stand beneath listening, amazed. It always seems like a miracle to me every year at the end of the long northeastern winters.

My kid's laughing!!!!!

The sound of the birds singing when I wake up in the morning in the spring and summer!

The Power Up sound from Super Mario Brothers.

The haunting call of a loon, while out canoe camping in the adirondack wilderness.

the sound of a distant train

The initial sounds of birds singing in the pre-dawn minutes in summertime. It can be a calming start to a new day and sometimes a reminder of some great nights from my youth.

Birds chirping and singing early in the morning - my most favorite sound to wake up to!

Squirrels I hear running on my roof. Tells me it's spring. Then I get to hate those little bastards.

fire crackling and wine cork opening are good ones... but my favorite sound has got to be ocean waves breaking on the beach

Bubble wrap popping...

I know it's cliche, but it HAS to be babies laughing. Just melts my stone cold heart.

the sound of coins jingling.

A roaring, crackling fire- preferably from a wood stove but a nice fire pit works too.

The sound of the busy Broadway Street in Saratoga.

The sound of chirping birds at the beginning of spring.

The sound of my son's voice at the door when he arrives home for the weekend!

the steady buzz of a healthy beehive.

My dog doesn't really bark, but he makes the cutest roar noise when I get home from work to say hello, and it is just the best!

The sound of coffee being poured in the morning, the best.

The sound of summer rain on the tin roof

My dog's tail wagging on the wood floor.

Birds chirping, because lately, that sound gives me hope for spring

The sound of my 7 month old granddaughter snorting with laughter

The sound of a train off in the distance

Evening rainfall & sometimes a little thunder and lightening.

My kittens mews to come cuddle :)

I love the sound of my dog's occasional soft snoring. It's just too cute.

The sound of an ant swallowing.

One of my favorites is rain on the roof. Hard to narrow it down! I also love the sound of my dog's nails clip clapping on the floor when she follows me around the house. It is a reminder that she's always there!

love the sound of a newspaper being born -- the long roll of paper running through a big print press. AOA should consider going print-only

As my mind turns to summer vacation, I can't think of anything that sounds better right now than a crackling campfire in the outdoor night air.

I don't know how many times I've listened to "Feather" by Nujabes, but it has never, ever gotten old.

My dog's nails as she strolls across the hardwood floors!!

The barn at night in the summer after all the horses have been fed: the quiet snuffle of the horses looking through their bedding for extra bits of grain and the crunching of hay overlaid with crickets chirping. So, so peaceful.

As an aside, this has been one of my favorite questions you guys have asked in a drawing. Reading the responses after a long day at work has done good things to my brain. Thanks :)

The sound of far away music before you know where or what it is

The sound of a shower running.

The theme song to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The sound of silence

I love the sound of leaves rustling from a summer breeze at twilight.

The sound a student makes at the "aha" moment, when they finally understand a concept they were questioning or struggling with....gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!

The rain on the window.

A canopy of leaves rustling in a gentle wind. That's peaceful.

I run a work experience program in Albany and in the spring we partner with the Meyers House Underground Railroad site to grow flowers and vegetables for our location and their garden. This time of year when its cold and rainy outside its awesome to go into the warm greenhouse that smells like spring and listen to the rain fall on the structure. Its a symphony for the senses.

The sound of instruments tuning. It's one of my absolute favorite sounds to experience.

birds early in the morning.

One of my favorite sounds is hearing my 7 year old daughter singing a song she makes up as she sings.

Champagne cork popping.

The pitter-patter of rain hitting against the window!

The sound of a whisper. It's quiet, intimate, and usually insightful.

I love the sounds of the ocean, whether it's waves crashing or the gentle lapping of the tide.

The joyful squeal of little children as they soar high into the air on a swing set.

I love the sound of something hot and melty coming out of the oven. That popping and sizzling is the best.

I always love to hear a loon in the morning in the Adirondacks.

The sound of a can of Coca Cola being opened. Ahhhh...

nature, in any form, with no human sounds overlaid. Bird calls, wind blowing, water flowing... ahhhh, so relaxing!!

Any sound that happens at EMPAC.

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