A sampling of cooking classes, fall 2015

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You can feel fall in the air and out thoughts are turning back indoors, toward the kitchen and the warmth of the stove.

So, here's a new a batch of cooking classes over the next few months that caught our eye -- and maybe you'll find them interesting: From Chinese take-out made at home, to apples, to sushi, the power of cauliflower, to grown-up cupcakes...

This is not a comprehensive listing. If there's something not on her that you think is worth a mention, please share!

A lot of these classes tend to sell out -- quickly. So if something catches your eye, better to sign up earlier than later.

September 15: Flat Cakes, Field to Griddle | Honest Weight
Amy Halloran will be leading a class to "test drive" regional grains. "Learn the basics of griddles, batters, and flour and taste the flavors of fresh, stoneground whole grains." 6 pm - free (registration required)

September 16: Chinese Take-out | Gio Culinary Studio
"Students will learn how quick and easy it is to make delicious, Chinese take-out food all from scratch." General Tso's chicken, vegetable fried rice, egg rolls, pork dumplings. 6:15 pm - $65

September 17: Secrets of the Co-op Cafe | Honest Weight
A class on how to duplicate some of the co-op's most popular cafe dishes. This class is already full, but it's a popular class and repeats often, so keep an eye out for it. You'll need to pre-register.

September 19: Apples 101 | Different Drummer's
Deanna Fox leading a hands-on class about using apples for applesauce, apple pie, tarte tatin, apple slaw, and a savory apple tart. 1 pm - $55

September 25: Couples Cooking Basics | Gio Culinary Studio
A hands-on class about making a full dinner: garlic bread sticks, fresh pasta, tomato basil sauce, herb roasted chicken, crispy roasted potatoes, molten lava cake. 6:15 pm - $110 (for two)

September 26: Cast-Iron Cooking | Hillsdale General Store
Deanna Fox on using cast iron cookware to make skillet potatoes, caramelized onions, corn bread, steak, tarte tatin, and seasonal cobbler. 3 pm - $70

September 28: Intermediate Sushi | Different Drummer's
Yasuo and Kathy Saso leading a hands-on class on sushi making beyond the basics: spicy tuna rolls, eel rolls, nigiri, create your own sushi. 6 pm - $65

September 28: Savor Summer Flavors with Pesto | Honest Weight
Workshop led by Lenku Nauta in which "you'll learn ways to preserve fresh herbs in delicious pesto, so you can enjoy them for many months to come." 6 pm - free (registration required)

September 29: The Power of Cauliflower | Market Bistro
"Learn fun and innovative recipes using this versatile veggie": pizza with cauliflower crust, cauliflower-goat cheese soufflé, roasted cauliflower with pappardelle and brown mustard cream. 6 pm - $55

September 30: Fresh Egg Pasta | Gio Culinary Studio
A hands-on class in which "students will learn to create various pasta shapes, some by hand, and some with the assistance of a pasta machine attachment." 6:15 pm - $60

September 30: Taco Tuesday | Spoon & Whisk
Chef Gabe Pollow on making different sorts of tacos: lobster taco with mango salsa, Korean BBQ taco with Napa cabbage, carne asada taco with skirt steak and pico de gallo, banana churro dessert taco. 7 pm - $45

October 1: Wild "Game Night" | Spoon & Whisk
Chef Dan Spitz on using wild game meats -- "You will be able to create masterpieces at home and order confidently when dining out." Braised rabbit ragout, roasted venison loin, spicy wild boar tacos. 7 pm - $45

October 6: Korean 101 | Different Drummer's
Caroline Barrett leading a class on the basics of Korean cuisine: quick kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, haemul pa jeon (green onion and shrimp pancakes). 6 pm - $65

October 7: Canine Kitchen | Market Bistro
"Learn to create flavorful foods for your furry friend": turkey and rice puppy chow, smoky bacon whole wheat biscuits, pumpkin balls. (There will also be light fare for people.) 6 pm - $55

October 10: Homemade Ravioli & More: Pasta 101 | Hillsdale General Store
Deanna Fox leading a hands-on class about making different forms of pasta: fettuccine, ravioli, orecchiette, and sauces. 10:30 am - $70

October 13: Cupcakes for Grown-Ups | Gio Culinary Studio
A hands-on class on making "deliciously boozy cupcakes" from scratch. Dark chocolate with Belgian chocolate Grand Marnier ganache, spiced rum cake with mascarpone cream, bourbon vanilla with salted caramel, chocolate frangelico with milk chocolate hazelnut butter cream. 6:15 pm - $60

October 18: Vegetarian Mains with Martha Rose Shulman | Hillsdale General Store
Cookbook author Martha Rose Shulman leads a hands-on workshop "for getting ahead with weeknight vegetarian cooking, using fresh produce from the farmers' market or from the supermarket and Martha's 'templates' for main-dish recipes." 1 pm - $80 (there's a waitlist)

October 19: Sushi 101 | Different Drummer's
Kathy and Yasuo Saso leading a hands-on class about sushi basics: California roll, cucumber roll, spicy shrimp roll. 6 pm - $65

October 20: Homemade Pretzels | Spoon & Whisk
Chef Leah Stein on making both classic soft pretzels and basic snacking pretzels. 7 pm - $45

October 26: Fall Farm to Table Series: Thai Curry | Arts Center
Chef Jillian Naveh leading a class on making Thai-inspired farm-to-table meal. 6:30 pm - $67.50

November 17: Brazilian Holiday Sweets | Arts Center
Chef Ellie Markovitch on making Brazilian sweets "like Pao de Mel, little holiday chocolate spice cakes filled with dulche de leche and covered in chocolate, or Cascudos, a delicious crusty cookie that will add a new dimension to your cookie tray." 6 pm - $67.50


These all look really great. Homemade pretzels? Yum. I would like to mention The Big Table has lots of cooking classes for fall/the holidays. It is great. http://www.thebigtable.com/

September 30 - Raw apple pie cooking class at the co-op.


Honest Weight Food Co-op 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM - Free (3 seats left)

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