Drawing: Prize basket for Local Harvest Festival

Honest Weight Local Harvest Festival

Drawing's now closed! Winner's been emailed!

Update: We're going to extend the entry deadline until 2 pm Thursday, October 1 because of a site outage.

The Local Harvest Festival returns to Albany's Washington Park this Sunday from noon-4 pm. The annual event, organized by Honest Weight, brings together a bunch of local producers and food vendors, along with music and other activities. Admission is free.

We have a basket of items from producers who will be at the festival, and we're giving it away. Maybe to you. Here's what's in the basket:

+ A $25 gift card to Honest Weight Food Co-op
+ A three-pack from 3 Chicks and a P that includes pesto, hummus, and salsa
+ A gathering of Gatherer's Granola that include a bag of each of its flavors
+ An Our Daily Eats canvas bag that includes a variety of mixolas and granolas

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

Apples are a big part of the Capital Region's annual fall harvest, so... What's your favorite apple?

It could be a specific variety of apple. Or it could an apple from a specific orchard. Or it could be an apple in your favorite prepared dish. (You get the point.) We'll draw one comment at random -- that person wins the basket of prizes.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Thursday, October 1, 2015 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Thursday and must respond by noon on Friday.

Honest Weight advertises on AOA. And AOA is a media sponsor of the Local Harvest Festival.



McIntosh!!!!! Hands down, the best!

Honey crisp!

Macintosh .... just when they turn red, still hard & bitter. Like me

Golden delicious is my go-to! Skin isn't chewy and the taste isn't too sweet or too tart.

Nothing beats the Honey Crisp Apples

Braeburns - so crisp!

Royal Gala Apples.

Gala! crisp and sweet. perfect apple.

Koru is my newest favorite. Yum.

I have to go with the classic red delicious! 🍎

Granny Smith! In all honesty, there are a lot of great apple varieties out there. I also like Honey Gold, McIntosh, Empire, and Pink Lady. Crisp and on the tart side suits me best.

Honeycrisp are my favorite! Especially from Samascott orchards.

My favorite apple is the Honeycrisp.

Chenango Strawberry.

McIntosh and Empire - especially Macs for baking.

Hands down it's a mutsu! The name got changed to Crispin when I was a kid but it'll always be a mutsu to me!

I had one called the Pink Lady that rocked!

My favorite is the jonagold.

Jonagold and Empire

Honey Crisp!!!!

Macouns are my favorite apples - crispy, sweet & tangy!


As a kid, we would get our apples from a nursery near my childhood home. I'd always love the McIntosh. They were always sweet, and had a snappy, lovely red-and-green- marbled skin. I used to think that the apples were so glamorous because they sounded foreign and European.




Whichever apples Indian Ladder Farm uses to make their Apple Cider Donuts!


Gala (to eat) and whatever apples are used in apple cider. :)

Ashmead's Kernel

Macouns are my favorite. But any apple, or fruit or vegetable from Maynard Farms, Ulster Park is a winner. They have a booth every Wednesday at the ESP Farmer's Market. They are my go to farmer.


McCouns. They are so sweet but do not last. Like summer.

Spy-Gold apples from Samascott Orchards. Great for fresh eating, apple pie blends, apple sauce, and dehydrating [still tasty]. Honastly, I have many favorites.

Call me old school, but I love those fresh, tart Macs!

Fiona Apple

Empires. Love the color and tatse

Macs (from Indian Ladder Farms)!

Hello, honey crisp!

Cortland apples!

Empire, for sure!

Golden Delicious. Golden Harvest. Apple Crisp.

Gala apples are my favorite!

It's an apple, it's a ritzy party: It's gala.

Hands down, Ginger Gold.


The local, organic Cortland apples they sell at Honest Weight are my favorite right now... I believe they're from Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook!

Zestar! is a new favorite.

Pink lady, almost always good.

Empire. Definitely.

Granny Smith!

Definitely Honeycrisps!

Apple martini on the rocks

Apple of my eye
He's mine
Until I die

EMPIRE! Without a doubt. They're the perfect all around apple. Crisp, juicy and just the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness. They're crisp enough to bake with and perfect for eating. They aren't soft and mealy like a Macintosh, or overly sweet like some apples. They're my favorite. Growing up in New England I was lacking in fresh Empire apples. Everything was Macintosh. Can't stand them.

Northern Spy, just because of the name.

Granny Smith

I love Macouns - they are small, crisp, and just a little tart. I love the crisp snap of the first bite and I love that they can last for a long time and not get mealy.

Macoun here!


Macoun! Yum...

Winesap. Hands down.

Thanks to Maira Kalman's book on Lincoln, my kids are now eating apples again after a year of no apples. I pointed out the page on Lincoln's favorite apples and promised some winesaps.

I brought home some from the farmer's market and now they are back to eating winesaps and honey crisp. A culinary victory for a pathetic parent.

Maira Kalman's page on Lincoln's favorite apples can be found here:

I usually get mine from Maynard farms but I look forward to picking some at Stanton's in Feura Bush.

Probably the iMac, though I'm a PC person myself

Honey Crisp from Golden Harvest orchard. Sooooo good.

I love anything and everything apple! Recently I have been loving empire apples with peanut butter :)

Honey crisp apples are the best!

Anyone who says that they like anything more than Honeycrisp is just being adversarial. It's like claiming you don't like the Beatles. Honeycrisp is the perfect apple.

Winesap! For sure.

If I'm eating them then fresh picked honeycrisp from Indian Ladder.

If I'm drinking them then gimme some Nine Pin!

The green apples that come from a tree by the pond on David's land, they're delicious for eating and cooking and juicy enough for cider.

Gala apples

Fuji is my favorite!



Fuji apples. There is no comparison.

Granny Smith

Wind falls I pick up free around the city under neglected old trees. They are organic because they aren't raised commercially and therefore not sprayed. Generally ugly, runty, spotty, and sometimes wormy, but make great applesauce.



Cortland Apples for sure!

macintosh picked from the tree

Tried and true Macs! Great for crisps and eating raw.

Honey Crisp from a hidden grove at Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook.

Honeycrisp are definitely my favorite for eating plain. They are delicious by themselves.



honey crisps


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