Drawing: What's your favorite burger in the Capital Region?

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Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

This week we have a string of burger-related posts lined up -- sort of a fast-casual theme week. And to get things started we thought it'd be fun to have a drawing in which we ask about your favorite burgers.

The prize: a $50 gift certificate to the establishment that makes the favorite burger mentioned in your comment. (You know, so you can go enjoy that burger with a friend.)


What's your favorite burger in the Capital Region?

Please mention just one burger at one place in your comment. If you'd like to top your answer with a sentence or two about why it's your favorite burger, we'd very much appreciate it. We'll draw one comment at random, that person will the get the gift certificate.

One important restriction: The burger place must be in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, or Schenectady county.

We're looking forward to hearing about your favorites.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 21, 2015 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Thursday and must respond by noon on Friday, October 23.


Jumpin Jacks cheeseburger with sauteed onions

The burger deluxe at New World Bistro Bar!

The comfort burger with a fried egg at Comfort Kitchen. It is juicy perfection.

The New World Bistro Bar burger deluxe!

Cheeseburger with grilled onions, Gardner's Ice Cream & Coffee, Stephentown - Simple, very tasty grass-fed burgers you can eat at a picnic table while looking at the very cows, out there in the field behind the driving range chewing up the grass, that will soon be your cheeseburger. Farm to picnic table doesn't get much closer than that!

Roasted red pepper burger @ Juicy Burgers & More

With pesto & mozz.

The Hollow burger. Perfect combination with a fried egg and their habanero ketchup.

WingBurger at the Ruck!!

Oscar's Smokehouse's hand-formed all angus patties - especially the mushroom and swiss.

Perfect for bringing up to the campsite up in the ADKs.

Five Guys. The fries and milkshakes win me over too.

Hmmm... This is a tough one. Five guys. Or homemade sliders for the family.

Capital City Gastropub has the best burgers! Grass-fed beef, local cheese, thick cut bacon, and fresh veggies. Plus you can't beat the poutine on the side

Druther's! There's no place I'd druther order a burger in the area. Delish!

I have actually been won over by BurgerFi; their double cheeseburger with sauteed onions (those are popular so far! inasmuch as two people is popular) is fantastic.

This is just after I've started going to Burger21 a lot though. I keep floating back and forth, but BurgerFi is slightly ahead of the curve for the fact that they use white onions and not red ones, and their portions are a bit smaller.

Crave in Albany, their crave burger is delicious (reminds me of shake shack in NYC, except this burger is way bigger)

Gastropub! So, so good. Love $10 burger Wednesdays!

Juicy Burgers on New Karner Rd...they are extremely juicy and cooked to temperature

New world Bistro has th best Burger, but Pump Station is a close second.

New World Bistro Burger!!!

Five Guys cheeeeburger

I'm a fan of the bacon cheesy slider burger at Burger 21. Top it with some Cajun mayo, yum.

Juicy Burger's Teriyaki Onion Burger.

Cheeseburger with sauteed mushrooms at O'Tooles in the Kohls plaza in Colonie

518 Burger at the City Beer Hall

New World Bistro Burger is by far the best I've had in a long time !!

the brown bag

Jackburger at Jumpin Jacks

The veggie burger at Capital City Gastropub. I'm not even vegetarian and for the better part of a year my go to meal was the veggie burger with bacon, onions and bleu cheese. Oh now I'm hungry.

The wonderful New World Burger! So tasty!

Abbey Burger at the Bier Abbey in Schenectady!

I don't eat meat, but one of the best veggie burgers I've had recently was the Vegefi burger (with everything) at Burgerfi in Latham. Tasty sauce, great tasting quinoa burger, and toasted bun with yummy toppings. Teamed with onion rings and a chocolate shake...delicious!

Deep fried buffalo burger at Swifty's

The Hollow Burger from of course The Hollow!

burger @ NWBB (New World)


Jumpin Jacks!

Capital City Gastropub burger. So good.

The Abbey Burger at the Bier Abbey in Schenectady

The Bleu Cheese Charburger at Ralph's Tavern. Literally every bite manages to taste somehow both refined and home-cooked. I've never been disappointed by a single item on their menu, but their burgers warm my heart (and definitely my stomach).

Jack's in Wynantskill. Sliders.... mmmmmmm!!!

I always enjoy the Stuyvesant Burger - bacon and blue cheese crumbles - at Peaches Cafe. :-)

City Beer Hall. The 510 Burger is amazing.

Crave has the best burger and an incredible selection of unique burger variations!

Love the burgers at Spill'n the Beans in Troy! Juicy Perfection in every bite!

Druther's makes a really good burger. I've had both their veggie, and meat, was extremely satisfied with both options.

Definitely Juicy Burger on 155. Tried and true.

The "518 Burger" at The City Beer Hall

I think McGearys has the best burgers around. Especially the "Big Ass Burger" with the steak knife holding it all together, the best!

I love the chicken nacho burger at Druther's but they just took it off the menu, it's deliciously spicy. I hope they bring it back sometime soon!

New World Bistro Bar. Mmmm now I'm hungry.

My favorite burger is the Low Beat Burger, BECA style - that's an epic burger with bacon, egg, cheese and avocado. I don't know how the egg is always perfectly cooked. Regardless of how long it takes me to get there to pick up my lunch order (ten minutes or eek a half hour), it's waiting for me - hot, fresh and the egg is still perfect...plus the onion rings are amazing, and I don't even like onions.

New World burger delux!

Southwestern burger at Spillin the Beans in Troy

Breakfast Burger at Olde English Pub

50/50 burger at Mohawk Taproom. Can't say enough good things about this establishment and their food.

In the fast casual realm, I like a Smashburger - their buns are super tasty.

The GRIP N RIP at Park Pub.

It's actually the Bacon Cheddar Ale burger at the Merry Monk. I know it isn't what they're known for, probably, but that's the best I can remember eating locally in the last 10 years or so!

New World Bistro Burger

The Cajun Burger at Hill Street Cafe. They'll cook it exactly like you want it (I don't like my burgers overcooked) and every bite is delicious. Add any toppings you want to create the burger of your dreams.

The Chicken Nacho Burger at Druther's. Soooo good!

Pub burger from Olde English

My favorite is the Tex Mex Haystack at Burger 21. Those crunchy onion straws put it over the top! Plus the gouda! YUM!

So many good choices in the capitol region! Juicy Burger is definitely one of my go-tos.

I'll go with the '518 Burger' at the City Beer Hall.

Bacon Cheeseburger at The Man of Kent!

Capital City Gastropub

The EO burger at the Ruck in Troy (after some of their legendary wings as an appetizer, of course).

Juicy in Guilderland.

The Ruck...the Slick-a-Licious is da bomb!!!!

I am a fickle pickle when it comes to burgers, but I want to eat the People's Burger (with lamb or beef) from Umana all of the time. It has goat cheese AND Sriracha. It comes with plantains. You can get it in miniature form or in full-size burger form. You can have it served on naan. It's perfect just the way it is, and I hope it never ever changes.

Jack's Drive-In in Wynatskill

Highbrow: New World Burger Deluxe (!!!)
Lowbrow: Five Guys 'All The Way' Cheeseburger

New World's burger is in a category of it's own. Besides them, the other fancy burgers in the area don't seem worth the money over the tried-and-true-and-delicious Five Guys.

The wing burger at THE RUCK!

Capital City Gastropub does a burger with fried egg like no one else. Plus I love knowing how committed they are to local and fresh meat.

The Pump Station Burger at the Albany Pump Station is my favorite in the area! The beef is mixed with their brown ale and covered in bacon, pepper jack chee and chipotle ranch. It's delicious and it goes great with one of their beers.

I've always been a big fan of the burgers at The Pump Station. They are always cooked perfect and taste great! (It doesn't hurt to enjoy a nice flight of Albany beer either!)

The Jack Daniel's burger at Junior's is my guilty pleasure, though I definitely have some new places to try after reading these comments!

Another vote for the delicious burger deluxe at New World Bistro

I'm going to go with the Ale House in Troy!

Park Pub

New World Bistro! Sooo good

The Merry Monk

John Wayne Burger at Bun & Bean

Another vote for the New World Bistro burger deluxe! Burger-Fi might be a second.

The Surf & Turf burger at the Hollow is to die for!

Juicy Burger, absolutely no rival.

The veggie burger at Dave's Gourmet Exotic Burgers on Fuller. Made with Indian spices and special sauce, and served with a side of Dave's notorious commentary.

Another vote for New World...I like the regular burger with NY cheddar, green salsa, and mushrooms. I used to love Junior's burgers but it's been so long since I ate there I have no clue how they are anymore.

Brown Bag, hands down. The Dirty Hudson or any of their special burgers - you can't go wrong. My favorite sorrry-not-sorry un-guilty pleasure.

Dan's place 2 and the Emmy Bull Burger

Burger deluxe at new world! Grazin is great too but that's Columbia Greene county I think

Brady Burger at 15 Church. Or Juicy Burger for the value vote.

It's hard to beat Five Guys. There's just something special about the flavor, topping options and bun/burger ratio. Hits the spot every time.

New World. You always feel a little ridiculous ordering a burger there because there's so many other interesting and more unique menu items...but it's SO good.

Any of the burgers at The Ruck, but hte WingBurger for the win!

As much as I'd love to write NWBB to win a gift cert there, I haven't had their burger.

My best burger (that I have had) is the bacon cheddar ale burger at Merry Monk.

I really, really miss the black and blue (bacon and blue cheese) burger at the old Lark Tavern (when it was run by Tess). That, combined with sweet potato fries, was an easy, close and affordable take out dinner!

Cap City Gastropub.

None of the above.

Bill Gray's in Rochester.

Grazin, Warren Street, Hudson NY

New World Burger deluxe.

BurgerFi in Latham!

The Greg Allman Burger at 20 N.Broadway Tavern Schenectady

I'd love me a Hawaiian Burger from the Grog Shoppe in Schenectady, it's been too long!

The Hangover at Slidin Dirty in Troy along with their avocado fries...delish.

Lately it's a customized Western burger from Junior's on Madison Ave. in Albany (my version comes with lettuce, tomato , mayo, bacon, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce and fried onions).

Junior's cheeseburger panini!

The Bison Burger at the Merry Monk.

Pump station!

Cheeseburger from druthers is my favorite. So yummy!

Druthers, hands down.

"The Local" at Bailey's in Saratoga. Rising Sun Farm, Angus, grass fed beef, dry aged. for two weeks. Amazingly, naturally tasty without the need for added extras.

Gastro-burger from Gastropub!

I like the bacon cheddar burger at Pump Station. I'm constantly looking for the best burger in the area and I've yet to find one that tops Pump Station

The Merry Monk has the best burgers!! The dipping sauce options makes it that much better!

Wingy burger at the Ruck

The burger at Ale House in Troy!

Pesto burger from Juicy Burger...best, hands down.

I've tried a lot in the local area, but I would have to say the burger from New World Bistro is the best...

Sweet Potato and Legume Veggie Burger from New World. It's hard to find a vegan burger around these parts that's actually made in house.

New World Burger Deluxe with a side of the aioli.

Lani's Cafe has the best burger ....Bacon Cheddar Chipotle Burger

My favorite burger in the Capital Region is the Gastro-Burger at Capital City Gastropub. Any burger with pork belly AND a fried egg is a winner in my book. But the way they crisp up the pork belly... perfection.

Also, I'm amused at how many people here have failed to follow simple directions in order to enter.

The bacon cheeseburger from Juicy Burger - with grilled onions and BBQ sauce. (Juicy burgers always cook my well done burger right the 1st time, unlike most of the other places which can never get them well enough)

Five Guys for the win!

I'm down for the upstate burger at Crave in Albany. It is the right combo of juiciness, saltiness (from the prosciutto), and sourness (from the banana peppers). As a burger place, it is near the top of my list.

The Wagon Train burger from Wagon Train BBQ! So good!

The dp burger at DP American Brasserie, the delicious Wagyu beef is topped with local Foie Gras, shaved Truffles and applewood bacon. My mouth is watering just from thinking about it

Five Guys dbl bacon cheeseburger with onions, peppers, and mushrooms

The 518 Burger from City Beer Hall. And don't forget to add the fried egg and bacon!

My favorite is actually the turkey burger at The Recovery Room…It has guacamole and Havarti cheese on it…LOVE!!

Hard choice, but I'd have to go with the burger from New World

My favorite used to be the Hombre at Brown's Brewing in Troy! It was huge and had bacon, habanero cheese, fried onions, jalapenos and chipotle ketchup. So SPICY and delicious. They don't make it any more but if I win, I am going to go to Brown's anyway!

Bacon Burger at Juicy Burger

Have to go with the burger at New World Bistro Bar!

Cap City Gastropub

The pump station burger at, well, the Pump Station!

Hands down, my favorite burger is the 518 Burger at City Beer Hall - add bacon to it, and it's absolute perfection!

NWBB's burger. Love the aioli

City Beer Hall!

their kilcoyne grass fed beef is awesome, and always cooked to perfection!

Cheeseburger from Brown Bag in Troy: with mandatory side of brussels sprouts and bacon choco chip cookie!

The El Diablo, at the most underrated Burger joint in all of Albany—Bun and Bean.

Cheeseburger at world of beer

Jumpin Jacks - jack burger

Finnbars Pub in Troy

The Grille at 138. Gorgonzola.

The Henhouse @ Cafe Hollywood

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