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We met up on River Street in Troy near Brown's.

Craig and Duncan arrived prepared.

On the bus and headed for our first stop in Albany.

Past the old Kenmore Hotel on Pearl Street, where Legs Diamond celebrating being acquitted in a trial in Troy. (He'd later end up dead -- shot to death -- that night at a house on Dove Street.)

First stop: The City Beer Hall and the Speakeasy.

Into the Speakeasy (no photos, of course) for a cocktail sample and a short talk with bartender Robert Mack on how Prohibition helped prompt the popularity of cocktails.

The Speakeasy isn't big enough for the whole group, so we split up. While one half was downstairs, the other was upstairs at the City Beer Hall for a beer sample and a snack.

Afterward we met up with Will “Tragedy” Yager -- he's owner of Patsy's Barber Shop, which is just down Howard Street. He talked a little bit about the history of the shop, which stretches back almost a century, and some of the famous figures who've come in for a cut.

Then it was a quick tour through the old-school shop and the beauty parlor, Patsy's Pin-Ups, next door.

bad boys broads bootleggers 2015 09a

Back on the bus to see a few more spots in Albany, including the old Hinckel Brewery building near Lincoln Park.

Next stop: Nine Pin Cider Works in Albany's Warehouse District.

Samples of cider.

Nine Pin's Alejandro del Peral talked a little bit about the cidery, and how Prohibition took a bite out of many of the apple varieties that were once grown solely for making cider.

Then it was just up Broadway to Druthers.


Inside, Druthers had one whole side of the bar setup with samples of its beer…

… along with mac 'n cheese.

Back on board. Craig traded between the buses, talking about the long history of brewing in the Albany area, including the many breweries that once occupied what's now known as the Warehouse District.


Next stop: Second Street and the Lucas Confectionery.

We got a wine sample, and Duncan talked a little bit about the history of the building. (It was still a candy store when Legs Diamond was on trial just down the street.)

Then it was over to Cohoes. Along the way Jack Casey entertained the buses with a few of his songs about Troy.

Next stop: Smith's in Cohoes.

The bar in Smith's is from one of the iterations of the infamous Tammany Hall in New York City (it made a stop at a speakeasy in Albany in between). The restaurant dates back to the 1930s and it's retained that feel.

While at Smith's, there were samples of beer from Rare Form Brewing in Troy, and more snacks.

Then it was back over the river, and back to Troy.

Last stop.

The Malt Room had cocktail samples and snacks waiting for us to end the day.

Photos from Bad Boys, Broads, & Bootleggers III

bad boys broads bootleggers 2015 composite

Sometimes it's fun to be bad.

The latest version of AOA's Bad Boys, Broads, and Bootleggers tour rolled through Albany, Troy, and Cohoes this past weekend. The sold-out tour sampled beer, wine, and spirits along the way -- and explored the area's history of gangsters, madams, bootleggers, and brewers.

Thanks to everyone who came along! We had a fun time!

There are a bunch of photos from this year's tour after the jump.

Thanks to the City Beer Hall/Speakeasy 518, Nine Pin Cider Works, Druthers, The Lucas Confectionery, Smith's of Cohoes, Rare Form Brewing Company, and The Malt Room at Brown's for letting us stop in and sample.

Thanks also to CDTA for providing transportation, the Troy Music Hall for its assistance, and Jack Casey for entertaining us.

And big, big thanks to Duncan Crary and Craig Gravina for working with us and serving as guides.

The Bad Boys, Broads, and Bootleggers Tour was presented by Brian Brosen, Reggie Monroe, and The Capital Team at Realty USA. And it was sponsored by the Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Druthers Brewing Company, Patsy's Barber Shop and Shocker Tattoo, and Historic Albany Foundation.

Photos are above in large format -- click or scroll all the way up.


We had so much fun on this tour! Very entertaining with diverse beverages and foods, and great tales of bad boys and debauchery by our tour guides and special guests.

What a great Saturday afternoon. This was my first tour. It was very well organized and great historians on all levels. Can't wait to do it again next year!
Thank you!!

That looked awesome!!

This was so, so much fun! Thanks again for all your work organizing this jaunt full of historic anecdotes, tasty food and beverages, and fun adventures along the way. Everything way exceeded my expectations, and I have several friends and acquaintances who've told me I'd better not keep this one to myself next year!

This was so fun and a real learning experience: now I know what I need to do if I want to get into the Speakeasy for a delicious cocktail...thanks again for a great Saturday afternoon

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