Where'd you get your Christmas tree? How much did it cost?

undecorated ESP Christmas tree 2015We got a question from Hollie this week via the Facebook about where to get a real/live Christmas tree and how much one typically costs. (Hollie was specifically interested in the Troy/Rensselaer area.)

This seemed like a good opportunity for a quick, informal tree survey. So...

If you've bought a real/live Christmas tree this year, where'd you get it -- and how much did it cost?

Please drop your answer in the comments. If we get enough answers, maybe we can get some sort of picture of Christmas tree prices.


I haven't gotten mine yet this year but last year I got one for $50 at Hewitt's on Rte. 20 between Crossgates and the 20 Mall. They only offer two species of tress.

I always buy my trees at Ted's fish fry. This year I purchased at their Watervliet location, though I've used other stores in years past. Always helpful and reliable, and a great selection of sizes!

We love McDonough Farm in East Greenbush. You walk the fields to pick it out but one of the guys cuts it, tractors in back to your car and ties it on.

We also live in Troy, and paid $35 at On the Farm (rt 2, on the way into Latham) for a smallish (between 5 and 6 feet) but nicely shaped tree. Still lots to choose from when we were there on Saturday!

We got ours at Bob's Trees in Galway. We cut our own and paid $45 for an under 8-footer (I think it was $55 for > 8 feet). An extra $3 to bale it (put a plastic net around it to make it easier to handle on the way home). I saw some pre-cut ones for $40 there.

I also just heard from a coworker who got hers at Samascott Orchards, she got a tall tree (13 foot?) and paid $40 I believe. Take that one with a grain of salt as I'm reporting it second hand.

McDonough Christmas Tree Farms, East Greenbush, 8' tall, $50.

We paid $40 for our 6' 7" tree at Olsen's in Slingerlands. I think anything over 7'was $48 and upward.

Got Lazy this year and bought it at Home Depot. $24 Fraser Fir for 6' Tree.

We went to Reilly's Tree Farm in Nassau. All cut your own trees are $25, which is very reasonable. They also have pre-cut trees at higher prices. The owners were hospitable and provided saws, twine, and hot coco. Wear your boots if you plan on tromping through the tree farm.

Hewitt's in Guilderland! They have a ton of nice trees, which are $49.99, but you get a coupon for $10 off any purchase in the store when you buy a tree!

So if you need a wreath, or a poinsettia, or lights and ornaments, they have everything! It's a winter wonderland!

Majestic Tree Farm - Selkirk, NY


$41 - any tree over 3'

We just got ours at Olsen's Hardware store in Slingerlands. As of last weekend, they had a lot of trees of different varieties and sizes... all trees varied in price. We bought a 7' Fraser Fir for $38.

Borst's Christmas Trees in Schoharie - $38 for an 9 foot fraser fir. The beautiful Schoharie scenery and small town charm were free.

I bought a palm tree at Lowes for $1.00.

$45 at Bob's Trees for an 8 foot precut Frasier Fir. On weekends wait for the truck to come in and drop off a load of tress and you get a tree cut that day without having to go out to the field and cut it yourself.

8 - 9 ft. Fraser Fir - Home Depot - Richardson, TX - $80. Very nice tree.

We bought one last weekend from Olsen's, it was something like $55. We go there because they have the set-up to drill a hole for our tree stand. And they are the only place I know that does.

I propose an addition to Hollie's question "Which places in the area will drill the trunk for you?"

Hewitt's. $49.99. You get a $10 coupon at the time of purchase which cannot go towards the tree but can for anything else. So, I usually always get a wreath or a swag for our door.

We went to Bob's Trees last Saturday. You can cut your own or pick from pre cut trees. They had piles of pre cut trees in different price ranges like a $15 section, $25 section, and so on (depending on height, type, and fullness I believe). We found a 6' to 7' slender tree in the $15 section. It might not be everyone else's dream tree but we have a small apartment and wanted a tall slender tree. So yeah we got an awesome tree for $15!

Majestic Tree Farm in Selkirk. $41 to cut down our own tree. And either tax is included or there is no tax, because it's just the $41. We've been going to Majestic for ten years. I always look forward to the ritual.

The Bethlehem Lions Club has pre-cut 7-8' trees that are pretty nice for $35. I think it's their big annual fundraiser. They set across from Kim's Kids Daycare at 542 Rt 9W, Glenmont, NY.

Well, I got my tree at Hewitt's on Western Ave in Guilderland and I think it was $50 but you get $10 towards another item. We bought a $30 wreath.

Indian Ladder 8' $46. BEAUTIFUL tree. I think they may have undercharged us.There seemed to be some confusion on pricing among the people working.

We've gone to the same little tree lot at the corner of Osborn Rd and Rt 146 (borderling Altamont/Guilderland). Its run by Fred at Helderberg Excavating. Our tree is 7-8 ft and cost $35. Its been that much for the past 3 years.

I always went to Bob's Trees in Galway with my family, but being in Albany I didn't feel like making the trip all the way out there.

My friend recommended Majestic Tree Farm in Selkirk, which was a quick & easy drive. The prices are good and the staff was helpful.

We only got a small tree, and they cut it for us and gave us the under 3' pricing ($20) despite being a bit over the limit. No extra charge for bailing it in the mesh, loaded it to the car. Cider & cookies in the checkout area. It was quiet on Sunday afternoon so maybe we benefited, but I'm not complaining!

We got a 8' + Frasier fir at Calhoun's Farm Stand on route 142 in Brunswick; cost was $55. They're right down the street from us, so we always get our tree there. Great trees (all Frasier firs), super nice people.

We cut our tree at Van Etten Tree Farm in Altamont (uses natural growing practices, but not seeking organic certification). All trees are $35 any height, that includes tax. On the weekends, there are free hayrides to the tree fields, a warming shack with hot chocolate, cider, and homemade cookies to purchase, pony rides, goats, sheep, and bunnies to pet.

Home Depot. Around $30 and they trim it for you and will even help you tie it down if you need them to.

Paid way too much ($60) for a 6' tree at On The Farm because Boght Community FD was sold out. Usually pay $35 at Boght.

I'd like to thank Ray above for posting about Reilly's in Nassau. We cut our own there. Nice short drive (

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