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front doors st peters church albany closeup

We had to stop for a minute to admire the doors on the front of St. Peter's Church on State Street in Albany. They're like the doors built by dwarves in the side of a mountain.

(They also look a lot like the doors fronting a 200-year-old Episcopal church.)

There's a full-length pic after the jump if you'd like to gawk further.

front doors st peters church albany


I feel obliged to comment on this door. People should stop and think about this fact a little...this is how we used to make a door!!! People in the past were concerned about beauty, aesthetics, and honor for the buildings they were constructing. There was a sense of pride of place and they were creating something for the ages. Walk around Albany and see all the beautiful churches that were made by successive waves of immigrants. Many of these churches are empty now of worshipers. We seem to have replaced these great buildings with poorly designed junk. Our churches are now empty and our methadone clinics are full So sad indeed. Having said that I must note the recent developments around Albany. I must commend the appearance of some of the newer developments. Although none of these new buildings could compare to the era of this church and its door they are nonetheless a vast improvement over the past several decades of junk design . I would include the new development of Chapel Street and the Munroe and the Sheridan Hollow apartments-town homes. Not to mention other developments from the Arcade Building to the reclamation of The Point Area to even the Park South Development. I am even impressed by the St Rose dorm on Madison and the new apartments going up near St. Peters. I think the little bank reconstruction by Trustco on New Scotland is even a beautiful addition to the neighborhood. Architecture should make one happy to be alive and at peace with one's environment... these recent developments , although they pale in comparison to this door, should be recognized and applauded. Maybe if out environment were more pleasant and beautiful we wouldn't have to seek happiness in drugs an much!

Very cool! Thanks for noticing them, so we can all notice with you.

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