Baby we were born to be viral content

Gotta' let the girls sleep in tomorrow. Tardiness excuses are all set.

Posted by Patrick Pipino on Monday, February 8, 2016

You've probably seen that note written by a local dad to excuse his daughter from being late for school following the Bruce Springsteen show at the TU Center Monday night. It's gotten a ton of shares and it's been all over the local media today. And it's already spreading into the national and international media.

Whether intentional or not, that note is pretty much perfect viral content fodder. So to help, we've pre-written headlines for a bunch of websites in the event they pick up the story for their own traffic trolling and hot-taking:

Buzzfeed: 17 reasons you wish Springsteen note dad was your dad (gif listicle)

Vox: How one girl was excused from class following a Springsteen show, in one note

Slate: It's not only OK for parents to bring their kids to school late, it should be encouraged

Vice: Inside the dark world of manufacturing family memories

Reddit: I wrote a funny late note for my daughter following a Springsteen concert, AMA

FiveThirtyEight: That Springsteen tardy note has a 73 percent chance of working

The Atlantic: Are we all viral content now?

Pitchfork: Dad shares derivative tardy note after exposing daughter to late-Bruce

NPR: What a sociologist says about that Bruce Springsteen school note

Mashable: The most Boss late note ever

NYT: In Saratoga Springs, an excuse and a memory to last a lifetime


Best international headline: Excuusbriefje van vader gaat viral: 'Ze is te laat door Bruce Springsteen'

(Dutch translation (by Google Translate): Letter of apology father goes viral : "She is late by Bruce Springsteen' )

love this post idea (and wish i had thought of it :)).

If you ask me, dad's letter smacks of BS.

Yesterday was pretty rough, but this post made it a little nicer before I hit the bed. Brilliantly done as always. Thank you, AOA!

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