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The NeighborhoodAmong the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: mistaken histories, unclaimed mail, restoration efforts, a floral explosion, Mount Marcy, Governor's Island, tall trees, traffic signals, local not local, State Fair photos, Beacon, Italian delis, pop-ups, Peck's Arcade, La Empanada Llama, kneading, and a new arrival.

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The Friends of Albany History shared what's probably the real story behind the probably-made-up story of the Albany-famous tomahawk mark on the bannister at the Schuyler Mansion.

Paula highlighted the backstory of a monument at the Albany Rural Cemetery that was once the subject of a mistaken rumor.

Carl recalled the process of sorting unclaimed mail in Albany during the late 19th century -- and the city's many newspapers.

Christopher (and his daughter) toured efforts to restore and maintain an old cemetery in Albany.

Jackie encountered a floral explosion along the Kayaderosseras Creek.

Chris hiked Mount Marcy.

Farther afield: Silvia biked around Governor's Island.

Even farther afield: Jen's been posting pics from her recent hiking trips in Yosemite and Sequoia National Park.

Randal continued his efforts to promote bike-friendly traffic signals.

Rob pointed out a local-not-local media trick.

Chuck shared some of his State Fair photo entries over the years. (Still love that Nipper polar pano.)

Julie recapped a day of eating through Beacon.

Daniel announced the stops for the Tour de Italian Deli 2.0.

Dominic shared more snippets about the restaurant industry, specifically about "pop-up" dinners.

Jerry recapped a birthday dinner at Peck's Arcade.

Melinda offered advice on what to order at La Empanada Llama.

Otis went to a kneading conference in Maine.

And congrats to Christine and her family!

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For a decade All Over Albany was a place for interested and interesting people in New York's Capital Region. It was kind of like having a smart, savvy friend who could help you find out what's up. AOA stopped publishing at the end of 2018.

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