Movies filmed or set in/near the Capital Region

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Movies that filmed in -- or were set in -- the Capital Region

place beyond the pines gosling still

The Place Beyond The Pines -- and Ryan Gosling -- filmed in and around Schenectady.

In a comment earlier this week, s asked about list of movies that have been filmed in -- or set in -- the Capital Region.

This topic has come up a few times before, so we figured we'd pull together a list (because Friday afternoon). It's not comprehensive, and we're hoping you'll have suggestions to add. We'll continue adding to the list.

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Scent of a Woman was filmed at Emma Willard.
Age of Innocence was filmed in Troy.



The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall was used in The Bostonians -

As new students at UAlbany in the early '80s, we were told the uptown campus was used for a scene, or as an exterior shot, in the movie "Rollover," an oil industry/financial thriller starring Jane Fonda and Kris Kristoferson. The architecture apparently evoked a Middle Eastern location.

Here's an old, old one. "The Governor's Boss" starring impeached William Sulzer as himself was filmed in Albany. It was released in 1915.

Ghost Story (1981) was filmed, in part, in Saratoga.

I remenber a movie with Fred Astaire called Ghost Story, 1981 was filmed in Albany.

Synecdoche, New York (2008)
Starring the late and incredible Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The entirety of Kenneth Lonergan's You Can Count On Me (starring Mark Ruffalo & Laura Linney) was filmed in Phoenecia (in the Catskills) back in 2000. It's not quite the capital region, but still the 518 area code.

Ghost Story 1981 starring Fred Astaire

Ghost Story (1981)

Filming Locations

Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Albany, New York, USA

The Honeymoon Killers, of course.

The beginning and ending of 12 Years a Slave is set in Saratoga Springs, if I remember correctly. Not sure if it was actually shot there, though.

About Alex, filmed at Union and in the Hudson Valley

Dorian Blues (2004) filmed a little at Bethlehem High and some in Delmar. Another Tennyson Bardwell film

My parents, sister & i were all extras in "The Honeymoon Killers" that was filmed in the Waldorf Cafeteria, local bank , and other areas locals. Sis & i were in downtown Albany. We saw police & a crowd in front of a bank. We thought there was a famous person in there? She dared me to ask, and they told me they were filming the true film Noir about lonely hearts clubs killing that happened here in the 40's ,or 50's & would i like to be the movie? I asked big sis, she said of course, how exciting! They picked me up for a delicious dinner at Jacks! i had surf & turf , and for desert chocolate mouse, YUM! My parents, sister & i had our movie moment of glory while pretending to enjoy a burger, fries, and choc shake at Waldorf's cafeteria. Sis & sat near the window, my parent sat next in the table from Tony La Bianca & Shirley Stoller, and can be seen to this day drinking their coffee , and reading the newspaper! Mom had a pink dress, and dad a white shirt , with his sleeves rolled, and his eye glasses on. Sis & i kept looking at the camera & giggled all the way thru the filming! They go annoyed with us, because we ruined the serious mood & they had to do it over & over! After the movie the director & Tony took sis & i to the former glorious 'Joe's' deli on Madison Ave. Tony asked sis what she thought of him! Sandra said"I'm not used to dating anyone who wears more make-up than i do, L.O.L.! She whispered to me , "Tony Lo Bianca would not go FAR! He was in the play "Fiorella", "Mr Inside-Mr. Outside" on t.v. and played a pizza shop owner in "The French Connection", so much for sis's predictions! They asked to do a screen test for me & invited sis & i to a party outside of Albany. Sis did not have a car & my parents did not want us going to a party with THOSE WILD HOLLYWOOD TYPES, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY WILL BE UP TO! sO MUCH FOR MY FILM CAREER!

Taking Woodstock took over several areas in Columbia County and Rensselaer County (mostly New Lebanon, but Canaan, Chatham, and Nassau all had a few scenes filmed there)

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight, HBO movie, was filmed in part in the Stockade in Schenectady.

Ghost Story 1981
Saratoga Springs...

My Old Man 1979
Saratoga Springs
Made for TV movie starring Kristy McNichol

Synecdoche, New York (Charlie Kaufman, Philip Seymour Hoffman) had some scenes filmed in Schenectady although admittedly I've never seen it, so not sure where.

Taking Woodstock (Ang Lee, Demitri Martin) was filmed in Schodack and (I believe) other local-ish areas.

And I don't know the name of the movie, but last winter Andie MacDowell and Chris O'Dowd were at the Times Union Center filming scenes for an upcoming movie, although a cursory search on IMDB doesn't show anything that looks like a match for that, so either a super-indie film, or a project that was scrapped perhaps?

The Honeymoon Killers.

Nobody's Fool shot in Hudson

A. I apologize for repeating some of other folks' answers - I started replying on Friday, forgot to hit "post" and didn't notice until a day later.

B. I remembered reading this review years ago of a little indie movie called "Backstreet" that was filmed upstate - not sure about exact locations, but if you see this review here, there's a still shot of some characters overlooking the Albany skyline:

I don't think it got a full theatrical release, but an ex-boyfriend of mine worked as an intern/PA on a movie with Chris Penn and Anthony Michael Hall that filmed in the Saratoga Springs area.

It's called "Aftermath."

Fun fact! The production company of Ghost Story left behind sets. Volunteers and staff took them apart and used the materials to convert the then grocery store into what we know as Capital Repertory Theatre.

Lolita 1962 by Kubrick includes a shot of Albany from Rensselaer.

Under Heat 1994 with Lee Grant and Robert Knepper.

taking woodstock - schodack, stephentown, cherry plain state park, etc. best forgotten.

RE: KGB comment of Sept 25, the Andie McDowell movie had a casting call for "Love after Love", which included the actors being at the TU center for a Siena game. can't find any hint that it was ever finished/released etc


you would think that local filmmaker/legend John Sayles would have done some filming in the area, but I haven't found any reference to that effect. (area seems ideal for "Return of the Secaucus 7" )

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