A good hair stylist in the Albany area?

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Jen asks via Twitter (and a series of tweets):

I swear I ask once a year at least, but I can't seem to get my ish together finding a hair stylist I like. Suggestions? Cc: @alloveralbany
Not too concerned about $ bc I only get my hair cut 3-4x/yr. Just want somewhere convenient (location + hrs), high quality, & not sales-y.
My last stylist was great but her hrs are limited & no longer work w my schedule. Went to John Paul last & it was fine but very sterile.
Albany area, I would say within a 10-20 min drive from Center Square. Guilderland, Loudonville, Colonie, Delmar, EG.

Similar questions have been popped up in the past, but we checked the archive today and it's been (at least) a few years. And things changed, shops close, stylists move.

So, got a suggestion for Jen? Please share! And a sentence or two about why you're recommending a person or shop can be a big help.

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Leeanne Shade, salon owner of Choices Salon in Delmar (Delaware Plaza) I've found to be one of the best in the area.


Claire at Eclectic Hair Studio in Latham is awesome. (518) 785-7850


Rebecca at V Salon on Western Ave near UAlbany! She's an expert & flexible with scheduling (she books up quickly but I can't think of a time when I didn't get in within a week of calling). She's also funny and intelligent which is icing on the cake.

I go to Lindsey at Choices in Delmar. I just told her on my last visit she's the first person that has cut my hair so I can go 8 weeks between cuts and it still looks good. Bonus because it's inexpensive.

Another vote for Rebecca at V Salon. She's always done a good job cutting my hair -- AND I'm always happy to talk with her. (She's also probably reading this comment. Hi, Rebecca!)

Anthony at Xpressions on Hamilton (between Lark and the Plaza) has an elegant little studio, has very reasonable prices, gives me exactly what I ask for, and is a lovely person in general.

Hi Greg and Sally and thanks for the props! Jen please feel free to call me at V Salon 518-482-1880x105 and I'd be happy to cut your hair. We can chat or not, as you please.

Eileen at Cachet is the best - she's located right past Crossgate's on Western. Also,Twiggy at the Cuttery on New Scotland.

Audrey Palma at Karma Hair Studio in Troy has always given me great hair cuts. Also, the salon is the opposite of “sterile” – they’re in an old (renovated) building on River St., and the space has a great eclectic vintage vibe and a nice view. The stylists are so sweet and friendly, too. It wasn’t just that I was happy with my hair; I always came out of an appointment feeling relaxed and refreshed. They also have good online booking and a payment app that lets you tip with your credit card (I don't know why that seems so rare).


Katie Steinbach at Townsend Salon. She's the best, guaranteed.

I just switched hair stylists and tried One Hair Artistry on Madison Ave near the point area. Alice did my hair and she was terrific. It's a super cute shop and they go out of their way to keep their customers relaxed and comfortable. And their prices were very reasonable.


Try here, it's just by The Point/Juniors/Pour House

I love going to Sublime Hair Studios on Fuller Road. Shane and Jade do such a great job!

I'd recommend Sarah who is located inside Eclectic Hair Studio on Troy-Schnectady Road in Latham (she has her own separate space and it's super nice, cozy and private). Sarah is crazy chill, is a professional and knows what she's doing. I never have to worry about a thing. Here's her instagram if you want to check out her work: https://www.instagram.com/hairbysarahashley

Any of the girls at Salon Onaj are amazing! Janette is the owner and my personal stylist and I wouldn't dare to go anywhere else. It is located on Wolf Rd next to Hannoush Jewelers.

I've gone to a few different ladies at Patsys Pin Ups and I've been very happy. I have curly hair and prior to going to Patsys I had a series of terrible hair cuts and had nearly resigned to cutting it myself. I don't go often enough (only once a year) to have a regular stylist. Patsys for the win!


Nina at Haven Hair Studio at 1321 Central Ave, Albany, NY, (518) 487-4745 is very professional, friendly and up-to-date on all the latest styles and coloring innovations. Many satisfied clients!

Allison at bloom. Salon and Makeup Bar. Located in Voorheesville, so about 15-20 minutes from center square. Amazing stylist. Beautiful salon. Offers organic products (if that is your thing) but is very environmentally friendly. Recommend highly!

Amanda Palen in the Kohl's plaza in Colonie. She just moved there. I've been going to her for almost two years now, and she really is wonderful. I've referred all of my friends to her and they all love her. She will do anything you want, and make it look good. Here's her page on Facebook:


Go see Ashley (or anyone, really) at Salon 109 (109 State St., Albany). She's been cutting and coloring my hair for nearly 2 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Also at Karma Studio in Troy is Stephanie Krug, the owner and she does a great job. And I love that the studio does not do nails or color using Amoni so there are none of those foul smells. I won't reiterate how nice and slwing the studio is.

Hudson Hair Gallery  
298 Hudson Ave, Albany, NY 12210
(518) 588-0159

I've got thick curly hair, and Markus is the best stylist I've ever found, not just in the Albany Area, but anywhere.

Another vote for Katie at Townsend!

Hello - sorry to go a little off topic but i think the part about "John Paul" should be omitted from the reader's question. I understand if she did not find the place to her liking but it doesn't seem fair to put down ONE salon and allow a variety of other salons be complimented. This is a question about recommendations for good stylists/salons not a question about which stylists/salons to avoid.

I've been going to Amanda Kennedy at V Salon for years and she's amazing. Cuts are great, color is AMAZING (she does a mean balayage) and she is just one of the most delightful people you'll ever meet.

Seconding Katie at Townsend! Every haircut is gorgeous and grows out like a dream. I've been getting my hair cut from her for three years (a pixie cut for most of it) and literally have people stop me on the street to tell me they love my hair.

Erin at K & C Salon, 2511 Western Ave, Guilderland, 869-2511. I have been going to her for 11 years now. People randomly stop me and ask who cuts my hair. Definitely give her a try.

Thank you everyone for all of this awesome feedback! I was getting really overwhelmed with my search, and I hadn't seen a post like this (on this blog or other local blogs) in quite some time.

Valerie Hair Studio Susan and Valerie are extraordinary hair cutters and stylists.

Tara Angley at Zen Hair Studio in Clifton Park. She works at an upscale salon on Broadway in Herald Square during the week, but comes back and forth for regular customers. I don't know if she is taking new customers up here, but you could try. She is awesome!!!! E-mail her at taraangley@gmail.com to see when she is booking at Zen.

@maybe: Thank you for the feedback. That bit in her question didn't seem overly harsh and it helped define what sort of place she's looking for. I also don't think it precludes someone from a recommending a stylist there or giving the place another chance.

That said, I hear what you're saying. And it's something we'll keep in mind. Thank you for taking the time say something.

@maybe - In my defense, this is word for word from my (albeit public) Twitter. That said, I certainly didn't mean it as a put down of John Paul, just meant it as not for me. It's quite possible the similar "high end big box salons" (for lack of a better descriptor! Again not meant as a put down!) all operate similarly - in that you trade some things for others (i.e., ease in scheduling and a somewhat consistent experience).

For what it is worth, I would not give John Paul a bad review based on my experience there, and for someone looking for high quality and who may also have inflexible scheduling requirements, it really is a good option. As Greg noted, I only mentioned the name because I was looking to be specific about what sort of thing I was looking for. As I said in my previous comment I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the conflicting online reviews. (Yelp and Facebook can be great resources, but sometimes weeding through the wheat and the chaff is a bit much!)

@ maybe -- I debated over commenting that I recently had a less than great hair cut (not horrible, but mediocre and not worth $50) from someone who a few people raved about in the comments above. I decided to not do that. I'm glad those people had a fabulous experience with this particular stylist, but it was not my experience. I suspect "results may vary" would be true of all these stylists mentioned.

@JOTeepe I apologize, in no way did I mean that your statement was harsh or inappropriate. I meant to pose this question more to alloveralbany, as it is a excellent resource for local unbiased feedback. Either way I wish you luck in your search, finding a stylist/salon that is a good fit is no easy task.

That being said I recently had an excellent experience with Brooke at Ambiance in Latham. Happy hunting!

I have to give a recommendation of Sara Whitney at Avanti Hair Studio in Guilderland. She does amazing work!! I wish I could post a pic of the beautiful curls she gave me for a wedding I attended in August. Her cuts and color are both phenomenal.

Sabrina Pierone at High Maintenance Hair Studio in Colonie on Central Ave. I've been going to her for years, and she also did our hair and make up for my wedding. High quality and professional, and her studio is adorable.


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