Not a display of prudent passing

The clip embedded above is dash cam video posted by Youtube user T M26 from Quay Street on the Albany riverfront this past Tuesday. (It's that street that runs along river side of 787 by the USS Slater.) And, well, you can see what happens.

Albany Police Department public information officer Steve Smith says the driver of the BMW was ticketed for unsafe passing. And three children on the school bus were taken to a hospital as a precaution -- Smith says there were no major injuries.

[via @dinoman22]


They both ran the light, did they both get tickets?

I am shocked, shocked at how concerned that BMW driver is about the kids on that bus.

Nice! The comments this video has gotten on Reddit are golden!

BMW. The post says "BWM." Although I could've guessed the car make without even seeing the video. They are the worst drivers in the world.

The car with the dashcam ran the red light too - so all 3 of them did.

Day just got a little brighter - thank you schadenfreude!

When the dashcam driver was going through the light it was still yellow turning to red. That's not running a red light. Its more dangerous to make a sudden stop at that point so you usually get benefit of the doubt if it is turning red while you are going through it because of that reason.

"unsafe passing"???
So, he does something that easily could have killed someone, likely tied up traffic, police and fire resources for a couple hours and he gets a minor traffic violation, which he'll probably get knocked down to a parking ticket.

How about reckless endangerment?

Awe too bad. Daddy will have to fix his BMW.

That is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Serves the little @&$%#] right.

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