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The NeighborhoodAmong the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: the absent future, a challenge to what you know, being yourself, solace in nature, preserving open space, Secret Caverns, the old bell, the Patroons, Oh Corn!, feeling the heat, Thai food, deep-fried turkey, Empire Crate, no soup for you, a pizza oven, and congrats.

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Amy on the election and the sense of loss people have: "Grief isn't about the distant past. It's about the absent future, the timeline disrupted, the dreams unrealized and memories not made."

Silvia on how the election challenged what she knew.

Jaye, in a letter to transgender youth about the election: "All I can say is that this is just a blip and you can't let this stop you from being yourself."

Katie on the some of the way some people have acted after the election: "People I care about are being hurt and frightened. And that is unacceptable."

Jackie sought solace in nature last week.

The Bee Balm Gal walked the woods in the Malta, taking in the rich and earthy colors -- and thought about preserving open space in the growing town.

Julie spotlighted Secret Caverns.

Stephanie highlighted the old Albany city hall bell that now hangs in Lincoln Park.

Chuck shared some old Albany Patroons trading cards.

Melinda tried the offerings at Oh Corn! in Halfmoon.

Zena felt the heat at Restaurant Navona in Albany.

Jerry had an uneven experience at Lilac Blossom in Guilderland.

Daniel enjoyed deep-fried turkey from The Flying Chicken.

Ashley unpacked an Empire Crate.

Otis bought some soup that he was told he's not allowed to have.

Jon is making progress on his backyard pizza oven.

And congrats to Kristi and her family!


Its comforting to read that many others were blown away by the election results. My wife and I admitted this morning that we were both feeling guilty about having children and what they may be exposed to.

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