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Photos from the "Inaugurate Resistance" march and rally in Albany

inaugurate resistance march Albany 2017-01-21

Organizers said the crowd included 7,000 people.

Thousand of people turned out in Albany Saturday for the "Inaugurate Resistance" march to protest the presidential administration of Donald Trump and rally for issues ranging from civil rights to the environment to health care. The local event, organized by Citizen Action, was one of many similar marches around the country coinciding with the Women's March in DC.

Among the signs: "I Stand With Planned Parenthood," "We Are Not Fake News," "We Stand For Black Lives," "Climate Change is Real," "Keep Your Tiny Hands to Yourself," "Defend Public Education," and "Resist Bigly."

Here are a bunch of photos from the march and rally...

Look up

The photos are at the top in large format -- click or scroll all the way up.


where have these people been for the past eight years?!?

Bullwinkle, setting aside the Occupy protests during that time, we've at least had a legitimate president for the last 8 years.

Great rally....where was the outcry for slick Willy? Why no anti Islam protest for the way they treat women.....I don't disagree with their little walk but need some consistency to be taken as a serious movement

It was unfortunate that Albany's Black Lives Matter group bullied and harrasssed Mayor Sheehan throughout the program. Unity and solidarity must mean different things to different people?

Great turnout!

Good to see the masses assembling again. It matters. Ask Johnson. Ask Nixon. The power is always with the people.

Thanks for these photos! They're the best I've seen at gauging the crowd size.

And if you're wondering where I've been for the past 8 years, it's been working to help get more people health insurance working for Planned Parenthood and the ACA in New York. And voting, of course.

Next: Translate this into political action, candidate support, and voting -- at the local, state, and national levels.

"where was the outcry for slick Willy?" Bill Clinton has not been president since 2001. Someone who has bragged about sexual assault is president now.

"Why no anti Islam protest for the way they treat women" Because that couldn't possibly be less relevant or make less sense. I'm pretty sure the protesters would be opposed to the way fundamentalists of all faiths treat women, but Muslims are not the problem in that regard here in America..

"I don't disagree with their little walk but need some consistency to be taken as a serious movement." It would make no sense for anyone involved to take seriously a criticism delivered with this much condescension.

@Bullwinkle and Bs, yes, the protest was a little disjointed in message and may have been populated by a lot of hippies, but you need to dig deeper than the signs. As an independent who held my nose (I think I still have sores) when voting for Clinton, Trump was certainly the worst of all options available, and third party/write in's could not do.

Again, we may have been the silent minority at this protest (it was organized by the too radical for my taste Citizen Action, but anyone who is displeased with the pending Trump debacle was able to latch on). I was joined by a lot of hearty conservatives who probably should have said more under Bush, certainly had many misgivings with Obama's presidency, but definitely view Trump as a grave threat to our democracy, international leadership, and preservation of free market values (picking and choosing which industry's to protect with tariffs or threaten with heavy handed government interference is not in line with my conservative values, nor should it be our members in Congress who are caught up in the populist fervor). Just because Trump slaps GOP next to his name, doesn't make him my "conservative" president. Unfortunately, most of my peers are to happy to savor their new found power in government than to speak out about how water downed our principles have become in the process. Those hippies may have inconsistent logic sometimes, but we at least found some come values to share and discuss over. I may not be fighting for the same candidates they may be fighting for, but we all will certainly be working to remove this growing cancer of a president.

"their little walk"

That sounds patronizing but perhaps that wasn't the manner that it was meant.

The walk in Albany was organized by Citizen Action, who have this statement on their website:

Help us build the powerful grassroots movement we need to stand up to those who say ‘no’ to health care for all, who reject taxing the super rich so that every child can have a decent education and who are threatening devastating budget cuts on everything from Medicaid and food stamps to Public Broadcasting.

which is slightly different from the Unity Principles of the Women's March on Washington and other 'official' marches:

We believe Women's Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women's Rights
Ending Violence
Reproductive Rights
Worker's Rights
Civil Rights
Disablility Rights
Immigrant Rights
Environmental Justice


Of course, some people may choose 'Alternative Facts', which is their right in this democracy!

BS, to answer your question, I was in elementary school/high shchool when "Slick Willy" was in office.

Outcry for Slick Willy? He got impeached. Seems like a pretty good outcry to me.

Let's the do Time Warp again!

That was awesome!
Thanks for capturing so many great signs.

Responding to troll comments is a distraction. We need to focus on political action, candidate support, and voting.

BS, for the past 8 years, I've been working for local nonprofits to make our communities better and stronger. (Actually, I've been doing that for the last 15 years.) And now I'm just doing even MORE. So there.

It was an uplifting day. Women, men, and children all marching together in our Great America! We are all very fortunate to be able to live in a country where we can freely say what we'd like! Let's make sure America stays that way!

I hope this energy turns into a political movement like the tea party did after President Obama's first win. I see nothing but smiles and positive energy.

Wow such anger.......xanax for all!! I call them like I see them.....it's great you guys are so revolutionary and willing to fight the power.....more power to you! I don't understand the defense of Islam and the ignoring of their hatred of western ideals, specifically LGBT rights and women's rights, yet the mass movement against a dope in the White House who will likely not be able to do anything near what everyone is in hysterics about? Why do we ignore the fact that Hilary smeared the innocent female victims, including a young impressionable intern, who's life was destroyed by her husband's predatory sexual actions but we are in revolution about some stupid ignorant statement by a tacky TV host? I have nothing in this game I just want answers and am confused by the hypocrisy.....why aren't the protesters angry about Obama walking out the door into Air Force one for a trip to Palm Springs to play golf on environmrmtally destroying golf courses? Why no uproar over Al "inconvenient truth Gore" buying another environmentally unfriendly 30 room mansion??? I am just looking for consistency.

BS, re: your repeated requests for us to be Islamophobes:

This is America. Not the Middle East. Muslims in America are not only extremely diverse and much more accepting of Western values, but are part of this movement. We have no more reason to disrespect them than we do to disrespect Christians. In both cases we'd be basing it off fundamentalists while ignoring and refusing both non-fundamentalists and those who suffer from religious fundamentalism. This would be unbelievably stupid and counterproductive.

This movement is not to expect absolute perfection from everyone. It is much more appropriate to protest an illegitimate president who has bragged about sexually assaulting women and promised fascist policies once in office (a promise he seems to be making good on) than it is to even think about any of the thoroughly irrelevant topics you suggested.

Not really sure what these people are protesting. Standard Republican Policy positions draped in populist rhetoric. There are two buildings in these pictures that should be the focus of protest. One is SEIU 1199 the ones who have sold out working people by supporting establishment politicians ie. Clinton Coumo et al. The other, the Fort Orange Club,where the people who really control Politics and Politicians in Albany ,have their drinks as they conduct inside deals for mutual benefit at the cost of the citizenry who have been hoodwinked by the people in the first building.

Chris, it's now standard republican policy position to classify people on the basis of religion? "Welcome to the USA, can I see your passport, and please recite the Our Father."

Also, it's standard Republican policy to say that media organizations should be sued for saying true things?

These are direct threats to a free society.

The purpose of marching is to show the President that he does not have the support of the People for his ideas. He lost the popular vote by a significant margin and goes out and says he has a "mandate" to govern. He has no such mandate, and we are making sure he knows that.

Yes Andrew, it has always been standard republican practice to utilize divisions such as religious affiliation to differentiate the other. The Fox news channel was created specifically to provide alternative naratives from the other big three corporate mouthpiece's. There by legitimizing the questioning of fact.
My point about the marcher's is that their efforts are misdirected. President Trump knows he does not have the support of a majority of the people and could care less. The fact that he is the President is the only mandate needed.
What these people should be marching against is that our economy, political system and big media have not given us the free society you think we have. These marcher's should take off the vagina hat and look at themselves, their buying habits, where they get their information from and who they vote for in our local elections. The system is rigged\broken and we have all been complicit.

"What these people should be marching against is...."

Nothing that comes after this statement can possibly be helpful. Please stop.

Funny how people see things so differently....I was thinking that everything he said after your little quote was the only thing worthwhile reading about for this entire thread.....especially the rigged part....poor Bernie was just there as an ornament....

Well thanks BS, Mr." " seems to be an insider steering discussion in threads to obfuscate. But, The Bernie campaign was not just ornamental it was filled with actual people unlike Clintons. What I would like to propose to you is, can people like ourselves either from the left or right who see the blatent hipocrosy inherent in our system get together to form a new center that is at the complete opposite side of what is portrayed as centrist politics by corporate media and party hacks. Hope you comment back we have to get the people together for all our sake's.

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