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department of motor vehicles in Albany

Filed under good to know: The Albany office of the NYS DMV is one of the locations that offers the ability to schedule a reservation to handle a handful of different in-office tasks, ranging from getting a license or ID card to replacing registration.

We scanned through the process today and it looks like it works pretty much like any other sort of online reservation system, with reservation slots available by 15 minute increments. As of this morning it was still possible to schedule a reservation for the same day.

The Albany office is the only Capital Region location currently listed for having the ability to handle online reservations.

By the way: There's a lot of DMV stuff you can do online now, too.

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Could it be?!?!? The end of 4 hour trips to the Albany DMV?!?!? OH HAPPY DAY

Or you could go to the Troy DMV, where I've never found a reservation to be necessary - there is rarely a wait.

I used this process last week, it probably saved me a minimum hour wait to register my car. I absolutely recommend making a registration.

I think that this is a well organized DMV office. I know that sounds ridiculous, but the half dozen or so times I had to go there, it seemed to run pretty well! I live in Troy and I'll go out of my way to go to the Albany one.

The last time I had to visit this office, about a year ago, the "Pre-evaluation" folks answering questions just past the entrance got me what I needed and I was out of there, no lie, in less than a minute (it was a pretty simple transaction).

On my visit before that, which was still a few years ago, I didn't even have enough time to finish filling out my form before my number was called.

It's a well-run office, considering the work they have to do.

Unbelievable. I last went to the Albany DMV in 2005, and even then thought, "There's got to be a way you could reserve your place online."

BTW, s, don't go blabbing about the Troy DMV! Keep it a secret!

Never had a problem at DMV save for the angry miserably depressed people that seem to work there. Who could blame them though? Take a good look at that picture....could anything scream out "depression, sadness, and who gives a crap" more than that building??Why can't we make our government buildings just a little nicer and more cheerful? It really wouldn't cost much more and would give the outward appearance that this is an important entity. This DMV building would even put the Moscow regulation building number 6 to shame! Would do wonders for the area as well!

@BS: About the building itself -- I remember during the Rezone Albany neighborhood-specific session for the South End, people in the neighborhood were pretty much universal in despising that building. One of the small work groups labeled the site as a crater.

People would really like to see it, and its parking lot, be less ugly and friendlier to the surrounding area.

UGH. You don't have to go THERE.
You can go to other county's DMV. For instance Saratoga country has two locations in shopping malls.

@Lu The county that processes your DMV stuff gets to keep a percentage. So, I'm giving any required fees/etc to Albany! (And man, any way I can avoid having to go to a mall...)

Maybe they've really turned the corner, considering the Albany location has been notoriously painted as the worst of the worst, but in the past 4-5 years of using the Albany DMV (parents used to rely on Troy, growing up the Colonie suburbs, so I can compare and contrast) and the experience has been pretty smooth if not faster then what I remember Troy offering. The door greeter, alone, who can help pivot you where you need to go is a huge plus compared to the Troy location (unless they have one now too, admittedly, haven't been there in close to a decade). I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. And use, while its painful sometimes, using your county DMV helps keep the fees you pay local (I'd rather my local electeds than King Cuomo get them).

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