A good acupuncturist and/or massage therapist?

acupuncture needles in back CCMelissa emails:

I would love to hear who the aoa community recommends in regards to body healing and mind healing.

We hear from Melissa that she's specifically interested in acupuncturists and massage therapists. (And for the mind healing part of her question, we had a question about therapists not too long ago.)

So, have a good person or place to recommend? Please share! And sentence or two about your recommendation can be helpful.

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Dr. P.W. Kong
2498 Western Ave
Guilderland, NY 12084

I used to have sinus headaches all the time and after a few treatments I have never had sinus headaches again!

Also, you could look at some recommendations from AOA from 2011 (Dr. Kong was recommended then as well):

For Acupuncture, Michele Dolan at Elevate Albany Wellness is amazing! She is knowledgeable and personable and her treatments are therapeutic and relaxing. Plus- they just moved to a beautiful new location conveniently located right on Albany Shaker Road. She is highly recommended!! Also, I'm fairly certain they have massage services there too. Here is the website:


Justin Coletti for acupuncture in Troy http://www.nyacutherapy.com/. Gwen Guarino for massage (out on maternity leave) also in Troy http://massageatlux.com/.

Definitely check out Wellness Roots: wellnessrootsacupuncture.com.

I've been seeing Liz for acupuncture for migraines for a while, and she's helped cut them in half (and they're far less painful when I do have them). It's a beautiful practice, and Liz is a fantastic person!

Mary Panza at Balance in Delmar for massage. Jordan Su for acupuncture.

I second Michelle at Elevate. She is great and they do have masaage (I think they have 7 massage therapists there) as well as Chiropractic there.

Second for Liz at Wellness Roots! Great!

Back in Balance Therapeutic Massage in Clifton Park with Jen and team has great, experienced therapists.
At Acupuncture Nirvana in Glens Falls, Kat offers caring pain treatment that's often covered by insurance.

Lorraine at http://www.steppingstonemassage.massagetherapy.com

She is amazing and is able to work with you using massage, myofacial release and many other therapies.

She is in Rotterdam and it is worth the trip! Run don't walk ;)

Dr. Sandra Fielding at High Peak Acupuncture is excellent! Also Ashley at 518 Acupuncture in Clifton Park is excellent as well.

Dr. Yarong Wang on Washington ave extension in Albany! She is amazing. I started going to her when I had such bad sciatica during pregnancy that I could barely move. I swear she's the only reason I made it through my pregnancy. I still see her three years later. She not only treats me for back pain, but she's also done wonders with sinus headaches and migraines that I had never before been able to keep under control. Besides being an amazing provider, she's also a sweet and caring person. I recommend her to people all of the time and everyone has been extremely happy with her care.

John at JrMac Massage in East Greenbush is excellent. He really helped me when I was having back issues. I highly recommend him.

For massage therapy, John Tubbs at Albany Massage Professionals. He is super knowledgeable and gives a great massage. He also can recommend essential oils for added benefit. I have back issues, many trigger points and muscle tenderness. John has great suggestions and I leave there feeling lighter.

I've been going to Lauren Laberge of Laberge Massage Therapy for years for back issues (herniated disc). Lauren is absolutely wonderful. She really listens to your concerns and health issues and works with you as a patient not a client. Cannot say enough about her. She's in Delmar, right on Delaware Ave, below Delmar Chiropractors.

I highly recommend John, owner/practitioner of jrMac Massage Therapy located on Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush. I've been going to John for 4 years and cannot not begin to explain what he has been able to do to control my migraines, back and hip pain. He constantly attends training programs to incorporate the newest techniques into your individualized tailored healing therapy treatments. I no longer take muscle relaxers for back pain and my migraines are practically non existent. Give him a try....book online at jrmacyoucanbookme then relax, heal and enjoy life!

Michael at Spa Broadway in Troy is excellent.


I also see John Tubbs at Albany Massage Professionals and have been going there for years now. He gives great massage tailored to what you need, and while I can't attest for 'mind healing', I do feel that he helped heal my spirit during a very dark, broken-hearted time.

I know that sounds new age and kooky (and I'd dismiss it if I hadn't written it myself), but it's true.

Um, acupuncture is quackery.

Massage -- Laura Paigo in Delmar. She fixed chronic neck pain for me, and brings an intuitive approach to her work, so she can identify related muscle problems. Her office is very calming (and so is she!). Her rates are very affordable too.

Victor Tulchinsky, D.O., is an osteopath and fully trained in Chinese medicine. If you want a highly skilled acupuncture practitioner, you should consider Dr. Tulchinsky. His office is on Lark Street and has off-street parking.

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