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Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

Congrats to Marshall, who won the Albany package of prizes because his randomly-selected comment was #94 -- an even number. If the randomly selected comment had been odd number, the winner would have gotten the Troy package.

It's Other Timelines week, so we thought it'd be fun to have a drawing -- with a little bit of a twist.

There will be one winner of this drawing, but two baskets of prizes:

Albany basket: $50 gift card for New World Bistro Bar, two tickets for a movie at The Spectrum with popcorn, a gift card for ice cream at Emack & Bolio's.

Troy basket: $50 gift card for Peck's Arcade, $50 in drink tickets for The Hill at Muza, a gift card for ice cream at the Dutch Udder.

Which basket will the winner get? The fickle hand of fate of will decide!*

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's a local "what if" question that you'd love to know the answer to?

It could be something about a big event that did or did not happen, it could something in your neighborhood, or it could be something about a choice you made in your personal life. We'll draw one winner at random, and then fate will pick the prize.

As you know, New World Bistro Bar, The Spectrum, and Emack & Bolio's are all along Delaware Ave in Albany.

And, as you also know, Peck's Arcade is in downtown Troy, the Dutch Udder Craft Ice Cream recently opened on River Street in downtown Troy, and The Hill at Muza is a bar and beer garden just up the hill on Congress Street.

* The fickle hand of fate does have a method. Its choice will be determined by a detail related to your comment. Which detail? As is so often the case in life, you won't know until after the fact! (We'll reveal when we post the winner.)

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Friday, August 4, 2017 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Friday and must respond by 5 pm on the following Monday.


What if the Capitol Region's cities -- Albany, Troy, Saratoga, and Schenectady -- could be connected by a train/subway network? (A girl can dream!)

What if Nipper the dog was actually Zipper the cat?

I'd love to have seen what would have happened to Schenectady, and the Capital Region in general, if GE had not moved their headquarters out of the city.

How different would the city look or operate if there were 4-5 different mayors between 1983 and 2013 instead of 2?

What would downtown Albany be like if the once proposed Aquarium at the proposed former site of the new convention center had gone through?

What if I-787 hadn't been built?

BONUS: What if Gen. John Burgoyne had made it all the way to Albany?

My biggest question is what would Albany be like if 787 had never been built? Would we have a thriving riverside neighborhood like some other cities do? Not sure that there is an answer to that, but it's nice to dream.

What if Nipper was a cat named...Cat Nipper?

What if Troy actually approved something to be built at One Monument Square to replace the current vacant eyesore that replaced the previous eyesore that was City Hall?

What if the Dutch had never surrendered the colony to the English? (Hint: bicycle infrastructure and extraneous vowels.)

What if the British broke through at Saratoga? How well would Albany have fared as the redcoats marched on the objective of that campaign?

What if that giant concrete monstrosity of a building in downtown Albany got torn down and the space could become a small zoo?

What if there was a vibrant downtown area in Albany?

My gut instinct here was the classic 787 question (but seriously though...what if we actually had a riverfront in Albany? *sigh*), but since that's already in the works...

What if Albany did have a major tourist attraction? What would the city look like/how would it be shaped differently? I live in Albany and I love it, but sadly when someone from out of town asked me the ONE thing to do in the area, I suggested Saratoga.

What if Albany never became the state capital?

What if the Saratoga Race Course was in fact the oldest operating NASCAR race track in the country?

What if Capitol-land hosted a major music festival? a la Bonaroo/Lollapollozza

What if Lark Street from Washington Ave to Madison Ave was blocked off from vehicles and made into a pedistrian walkway?

What if there was free parking everyday on every street in Albany, Schenectady and Troy?

What if Albany was able to get Amazon Prime Now? so that I could have all my favorite things from my last state now that we have ride sharing :)

What if the regional farmer's market had remained in Albany--in other words, what if the Menands Market were never built?

What would of happened if Albany had built the aquarium instead of the convention center

What if potholes never existed?
(auto repair conspiracy)

What if Troy was actually Schenectady and Albany was actually Saratoga and vice versa? Would those places maintain the history they have? Would the Albany race track be as popular?

What if there were a proper large-ish venue to dance at night in Albany or Troy, and not just Jupiter Hall at the mall?

What if we could swim in the Hudson Downtown (albany or Troy) & had an urban beach front like in Chicago?

What if Central Ave had a median and U-turn lanes, similar to what they have in WNY? (Jefferson Rd. in Henrietta and Ridge Rd. in Greece)

What if the Central Warehouse building had been purchased and renovated years ago, or demolished, or if the city picked that building for their graffiti mural project, which got put on a parking garage instead?

What if SUNY CNSE had not been built? How different would the region's (especially Saratoga county) economy be today?

What if a major sports team came to Albany?

What if Troy remained the "Hollywood on the Hudson" and had not become just another rust belt city?

What if we didn't have to worry about pollution in the Hudson??

What if Lark Street was made into a pedestrian only zone?

What if we replaced 787 with a walkable waterfront full of local businesses?

What if there were no potholes on Delaware Ave?

What if i really tried new food at either restaurant instead of safe boring choices? & yes 787 & actual riverfront are classuc "what ifs...."

What if Kingston had stayed the state capital and Albany was just another city? What would it be like without state government?

What If... the unfinished road project I-687 that connected the airport (exit 3), downtown Albany, Rensselaer, etc. was finished instead of leaving fragments of bridges, roadways, tunnels, etc.?


What if I had decided to attend UAlbany right out of high school instead of bouncing around at different colleges and eventually dropping out to get married?

What if Albany had a pro sports team?

What if the Larkin wasn't deserted?

What if downtown Albany had a WEGMANS???

What would of become of Schenectady if Tesla's alternating-current (AC) system beat Edison's rival direct-current (DC) electric power?

What if Mayor Corning and the Democratic Machine had never come to power in Albany?

What if Albany upgraded its traffic signals, replacing the completely ridiculously unnecessary ones at residential intersections with two/four-way stops, and synchronizing those along major at-grade thoroughfares (e.g., Western/Madison/Washington/Central) so less time was wasted waiting at red lights for no one to cross, while the one ahead of you is green and inevitably turns red once you get there, only to have you wait again for nobody?

What if Albany redesigns 787 and Albany's access to the waterfront?

What if Albany had a Wawa! (THE best gasstation/convenience store for those who aren't familiar)

What if they put an amusement park in Troy versus a movie theater? Zipline across the Hudson anyone? Or imagine the views from a London Eye sized ferris wheel!

What if 787 was never built next to the hudson?

What if I never transferred to SUNY Albany in the spring of 2001.

What if the Erie Canal had utilized the Susquehanna/Chemung instead of the Hudson/Mohawk?

What if the Albany's leaders looked at other small to mid-size cities in the US and elsewhere that have experienced population, business, and popularity growth, learned what those cities did right, and aggressively instituted similar policies? Could Albany become the next great old American city?

What if Albany wasn't the capital of NYS? What kind of city would we be?

What if the Pine Hills neighborhood had a really amazing bakery cafe?

What if the Rotterdam mall was revived - maybe with a Costco or Wegmans?

What if "All Over Albany" did not exist?? How would I know what to do with myself?

What if Albany HS students & St. Rose shared programs.

What if instead of the 'lovely' rotaries sprinkled across the region, they installed functioning lights ?

I might be giving my spot away, but I totally agree w/ having a WaWa and a Wegmans.

What if there was better public transportation in Albany?

What if Wegmans finally came to the Capital Region?

What if Lark Street or Pearl became a hip, vibrant business district like downtown Troy

What if Downtown Albany had free area-wide WIFI?

What if Albany folks stop complaining about 787 and Empire state plaza for a day or two and try to address some true city problems instead? (first guess - "bring Wegmans in!" would become hot spot, true problems would remain untouched)

What if the Livingston Ave Bridge was turned into Albany's own High Line?

What if the Empire State Plaza had never been built?

What if the Albany train station was actually *in* Albany?

What if State employees all took the month of August off, to go to the track?

What if Albany were still named Beaverwyck?

What if New York City was the capital of New York State and not Albany?

What if I-787 was built in a different location, or if it was built underground similar to parts of I-93 in Boston or I-395 in Washington, D.C.?

What if "The Office" had been set in Albany instead of Scranton? (Apparently Albany was the runner-up)

What if Uber hadn't been approved in upstate NY before I was offered a new job in Albany?

What if they rented out offices at the Plaza for overnight guests?

What if all the eye sores and car dealerships on central/state just disappeared?

What if the Albany hospitals weren't built?

What if I hadn't returned to Albany after graduate school, and gone somewhere else instead?

What if there was a good central grocery store in downtown Troy?

What if Albany was as big as NYC and NYC was just some small "downstate" city?

What would the area look like if there were no historical preservationists?

What if the Empire State Plaza had never been built?

what if a really good public transportation system had been implemented here years ago?

What if the Hudson river was never polluted and was commonly used to swim in?

What if Shades of Green had stayed opened?

What if more people took advantage of the free events in the capital region?

What if Albany/Schenectady/Troy had a world-class art museum?

What if all the state employees who work in Albany lived in the city of Albany?

What if the Troy Haymakers never disbanded?

Chris hoxsie, I was thinking similarly for Albany; Dutch or Algonquian retaining ownership.

What if you could buy wine at the grocery store?

What if the trolley system never left?

What if The Egg was shaped like an actual egg?

What if the Troy Proctor's never closed?

What if Henry Hudson had been able to sail to his original destination and never sailed up what is now called the Hudson River?

What if Samuel Wilson was not identified as Uncle Sam, and Troy his home?

What if Mazzone and the Mallozzis are actually the same company designed to look like they are competing with each other?

What if ESP was built along the river instead of in the middle of the city? Would the brownstones and historic homes that were demolished be in the most sought after neighborhood? Would it be easier to get between downtown and uptown on foot? Would the parking situation and bike infrastructure be better?

What if the Twin Bridges had four lanes instead of three lanes?

What if Cabela's had a store in Albany?

What is there was a gondola system connecting Albany and Troy?!

What if Washington Park started to have weekly music performances again

What if Albany had lovely downtown pedestrian-friendly streets filled with boutiques, fun and funky stores, cafes and restaurants? Also, what if more of our parking areas at malls, medical offices and supermarkets actually were garages instead of lots, so we would have protection from ice, snow, rain, heat, etc.? (Plus less land use.)

What if I had never moved to New York?

What if I had chosen to live in Troy instead of Albany?

What IF Sam Miller won this prize.....Would she drink at Muzak's or eat ice cream at Emack & Bolios?

What if I had chosen to live uptown instead of in Center Square?

What if US Steel had never relocated from Troy to Pittsburgh?

what if both cities were more bike friendly?

What if Troy never got as amazing as it is today? (I would be so sad.)

What if there was a business district along the river line in both Albany and Troy providing an array of waterfront dining, shopping and entertainment??

What if The Shirls was no longer president of RPI??

What if I'd never moved here in the first place?

What if we had access to the river? Would the hold vibe of Albany be changed? Would we be a boating, sunbathing, river-folk? Back in the golden age of Albany there was a yacht club! Would I not be able to afford my house if it had a river view?

What if Albany's premier park, Washington Park, were surrounded by protected bicycle lanes?

What if Albany wasn't the capital?

What if CDPC was torn down and made into green space?

With apologies to Rensselaer:

What if Troy was directly across the Hudson from Albany and it was actually just a larger vibrant city with a nice riverfront down the middle?

What if Emma Willard didn't found her school in Troy?

What if Lansingburgh had remained an independent municipality instead of being annexed by Troy in 1903?

What if the area where 90 and 87 meet was made less complicated (thinking for the tourists, not the locals)? Can't tell you how many times I've had to explain Northway and Thruway thing to visiting family members.

What if we invested in and revitalized Rensselaer, transforming it into an attractive community for businesses, start-ups, and professionals?

What if 787 was not built, or built elsewhere, and we utilized the Hudson River like communities to our south?

What it Albany allowed kayak access to the Alcove reservoir? I'd be paddling there every day.

What if Albany and Troy didn't have a river dividing them?

What if Albany and Troy swapped restaurants?

What if public concerts like Alive at 5 happened on weekends when people can actually attend and are not stuck in rush hour?

What if the state capital (and all of its jobs) moved out of Albany?

What if someone actually tore down that hideous, vacant, concrete building that looms off of 787 (near Huck Finn's road). It seriously has GOT TO GO.

What if train service had never been discontinued to Troy?

What if the Pioneer Coop had opened in 2015 instead of 2010?

What would have happened to the gondola proposal if ride sharing didn't get approved?

What if Albany was the booming metropolis that NYC is?

What if Albany was a portal to another dimension?

What if Albany never instituted the permit parking system?

What if, when I met my husband 20 yrs ago, I had moved to CA instead of him moving here? I could never leave the Capital District!

What if Capital Region became a Foreign Trade Zone just like Austin TX is? Would out taxes be much lower? Would I have much easier time finding a good job?

What would America (and the world) look like if the Battle of Saratoga had gone the other way?

What if: We converted all the state office buildings into covered outdoor areas and glass so we all saw some sunshine once in a while ...She typed while sitting at her cubicle :)

What if: all the fountains had prevention methods to ensure nobody could pee in them

What if they had actually completed the South Mall Expressway, and there wasnt a bridge-stub to nowhere....

What would the Hudson waterfront look like (and the rest of Albany) if the river weren't cut off by the bypass?

What would happen if Albany wasn't the Capitol? Without politics and the importance of government here, what type of city would it be?

What if urban renewal had never occurred?

What if Sam Wilson had never been a meatpacker in Troy?

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