Quick-scan primary election results 2017: Sheehan wins Albany Democratic mayoral primary

campaign yard signs Hackett Boulevard

Here's a quick scan of results from the primary elections Tuesday. This is not a comprehensive list, just some highlights. Numbers are unofficial, and there are bound to be some changes on Wednesday and beyond as absentee ballots are counted.

The big news in Albany on the night was that Kathy Sheehan won the Democratic primary for mayor. Barring something very unusual happening, she's now in line to be re-elected to a second term in November.

On with the results...

Albany mayor

Compare to the Siena poll released this past Sunday:
+ Kathy Sheehan: 51 percent
+ Frank Commisso Jr: 26 percent
+ Carolyn McLaughlin: 13 percent

Commisso also has the Independence line in the general election. Could he stay in the race? It sounds like it's possible.

Also of note about this primary: Sheehan loaned her campaign as much as $387k.

In the 2013 primary, Sheehan got 7,468 votes -- 65.7 percent of the total -- in a head-to-head matchup with Corey Ellis.

That 2013 primary included 11,363 total votes cast. The preliminary total for the 2017 primary: 12,245.

Albany Common Council president

Albany chief city auditor

This election is to replace Leif Engstrom, who's already left the office for a job at the Albany Housing Authority.

Susan Rizzo got the most votes of any candidate in the city in these primaries.

Albany Common Council

Applyrs is the incumbent, currently in her first term.

Bailey is a multi-term incumbent.

Kimbrough is the incumbent, currently in his first term.

This is the seat being vacated by Mark Robinson, who ran for the council president.

Richard Conti is a multi-term incumbent and president pro tem of the council.

Cathy Fahey is a multi-term incumbent.

Leah Golby is the incumbent. Owusu Anane also challenged her in the 2013 primary for this seat.

Judd Krasher is the incumbent. (He said on Twitter there are more than 60 absentee ballots to be counted.)

This is the seat that's been held by long time incumbent Daniel Herring. Ginnie Farrell is the former president of the Albany school board.

This is the seat that's been held by Frank Commisso Jr., who, of course, ran for mayor.

Albany city court judge

These candidates are up for three seats.

Albany County overall

Here are the overall Albany County results at the Albany County Board of Elections site.

Rensselaer County executive

Steve McLaughlin is a state Assemblyman. Christoper Meyer is the current deputy county exec.


Kathy Sheehan should send Carolyn McLaughlin a gift basket for handing her the election by running a limping spoiler campaign.

Do the math, Lou. Even if all the McLaughlin voters went with Commisso (which I assure you would not be the case), Sheehan still would have won, maybe by a smaller margin.

I've always hated the "spoiler" charge. McLaughlin had a right to run, like anybody who successfully gets their petitions signed.

Not looking forward to Rensselaer County taxes should McLaughlin prevail in November...

Boy howdy, some mixed feelings about the primary and Albany overall.

Sheehan isn't a terible mayor, in some way better than what's come before, but in the most important ways she has just done the same things Jennings would have done. The corruption has a different flavor but it still stinks.

We now have a few extra do-nothing useless common council members to suck off the taxpayers' teat and contribute nothing. Mark my words, none of these people will do squat. They'll spend the next 4 years having very serious debates about nonsense while our city continues to crumble.

At least Leah Golby had some ideas and put some effort into implementing them. So she's a real loss.

This is just the same old machine politics. There has been no change. The methods are the same. Don't be fooled that a few new faces changes anything. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

@stan -- I agree that Golby is a loss. I don't live in that ward so I don't know what happened there. But she would come up with ideas to make this a more livable city. She recently proposed an ordinance to shorten the time property owners have to clear the sidewalks of snow. As a pedestrian, I appreciate that kind of attention to making Albany a truly walkable city, not just a 3-season walkable city.

When people on our block went to Golby for help with our issues, she brushed us off multiple times. We look forward to working with someone who will represent the needs of Albany residents in ward 10.

@Pine Hills - I hope you're joking. Leah was the Pine Hills' only chance of staying a safe, liveable neighborhood...but you've gone and elected an opportunist who's only reason for running was to see his name in the paper.

No joke. 4 different families on our block were blown off by Golby when we expressed our concerns with her separately. No action, no advice on what to do. I suspect other residents may have had the same experience, therefore, the other candidate was voted in.

@Pine Hills - I am honestly racking my brain to recall any block where one family (let alone 4 families) contacted me about an issue and I took no action and offered no advice. That is just not my style and there are countless residents who will attest to that. I may not be able to fix every concern brought to me, but I definitely take action. I am your Council Member until the end of December - feel free to contact me via email if there is something that can be done. https://www.albanyny.org/Government/CityOfficials/CommonCouncil/CouncilRep_Ward10.aspx

I've known Leah for many years and while I disagree with her on some issues, she is absolutely dedicated to her neighborhood and the city. Her loss is well described by 'Real Pine Hills' above - the opponent is a rank opportunist who was simply looking for a political office (any office) to get into. I've known Owuso for many years also and he is a glad-handing phoney.

Leah is also the ONLY common council member who takes any real interest in the school district. The City-school district relationship is tricky, but, she engages in a helpful way. Unlike, say, the mayor, who likes to get her photo taken with students when something good happens, but is never a part of creating those successes. There's always a politician who wants to take credit for the good stuff without doing any work. Leah is NOT one of those. That's extraordinarily rare.

Several of our new council members are just self-centered opportunists who want to see their picture in the paper and will contribute exactly nothing to this city. it's ridiculous.

hey, AOA

You know what would be great? Interviews with the primary winners are. I'd really be intrigued to a sense on where they stand on the decisive issues in the city, namely IDA financing, the madison ave. road diet, vacant buildings, environmental issues. The opposition candidate in my ward simply affirmed anyone's belief on any subject with a "me, too! vote for me" regardless of what side of the issue they were on. Let's get that perspective on the record, see if they lead, swim upstream, vote by straw poll, or remain committed to seeing through their promises they made during campaign season.

Daleyplanit - i second that idea!

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