Meyer concedes Rensselaer County exec race, police department transparency criticized, arrest over dog left in hot car

Rensselaer County exec election
Christopher Meyer has formally conceded the Republican and Conservative primaries to Steve McLaughlin in the race for Rensselaer County exec. (Meyer would have needed an unusually large share of the outstanding absentee votes to make up the election day gap with McLaughlin.) McLaughlin will face Democrat Andrea Smyth and Green Party candidate Wayne Foy in the general election. [TU] [Troy Record] [WNYT]

Schenectady shooting
Schenectady police say a 15 year old was shot in the leg around 10 am in Hamilton Hill (map). SPD detectives were reviewing video from the multiple cameras in the area. The shooting was across the street from a new $18 million affordable housing development and it appeared a stray bullet had shattered window there. [Spectrum] [WNYT] [Daily Gazette]

Police transparency
The New York Civil Liberties Union reports that of 23 police departments around the state from which it requested records on topics such as use of force, just one delivered the info without an administrative appeal or lawsuit. That group of 23 included the departments from the four core cities of the Capital Region. [NYCLU] [TU]

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Single-payer New York?
Andrew Cuomo was generally supportive of a single-payer healthcare system at the federal or state level (with caveats) in remarks on Monday. [TU]

Elise Stefanik
A look at Elise Stefanik's role as a co-chair of a caucus of moderate Republicans in the House. [TU]

Albany mayoral race
Chris Churchill thinks the relatively low turnout in the Albany Democratic primary for mayor leaves an opportunity for Frank Commisso Jr. in the general election. (Commisso has the Independence Party line.) [TU]

Troy police
The Troy Police Department prompted just its second-ever female sergeant on Monday. [TU]

Casino revenue
A look at the revenue local municipalities from gotten from the River Casino in Schenectady so far and how they're budgeting for it. [Daily Gazette]

Schenectady code enforcement
The city of Schenectady has hired a new chief building inspector, six months after the death of the former inspector. [Daily Gazette]

A former employee of a medical practice with offices in Troy and Delmar alleges in a federal whistleblower lawsuit that she was fired after she reported violations of federal rules related to the prescription of Suboxone to the state Attorney General's office and the DEA. [TU]

Sara Foss on college rankings and the Capital Region's own highly-ranked private colleges: "What makes the [Equality of Opportunity Project] data concerning is that it suggests that elite colleges don't really function as engines of economic mobility." [Daily Gazette]

The fight between the administration and student leaders over control of the 125-year-old Rensselaer Student Union has flared up again. [Troy Record]

The parent company of Momentive is preparing an initial public officering of stock with a eye toward raising $100 million. [Biz Review]

Cyclist injured
Menands police say a cyclist was hit by a car on Broadway near the 787 ramp Monday. [TU]

Arrest over dog left in car
Albany police say they arrested a Schenectady man and charged him with misdemeanor animal cruelty after responding officer found a puppy locked in a hot car and suffering from heat exhaustion. [Daily Gazette] [News10]

Flashing yellow
An explainer on the new flashing yellow arrows being rolled out in traffic signals. [News10]

Lactation lounges
Both Proctors and the Palace now have areas set aside for mothers to breast feed or pump. [Daily Gazette]

Stuff going on today

Ndaba Mandela
Tuesday: Ndaba Mandela -- founder of the Africa Rising Foundation, and grandson of Nelson Mandela -- will be at RPI for a talk titled "The Village Idiom: Empowering Youth through Education, Interconnectivity and Employment." Tuesday 7:30 pm, EMPAC -- free (ticketing online)

Nitty Gritty
Tuesday: The Nitty Gritty poetry slam series is back at The Low Beat. Tuesday 7 pm

Music: Midnight North at The Hollow
Country/folk rock. With: Space Carnival. 8 pm -- $12

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