Cuomo seeks in-state tuition rates for students from Puerto Rico, Albany schools could take in students from Puerto Rico, Nobel prize work traced back to Wadsworth Center

Tuition for students from Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
Andrew Cuomo is asking New York State colleges to offer in-state tuition rates for students from the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. [TU]

Albany schools may take students from Puerto Rico
Officials from the Albany City School District say the district is prepared to take in some new students from Puerto Rico while the island rebuilds after Hurricane Maria. [TU]

Corruption retrials
Corruption retrials of Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver may end up playing out during an election year. [NYT]



Sheehan votes
A breakdown of primary votes from the Albany County Board of Elections shows Kathy Sheehan received 6,650 votes, or 49.37%. [TU]

Troy candidate owns troubled past
Jamie Magur, a candidate for Troy City Council, on owning a troubled past that includes 6 DWI arrests and prison time: "I want to show other people who are suffering from alcoholism that there is redemption. Things can be put back together."[TU]

Saratoga charter vote
The battle over changing the system of government in Saratoga Springs is getting particularly heated this year. [WNYT]

Working families primary
Marion Porterfield has emerged as the victor in a Working Families party primary for Schenectady City Council after a drawn out dispute over absentee ballots.[Gazette]

Judge tosses 30 year old murder conviction
A State Supreme Court Judge ordered a new trial for a man who was fond guilty of second-degree murder and first degree arson in a fatal 1986 Lansingburgh fire that claimed the lives of two teenage girls. [Record]

Albany robbery
Albany police are investigating a robbery at a Second Avenue grocery store on Wednesday. [TU]

Rise in campus sexual assault reports
Skidmore and UAlbany believe the uptick in on campus rape and sexual assault reports isn't necessarily an uptick in rapes, but an uptick in reporting. [Gazette]

Niskayuna player who kneeled during anthem
"It's so much bigger than football, it's so much bigger than the National Anthem. It's a huge underlying problem that has been going on for years and years and years, and people are turning a blind eye on it." -- the Niskayuna student to took a knee during the National Anthem before a recent game. [Gazette]

Immigrant arrested in Saratoga to be deported
A 50 year old Mexican citizen arrested in a September roundup of eight illegal immigrants in Saratoga was sentenced to time served and will be deported back to Mexico for the third time this year. [Saratogian]

Thruway to pay for State Police patrols
After a four year hiatus, the Thruway will again pay for police patrols on the 570-mile stretch of toll road.[TU]

Nobel prize stemmed from work done at Wadsworth Center
One of the three winners for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, announced on Wednesday, is a former faculty member at UAlbany who did much of his prize winning work at the Wadsworth Center. [TU]

Today in history
October 5 is the birthday of President Chester A. Arthur. Arthur was born in 1829 and served as president from 1881 to 1885. He is buried at Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands, where each year on this date, taps are played and a wreath is laid in a graveside ceremony. [AOA][TU]

Stuff going on today

Capitol Hauntings

Today-Saturday: The very popular Capitol Hauntings tours of the state Capitol begin a new season this week. Many of the spots for the tours are already claimed, but at last check there were still a few available for the evening sessions, and a bunch for the day tours. (Keep an eye on the registration page -- sometimes spots open as people cancel.) Monday-Friday 1 pm and 5:30 pm, Saturday at noon -- free (must pre-register)

Sex With Strangers

Today-Sunday: Capital Rep continues its production, Sex With Strangers. Blurbage:

When Ethan, a strapping twenty-something blogger ends up snowbound at a Bed and Breakfast with his literary idol, forty-ish novelist Olivia, sparks fly! One thing leads to another, as these two savvy writers give in to their mutual attraction -- but oh, in the morning....things are not quite what they seemed to be the night before. Soon it becomes clear that this passionate weekend will turn into a life-altering experience - all just a click or a tweet away.

The production runs through October 15. Tuesday-Sunday various times -- $20 and up

Arts and sciences

Other Uses
Thursday: The Other Uses series at EMPAC continues with a handful of films. "The films and videos presented in the second program of the Other Uses series complicate the relationship between still and moving images. They foreground how images are produced in order to reveal obscured narratives and the way that photographic representations are captured and circulated." Thursday 7 pm -- $6

Nina Buxenbaum
Thursday: Painter Nina Buxenbaum will be at the Opalka Gallery on the Sage Albany campus as part of the gallery's series of artist talks. "Nina Buxenbaum works in a traditional figurative painting style, while dealing with issues of the public versus private persona, and identity." Thursday 6:30 pm -- free

We Animals
Thursday: We Animals founder Jo-Anne McArthur will be at HVCC for a talk and photo presentation. "WE ANIMALS uses photography to show that the animals we use for food, clothing, research, work, entertainment and companionship are sentient beings. Just like us, animals are able to perceive and feel. WE ANIMALS aims to break down the barriers humans have built that allow us to treat non-human animals as objects or property." Thursday 7 pm, Bulmer Telecommunications Center Auditorium -- free


Thursday: YES at The Palace
Still prog rockin'. 8 pm -- $49.75 and up

Thursday: Wye Oak at Helsinki Hudson
Indie rock. 8 pm -- $20

Thursday: Gojira at Upstate Concert Hall
Metal. With: Code Orange, Torche. 7:30 pm -- $30 ahead / $35 day of

Thursday: Tannahill Weavers at Caffe Lena
"[O]ne of Scotland's premier traditional bands." 7 pm -- $25


So are city taxpayers expected to foot the bill for the incoming Puerto Rican students?

Herbert, the school district must accept all students who live in its borders. The TU article explained that they expect some students to move in with relatives here and for some whole families to move. In both cases those children would be residents. Just like you could pop out some kids and the school district would be obligated to school them. Given the devastation of that island, helping young folks get back in track education wise seems like the least we can do.

Ah, the virtue of charity with other people's money.

Since when is education charity?

When it's disaster relief disguised as local education, and billed to Albany city taxpayers.

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