Here are a few bits for the new bar planned for the space next to The Spectrum

In the works for the space next-door to the Spectrum: Delaware Supply, a bar focused on craft beer.

Owner Colin Pratt got a conditional use permit for the project approved by the Albany planning board Thursday night.

Here are a more few bits about what's in store...


Colin Pratt is the owner of Delaware Supply. He's been working as a manager at Westmere Beverage in Guilderland, and as a bartender at Albany Ale and Oyster on New Scotland Ave in Albany. He was also part of the group that organized the craft beer festival at the Washington Ave Armory earlier this year.

"It's been a dream for a long time," he said of opening the bar.

Pratt said he's been getting a lot of help on the project from his girlfriend, Lauren Slezak, who also works in the craft beer industry.


Delaware Supply is planned for the space right next to the Spectrum on Delaware Ave previously occupied by a series of coffee shops, most recently Delaware Trolley House, which closed this past summer.

Pratt said they've been doing some preliminary work on the space since signing the lease about a month ago while they waited for various approvals.

What's planned

The plan for Delaware Supply is a craft beer bar with 12 taps -- a few of those dedicated to favorites, and the rest rotating on a regular basis. Pratt said they're also planning to offer wine, coffee, and soft drinks, along with a few food items.

At Thursday's planning board meeting, one resident spoke in opposition to the conditional permit, telling the board she was worried about the effect a bar might have on the neighborhood.

Pratt said the goal is to have the sort of establishment that wouldn't be a problem for neighbors.

"It's already an entertainment block. There's not going to be any liquor involved. We're going to have some snacks and food," he said. "[It's] mostly a place for people to hang out and have a few beers while they wait for a movie, or popping in on the way home from work. I don't see much rowdiness from this place."

In addition to the regular service, Pratt said the plan is also offer beer-to-go options. One of those will be growler fills. The other: A machine that can seal up 16-oz cans on demand. So any beer on tap will be available by the growler or can.


Pratt's application for a liquor license with the NYS Liquor Authority is still pending. He said a best-case scenario for getting the license and everything else squared away would allow them to open in mid November.

Keep an eye on Delaware Supply Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Find It

Delaware Supply (planned)
292 Delaware Ave
Albany, NY 12209


"At Thursday's planning board meeting, one resident spoke in opposition to the conditional permit, telling the board she was worried about the effect a bar might have on the neighborhood."

i think residents of this city need to remember that there are other types of bars than college bars.

Sounds great! If you're reading this, Mr. Pratt: have a cider on tap at all times. Craft beverage bars that don't have a cider option are just robbing themselves of business. And having cans of Nine Pin just doesn't cut it anymore - I can enjoy that at home.

Paul - happy to say there will always be a cider on tap! It will rotate consantly so you will be able to try something new.

Really excited about this addition to the neighborhood! It's something that's long been needed and I'm happy that it will be down the block. Can't wait to help support this endeavor.

Where will people park cars? In the Spectrum lots?

Will there be any wine? (For GFs)

The 18 and the 100, not to mention a decent pair of walking shoes, solve both the parking and subsequent dwi problem for a substantial chunk of the market that this place will serve. The business won't be made or broken by suburbanites in search of parking.



They'll park where the customers of the previous coffee shop customers parked. And if you're going to imbibe, walk or take an Uber/taxi.

I can't wait for Delaware supply to open. A great place to meet for a beer before a movie at the Spectrum

Can't wait to see this place up and running!! Good luck!!

Oh, good to hear that there will always be a cider on tap - then I can join the crowd!

KM - cider is gluten free.

@Samantha: Colin Pratt told the planning board that Delaware Supply customers will be able to use the Spectrum lots.

@KM: Pratt said during out short interview they were planning to offer wine.

Thanks for the reply, Colin! Awesome to hear you'll have a cider on tap - I'm excited to come visit when you open! :)

Colin / Lauren, congrats on this. Being a regular at Westmere and at Ale and Oyster, I'm so stoked you're doing this. I plan on dropping in very regularly, so hopefully we'll see you both around!

from someone who can see this spot from their bedroom, I'm so excited. it seems like you have the right idea for the space and this will fill a void in the neighborhood as well as my GF and my hearts. we cant wait to patronize.

to quote the GF today "OMG. yes yes yes"

Please, please, please offer a great wine selection and a fair price ($7-$10 per glass). NO WINE OUT OF A TAP!

Great news, good luck with this. We go to the Spectrum fairly often and I am SURE we would love to stop in for a beer before every movie.

With regard to the comment about loud bars, I live very close to the Pour House (the old Mahar's) and it is never loud.

Thanks everyone for all the positive words! We look forward to seeing you.

To answer a couple of questions:
- Yes there will be wine.
- For gluten free options other than wine and cider, there will also be beer! As soon as our close friends over at Steadfast get back up and running with their brewery it should always be available.
- Parking, there Is plenty of.

So looking forward to this addition to Delaware Ave.! Delaware Supply Craft Beer Bar is perfect! Colin and Lauren know their stuff and more importantly are two very kind people! It is already a pleasure to be collaborating with them in the neighborhood. Starting a buisness is a process and I'm sure what evolves will be a huge success!
I wish them all of the luck in the world!

So exciting ! ! This place is in the perfect location and sounds fabulous.....can't wait to stop by and have a cider or beer before and/or after a movie. Good Luck looking forward to hanging with this great crowd and to be part of the excitment....

NICE! welcome to the neighborhood Delaware Supply, see you soon!

I just bought a house in the neighborhood and think this is a great idea. My old apartment was near The Allen Street pub and I loved going there. Hopefully this place will have same kind of charm to it.

Wow! So proud and so happy for you Colin! You have everything in character and skills to be very successful! Can't wait to stop in and try your brews. Felicia Bordick

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