It's Election Day, many stories about guns, focus on suitcase in Troy murder trial, Chick-fil-A landing in the area

Election Day
+ It's today, of course. Polls are open until 9 pm. Don't know where to vote? Check with the state Board of Elections website.
+ A reminder that there are three statewide ballot questions on the backside of this year's ballot, including the question about a constitutional convention. So don't forget to flip the ballot over.

+ The Albany County Sheriff's Office says a Knox man is facing multiple weapons charges after authorities allege they found a collection of weapons at his home -- including grenades, a grenade launcher, and explosives. Albany County sheriff Craig Apple says the man's wife had called 911 worried he might kill himself, and authorities tracked him down at East Greenbush motel where he allegedly had an AR-15 and 50 rounds of ammunition. Apple on the collection of weapons at the man's home: "It was an insane scene." [Daily Gazette] [Spectrum] [TU]
+ Genville police say they've now arrested the second suspect in the Glenville gun shop burglary. Police also say the total number of guns stolen is thought to be 67 -- and about 20 of them have been recovered. [TU] [Daily Gazette]
+ Kirsten Gillibrand, on the floor of the Senate, on the mass shooting at a Texas church this past weekend: "Plain and simple, Americans are being slaughtered, and Congress is refusing to protect them." [TU]
+ Chris Churchill on the country's mass shootings: "They are weaklings who shoot to feel empowered. They are misanthropes jealous of happiness. The Sutherland Springs killer massacred children, for God's sake." [TU]
+ More than 80 people attended a Saratoga County Sheriff's Office workshop Monday about how to protect themselves during a mass shooting event. [Daily Gazette]

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Trial in the death of Noel Alkaramla
On Monday the prosecution entered into evidence the suitcase into which it says Johnny Oquendo stuffed Noel Alkaramla's body and threw it in the Hudson River. The prosecution also argued that a crushed bottle and trampled grass in Troy's Riverfront Park was evidence of Oquendo's presence there, an assertion the defense pushed back on during cross examination. [Troy Record] [TU] [Spectrum]

Re-sentencing in William Chamberlain murder
Joseph Vandenburgh -- convicted of murdering former Troy city official William Chamberlain -- was re-sentenced in Rensselaer County Court Monday at the state's request because of missing paperwork. [TU]

Grand larceny as a hate crime
A Watervliet man pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny as a hate crime for taking an elderly man with decreased mental capacity to a bank and having the man withdraw money for him. [TU]

Heating pad caused fire
Firefighters in Colonie say a rice-filled heating pad that caught fire in a microwave -- and was then thrown outside -- caused a house fire Saturday that killed a dog. [WNYT]

Code Blue
The arrival of below-freezing overnight temperatures has Albany County's Code Blue shelters opening earlier than planned. [News10]

Al Tech site in Colonie
The town of Colonie is moving to plan for the redevelopment of the 370-acres around the former Al Tech site on the border with Watervliet, which is contaminated with a range of toxic chemicals. [TU]

Tax breaks for Afrim's
The Colonie IDA approved a 20-year PILOT for Afrim's new $11.5 million sports dome and related facilities. [TU] [Biz Review]

To park right next to the door, or not to park right next to the door -- that is the question.
The developers of the Hamlet at Slingerlands, which has parking in the rear and the side so the buildings can sit close along New Scotland Rd, say they want to build new parking closer to the entrance to meet demand from prospective retail tenants. [TU]

A look at the house being built as part of the YouthBuild program in Schenectady. [Daily Gazette]

It looks like the area's first Chick-fil-A will be at ALB, in the terminal behind the security checkpoint. (The previously announced Halfmoon Chick-fil-A apparently was never a signed deal.) [TU] [Biz Review]

Stuff going on today

Music: The King's Singers at Proctors
British a cappella vocal ensemble. 7:30 pm -- $20 and up

Nitty Gritty
Tuesday: The Nitty Gritty poetry slam series is back at The Low Beat. 7 pm


The Chairman of the Airport Board is Rev. Kenneth J. Doyle,Retired Chancellor, Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. It is not okay for him to foist his personal religious views on us by welcoming an historically homophobic business like Chick-fil-A into our community and airport. He needs to serve the Airport, not his own personal beliefs. And where is the value of bringing in a business that is closed on one of the busiest travel days? Bad decision, incomplete due diligence, and it needs to be reconsidered. As is his place as Chairman.

Chik-Fil-A is popular chain and grosses an obscene amount of money (helped no doubt by outrage merchants who truly believe their majority religion is oppressed), so it's possible the choice was purely economic. The information about the chairperson is interesting though, and it's worth bringing up the question or whether personal interest had a role. Thanks, Chikn.

Ah, the beautiful tolerance of progressive NYers.

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