New Yorkers say no to Constitutional Convention, Albany's Sheehan will serve a second term, gorilla suit clad criminal attempts McDonald's robbery, six tons of turkey

Election results
+The proposed Constitutional Convention was soundly defeated in Tuesday's election.[NYT]
+Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan will serve another term.[TU]
+Paula Mahan will service a sixth term as Colonie supervisor. [TU]
+Democrat Meg Kelly will be the next mayor of Saratoga Springs. [Spectrum]
+Republican Steve McLaughlin declared victory in the race for Rensselaer County Executive, but with absentee votes not yet counted, and a less than 1,000 votes separating them, Democratic candidate Andrea Smyth is calling for a recount. [WNYT]
+Three Democratic incumbents on the Schenectady City Council held on to their seats. [Gazette]
+Democrats regained control of the Troy City Council with victories by Anasha Cummings, David Blissember, TJ Kennedy and Colleen Murtagh Paratore.[Record]

+Here are more results [AOA]

Moving election day to the weekend
Paul Tonko is one of the representatives behind a Federal effort to move election day to a weekend. [TU]

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Gun control
Gun control is expected to be a wedge issue in 2018 NYS Senate campaigns. [TU]

Saratoga Springs woman injured in Texas shooting
A Saratoga Springs woman who was visiting Texas was injured in this weekend's church shooting, and her cousin, a Texas resident, was killed. [WNYT][Saratogian]

Police conduct search in 30 year old missing persons case
Police conducted a search in Fulton County on Tuesday connected to the 1986 disappearance of a 13-year-old girl from Saratoga Springs. [News 10]

Felon/escapee to be released
A notorious felon whose escape from State Police in Ballston Spa in 1994 prompted a two-week manhunt, is expected to be released from prison later this month.[Gazette][TU]

Gorilla suit clad robber
Someone dressed in a gorilla suit tried to rob the Guilderland Thruway stop McDonalds early Wednesday morning. [TU]

Race and education
"If we aren't doing the work of race as educators, then we are not doing the work. Imagine an oncologist not studying an aspect of cancer because he or she is not comfortable"-- education researcher Richard Milner to area teachers on Tuesday, in a talk about why teachers need to understand how race is tied to the classroom.

Oil tanker railroad cars in Adirondacks
The head of Iowa Pacific Holdings, the company that is storing old oil tanker railroad cars on its property in the Adirondacks, responded to criticism about the move, saying "This is America. If someone has a property right to do something, and someone doesn't want them to do it, they can always try to buy it," [TU]

Cambridge health teacher back at school
The Cambridge health teacher who was suspended after a controversial lecture on gender identity by a presenter from The Pride Center of the Capital Region, has returned to the classroom. [WNYT]

Saratoga County changes rules for paramedics
In a move that could help paramedics get to patients faster, Saratoga County has implemented changes that allow paramedics more latitude to decide if a scene is safe enough for enter before police arrive. [Gazette]

Cuomo campaign contributions could become evidence
Federal prosecutors want to use campaign contributions to Andrew Cuomo as evidence in the corruption trials of Joe Percoco and Todd Howe. [TU]

The former Sears space in Colonie Center could be broken up into space for several stores. [TU]

Sports complex near ALB
Funding is in place for a new Afrim's Sports complex near Albany Airport, featuring five full-size artificial turf fields, and the owner of the company is hoping the space will be completed by next fall. [Gazette]

Six tons of turkey
Six tons of turkey has been delivered for the annual Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner. [Spectrum]

Jeff Goldblum
Part of a Jeff Goldblum film will be shot in Albany today. No word on whether Jeff Goldblum will be in town for the shoot. [TU]

Stuff going on today
Wednesday: Lindsey Stirling at The Palace
Violinist/dancer/composer/Youtube star. With: Alexander Jean. 8 pm -- $35.50 and up

Wednesday: King Crimson at The Egg
The Thursday show is already sold out and this one also looks close. 8 pm -- $49.50 and up

Wednesday: Barns Courtney at The Hollow
Folk/blues rock singer/songwriter. With: Craig Strickland. 9 pm -- $18 ahead / $20 at door

Wednesday: The JD McPherson show at The Hangar is sold out.

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