Scrutiny of police response to Cohoes mayor's home, gaps in local infant mortality, proposed investments in Arbor Hill and Hamilton Hill, lost film wedding couple found

Shawn Morse
The Times Union reports that Cohoes police responded to the home of Cohoes mayor Shawn Morse Friday morning, and according to a police record, Morse's wife initially alleged to dispatchers that he had grabbed her by the throat and thrown her to the ground. From a statement released by Morse: "The claims made in the Albany Times Union are patently false." And in a Facebook post, Morse said he and his wife had been arguing "as we try to deal with the difficulties of raising our 15 year old." The Times Union reports that a photo posted on Facebook indicates that the Cohoes police captain who was dispatched to oversee the response at the Morse residence went on a social outing with his wife, Morse, and Morse's wife at the Rivers Casino Saturday night. [TU] [WNYT] [News10] [TU]

Gaps in infant mortality
Sara Foss is looking at infant mortality in the Capital Region, and notes that Albany County has the highest African-American infant mortality rate in the state -- 23.2 deaths per 1,000 live births compared to 4.7 deaths per 1,000 for white babies. [Daily Gazette]

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Fatal fire in Clifton Park
The Saratoga County Sheriff's Office says one person was found dead in a house fire in Jonesville Friday night. [Daily Gazette] [News10]

State Police investigator arrested
State Police say they arrested one of their own investigators on charges related to an allegation he falsely reported fraudulent charges on his debit card. [Daily Gazette]

Saratoga Springs charter vote and absentee ballots
This Times Union article about absentee ballots, a nursing home, officials connected to the nursing home, and the Saratoga Springs charter vote stops just short of making an allegation. [TU]

"Without action, the words are empty."
Chris Churchill again picks up the case of the Cohoes veteran facing more than two years in prison on a burglary plea deal -- he had been wrestling with addiction and undiagnosed PTSD, and a coalition of veterans groups is asking the Albany County DA's office for leniency. [TU]

Medical marijuana
Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that allows medical marijuana to be prescribed for PTSD. [TU]

Arbor Hill affordable housing redev proposal
The developer proposing to redevelop about 70 buildings in Albany's Arbor Hill neighborhood as part of an affordable housing project is seeking an $8 million tax break from the city's IDA. [TU]

Hamilton Hill development
The city of Schenectady is moving to sell almost 30 vacant properties to a developer planning a $30 million residential/retail project. [Daily Gazette]

Conflict over RPI union
RPI's administration is pursing disciplinary action against students who peacefully protested the administration's plan to take over the student-run union outside a black-tie event on campus. [Troy Record]

"Two people with knowledge of the matter" tell the Times Union that the state Attorney General's office "has begun examining NXIVM's dealings". [TU]

State auctions
New York State raised $17.9 million between 2014 and 2016 from those eBay and live auctions of surplus equipment that the Office of General Services oversees. [TU]

Mariah Formica
Talking with Mariah Formica about The Voice and her interest in music from an early age. [TU]

Lost and found film
Those undeveloped wedding photos found in the Adirondacks ended up belonging to a couple from Queens. [Daily Gazette]

Stuff going on today

Russell Shorto
Monday: Author/historian Russell Shorto will be at the State Museum to talk about his new book, Revolution Song. "In his epic new book, Revolution Song: A Story of American Freedom, author and historian Russell Shorto takes us back to the founding of the American nation, drawing on diaries, letters and autobiographies to explore six lives that cast the era in a fresh new light." (We hear that one of the stories is about a man from Albany.) Monday 7 pm, Huxley Theater -- free (but pre-registration is recommended)

Monday: The Siena men's basketball team has its home opener at the TU Center against Florida Gulf Coast. Monday 7 pm -- $7 and up

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