Tracking gun violence, Albany and density, what you know instead of who know, and state champs -- again

Gun violence
A look at every shots fired incident in Schenectady so far this year and efforts to gun violence. [Daily Gazette]

Absent teachers
Bethany Bump: "School districts in the Capital Region and beyond are increasingly having trouble filling classrooms with high-quality teachers, due to a growing shortage of substitute teachers and frequent teacher absences caused by illness, caregiving duties and required training, among other things." [TU]

Albany apartment projects
+ A development team is now proposing building 170 apartments on the Sandidge Way site near SUNY Poly in Albany. [Biz Review]
+ Chris Churchill on the recent mini-boom in apartment projects in Albany: "I get the complaints. It is hard for residents of established neighborhoods to welcome construction that may alter their ease of life. And it is certainly a good thing when residents want to protect their neighborhoods and demand quality from developers. But generally speaking, Albany should embrace this wave of new construction and the increasing population density it promises." [TU]

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Albany shooting
Albany police say two men were shot on First Street Saturday night. On Friday, APD shut down a nearby portion of Clinton Ave while investigating a report of shots fired. [APD x2] [Spectrum]

Running for office
Despite speculation that last year's presidential election would prompt an outpouring of new candidates for many offices, an analysis by Politico New York concludes that it doesn't look like that's happened among Democrats in New York State. [Politico NY]

Local public officials with local government jobs
A look at the potential conflicts of interest that arise when local elected public officials also hold local government jobs. [TU]

State targets for women- and minority-owned businesses
Contractors say the Cuomo admin's 30-percent inclusion target for women- and minority-owned businesses might not be legal, and they question how it's being administered -- though the president of minority enterprises association says maybe contractors aren't trying hard enough to reach outside their own circles. [TU]

Saratoga Springs charter vote
Supporters of the Saratoga Springs charter change are asking a court to impound the ballots and seeking a recount. (The proposed change in the city's form of government failed by 10 votes after a count of absentees.) [Saratogian]

Troy hospitals
A look at what's in the works as St. Peter's Health Partners continues to reshape Troy's two hospitals. [Troy Record]

Troy land bank
Checking in on what's up with the Troy Community Land Bank. [TU]

Schenectady pedestrian bridges
It looks like the pedestrian bridges linking the GE campus and Schenectady County Community College in Schenectady will be coming down because of cost. [TU]

"Surviving is one thing ... I want to thrive."
A former VP at Ayco, the financial services firm based in Saratoga and Colonie that's owned by Goldman Sachs, has sued the company alleging she was pushed aside and fired because of a cancer diagnosis -- an attorney for the company say the claim is without merit. [TU]

Karen Peters
Karen Peters, the presiding justice of the Appellate Division's Third Department in Albany, looking back as she approaches the mandate retirement age of 70, to Robert Gavin: "To some extent it was about 'who' you know and not 'what' you know. I made it about 'what' you know and not 'who' you know." [TU]

What should be the rules for using drones in the Adirondacks? [TU]

Rehabbing a house
Lessons Sara Foss learned while rehabbing her home in Albany, which was vacant when she and her husband bought it. [Daily Gazette]

State champs
Troy High School won the state football championship in its class this past weekend, for the second year in a row. [Troy Record]

Stuff going on today

Rhinos, Rickshaws, and Revolutions
Monday: National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale will be at Skidmore's Tang Museum to talk about her work. "Ms. Vitale has traveled to more than 90 countries for her work. Her work has been integral to conservation efforts for the world's last white rhinos, elephants at the Reteti Sanctuary in Kenya, and the giant pandas in China's Wolong Nature Reserve. She has produced stories on subjects as diverse and consequential as the Israeli Palestinian crisis; climate change; and the cultural, societal, economic costs of coal." Monday 7 pm -- free

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