Upstate New York-themed shop on Threadless

upstate icons t-shirt Danielle Podeszek

If you're looking for holiday gifts (or, you know, just want a t-shirt): There's a new upstate-themed shop on Threadless, and currently includes nine designs from designers around the New York State. The shop is a collaboration with AIGA Upstate New York.

We liked the design above -- "Upstate Icons" -- by Danielle Podeszek, a designer in Buffalo. It's $20 for a t-shirt / $17 for a tote bag.

(We have to admit to Binghamton icon didn't immediately register for us. Apparently Binghamton is the "Carousel Capital of the World".)


I knew the carousel thing, but I feel dumb about the red circle and the black and white circle. What are they? (Disclaimer: I am not a NYS native!)

I think the black/white circle refers to Utica's "half moon" cookies - or black and white cookies if you aren't from Central NY.

Is the red circle maybe an orange circle - for Syracuse Orange?

I'm confused by the symbol above the "grapes".

I like it though!

S: It's a half-moon cookie, which is a Utica specialty. It's similar to a black-and-white cookie of the NYC variety, but on a raised cake base instead of shortbread, and with frosting instead of fondant.

Not entirely sure, but I believe the red circle is supposed to be an orange, as in the Syracuse University mascot.

I'm also confused about the thing above the grapes. It seems to be over Rochester. Some sort of flower maybe?

Rochester was once known as "The Flower City",_New_York

I'd say that flower is a lilac since Rochester is famous for its Lilac Festival.

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