More simple joys of a snowy day

pretty snowfall 2018-01-17 Buckingham Pond trail

We get actual winter in this part of the world. It's cold. It snows. (Sometimes it snow a lot.) And this time of year can feel like we're stuck in the deep freeze.

It's at these moments we like to remind ourselves of the simple joys of winter, those little things that are maybe underrated about the season.

And Wednesday morning, with the fluffy blanket of new snow, seemed like a good time to list a few more...

The gentle weight of the comforter
There's something relaxing and cozy about waking up on a winter morning tucked under the gentle weight of a big comforter. It feels secure and safe.

Holding a hot mug of tea in your hand
The heft of the full mug, the warmth soaking through the ceramic, the gentle wisp of steam rising.

The way fluffy snow collects on tree branches
Sometimes the snow is just the right consistency to lightly coat the trees, creating a wonderland effect.

bird tracks in the snow

Tiny footprints in the snow
It's always kind of fun to see the sorts of tracks collected by the snow. Boots. Dogs. Cats. Squirrels. And maybe most fun of all, the tiny, angular prints left behind by birds.

The wave to a shoveling neighbor
They "hey, good morning" wave. The "we haven't seen each other in weeks because we've been hibernating" wave. The "we're all in this together" hello.

fully shoveled sidewalk

A well-shoveled sidewalk
A well-shoveled sidewalk is 1) functional 2) considerate 3) oddly satisfying.

The sound of sticks and pucks on the ice
Sometimes the snow stops early enough to clear some space on the frozen pond. And it's delightful to hear the click, and scrape, and crack of people playing hockey.

The deep breath and long exhale
Sometimes the cold is biting, painful, or harsh. But it can also be invigorating, prompting a deep, refreshing breath in -- and then a long, slow plume of an exhale.

Stepping back into warmth
Happiness is stepping back inside and having the warmth embrace you and the envelope of cold air slip way from you.

Taking a moment to just gaze out the window and watch the snow fall
Favorite winter work break: Five minutes to just stare out the window and watch the snow fall.

garlic shoot spring garden

Dreaming of spring
Curled up on the couch, flipping through a seed catalog, thinking about green shoots poking through the dirt and the warm kiss of spring.

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Love this :)

The quiet hush of the world as the snow falls... ????

Where was the pic at top taken?

@TJ: It's the wooded path along the south side of Buckingham Pond in Albany.

Well said.
inspiring pictures capture the beauty of winter--I needed to see these!. :-) ...most of us only see the ugliness of the grimy slush puddles and the snow plowed ridges that hamper sight lines and road access.

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