Capital Region swimming pools 2018

Albany Lincoln Park Pool 2017-July

Albany's Lincoln Park


June has arrived, along with (mostly) warm weather. That means it's pool season.

Some of the Capital Region's municipal pools, beaches, and spray pads have already opened, and many more will be opening this month.

Here's a list of town/city swimming pools, spray pads, and state beaches around the Capital Region with info about when they open, hours, and admission fees.



Here's the city pool info.

Lincoln Park Pool
Eagle Street and Morton Avenue
Open: June 23 to September 3
Hours: Noon-4:15 pm open swim, 5-7 pm is a family swim at which all kids need to be accompanied by an adult, closed 4:15-5 pm
Cost: Free

Mater Christi Pool
New Scotland Avenue, across from Holy Names Campus, next to the NYS Department of Corrections training facility
Open: June 23 to September 3
Hours: 11 am-7 pm (closed 4:15-5 pm)
Cost: Free

Arbor Hill Community Center
50 Lark Street
Open: June 23 to September 3
Hours: open swim Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm
Cost: $1

Spray Pads
Like the pools, the season runs June 23-September 3. All spray pads open Monday-Sunday 10 am-6 pm. They're free.

Colonie Street Park spray pad
Green area on bend near Livingston Ave

Hackett Park spray pad
North First Street

Krank Park spray pool
65 First Avenue

Livingston Park spray pad
484 Livingston Avenue

Ridgefield Park spray pad
316 Partridge St

Rosemont Park spray pad
92 Rosemont St

Sheridan and Dove spray pool
Sheridan Avenue and Dove Street

Swinburne Park spray pool
Clinton Avenue and Manning Boulevard

Upper Lincoln spray pool
Morton and Delaware Avenue

Westland Hills spray pool
Colvin Avenue, at Anthony Street

North Swan Street Park spray pool
North Swan Street and 2nd Street


Bonzenkill Park Pool
6374 Gun Club Rd, Altamont
Open: June 16 through September 2
Hours: Noon-7 pm
Membership/Cost: Residents: $3 per person / seniors and kids 5 and under free / $40 individual season pass / $100 family of four season pass. Non-Residents: $5 per person / $1 seniors and kids 5 and under. Free parking for Altamont residents, $10 parking for non-residents. Non-resident seasonal parking pass is $50.


Elm Avenue Park Pool Complex
261 Elm Avenue, Delmar
Open: June 6 through September 3
Hours: Daily 11 am-8 pm (diving pool opens at noon)
Membership/Cost: Fee structure includes various individual and family season passes (ranging from $85-$245) and pay-as-you-go (ranging from $3.75-$5). (Non-resident guest passes range from $3.75-$8)
"Open to Town of Bethlehem residents and their guests. Non-residents must be accompanied by a resident with a valid pool pass. ... All residents age 5 and older must have a pool pass to enter the pool complex."


Lansing Park Pool
Bevan Street at James Street
Open: last week of June through mid August
Hours: daily noon-7 pm
Membership/Cost: Free for Cohoes residents (must show proof of residency), $5 for non-residents.


Mohawk River Park Pool Complex
71 Schermerhorn Rd.
Open: June 23 through TBA
Hours: Noon-7 pm
Membership/Cost: Residents: $4 adult, $3 for kids age 5-12 yrs, $1 for senior citizen( 62+); Non-resident guests: $8 adult, $6 for ages 5-12 yrs. Children 4 and under are free. Season and monthly pool passes available. (Colonie town residents need to get obtain a green residency card.) There is also a parking fee of $2 for residents, $6 for guests, $1 for seniors More on park and pool fees.


Tawasentha Park Pool
Rt 146 and Tawasentha Park
Open: June 16-September 3
Hours: Weekdays noon-7 pm, weekends 11:30 am-7 pm / Adult lap swims before the pool opens, 11 am to noon Monday-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 11:30 am
Membership/Cost: Daily rates are $3 for adults, $1 for ages 6-14, and free for kids under 5 and seniors (over 60). Season passes (for Guilderland residents only) are $100 for families and $60 for individuals.
Non-residents: Adult $5, Seniors 60+ $1, ages 6-14 $3, kids under 5 $1


Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool
Second Ave. and Thirteenth St.
Open: June 25
Hours: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday noon-5 pm; Tuesday/Friday: noon-6 pm; Saturday noon-4 pm
Membership/cost: Residents must obtain pool pass at Watervliet Dome on 13th Street from noon-5 pm. Season passes for residents are $5 for adults, $3 for kids, free for seniors. Non residents $5 per day or $25 per season.

Spray Pools
Opening Monday, June 25. Hours are noon-5 pm Monday-Friday.

Seventh Street Park
Seventh St. and Second Ave.

Clinton Park
Clinton St. and Ave. A

Brotherhood Park
25th St. and Sixth Ave.

State Parks

Thompson's Lake at Thacher State Park Beach
Open: May 26-June 17 weekends only; June 23-September 3 daily
Hours: 10 am-6 pm
Cost: Entry is $7 per car, swimming is free. Empire Pass season pass is $80.



Rensselaer Sprinkler Park
Corner of East Street and 4th Ave (just south down the street from the train station)
Open: July 2-August 18
Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturdays 11 am-4 pm
Cost: Free


The city of Troy's public swimming pools are CLOSED again for the 2018 season.

Spray pools
The spray pools usually operate from July 1 through Labor Day. Daily hours 1-5:30 pm.

Knickerbacker Park
104th St. and 7th Ave.

South Troy Pool
Tyler and 4th St.

Prospect Park

Frear Park

Corliss Park

Riverfront Park

State Parks

Grafton Lake State Park Beach
Open: May 26-September 3
Hours: Daily 10 am-6 pm
Cost: Park entry fee $8 per car. Swimming is free. Empire Pass season pass is $80.


Ballston Spa

Village swimming pool
Ralph Street at Kent Street
Open: June 11 through end of August
Hours: Monday-Friday 1-8 pm, weekends noon-7 pm (starting June 25). The pool is open June 11 through June 25 from 3:30-7 pm Monday-Friday and weekends noon-7 pm.
Membership/Cost: $2 per day per person, individual season pass is $50, family season pass is $160. The pool is open all residents who live in the Ballston Spa Central School District.

Clifton Park

Here's Clifton Park pools info. And here's info on memberships -- Clifton Park pools required a town-issued photo ID. Membership fees: Individual $129; Couple $199; Family $269; Babysitter $50 in addition to family fees; extended family fee $50; guests are $3.

Barney Road Pool
1 Barney Road
Open: May 27 through September 3
Hours: noon to dusk

Country Knolls Pool
9 Burning Bush Blvd.
Open: May 27 through September 3
Hours: noon to dusk

Locust Lane
5 Locust Lane
Open: May 27 through September 3
Hours: noon to dusk

Saratoga Springs

The Saratoga Springs spray pads are open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, 10 am to dusk. They're free to use. Here's the list of rules.

East Side Rec Spray Pad
266 Lake Avenue
Cost: Free

West Side Rec Spray Pad
166 Division Street

Saratoga Springs Rec Spray Pad
15 Vanderbilt Avenue


Waterford Town Pool
Ballston Street at Fane Court
Open: June 16 and 17, June 25 through August 17
Hours: Daily 1-6 pm
Cost/Membership: Open to all town residents. $2 adult resident, $1 child resident, $.75 senior resident, resident children under 2 are free.


Gavin Splash Park (park Facebook page)
10 Lewis Dr
Open: June 2 (Saturday and Sundays), June 30 daily
Hours: 11 am-6 pm
Cost/Membership: $2 Wilton residents / $5 for non-residents / children under 2 free / there's no fee for parents or guardians not using the wet area of the park.

"Restricted to age 12 & Under and must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older (proof of age required). 135 max capacity on wet surface."

State Parks

Saratoga Spa State Park
19 Roosevelt Dr, Saratoga Springs, NY
$8 park entry fee per vehicle. Empire Pass season pass is $80.

Peerless Pool
Open: June 23 through September 3
Hours: 10 am-6 pm daily
Cost: $2 adults, $1 children ages 5-11 and NYS seniors 62 and older, children under 5 are free. $2 for NYS seniors on weekends and holidays.

Victoria Pool
Open: May 26 through September 3
Hours: until June 22 10 am-6 pm weekends / after June 22 10 am-6 pm daily
Cost: $8 for adults, $4 children ages 5-11 and NYS seniors, children under 5 are free. $8 for NYS seniors on weekends and holidays.

Moreau Lake State Park Beach
605 Old Saratoga Road, Gansevoort
Open: Memorial Day through Labor Day
Hours: 10 am-6 pm daily
Cost: Park entry $8 per car, swimming is free. Empire Pass season pass is $80.



Niskayuna Town Pool
Aqueduct Rd at Community Center Dr
Open: June 16 (scheduled) through Spetember 3
Hours: weekdays noon-7:45 pm, weekends 11 am - 7:45 pm / August 6-September 3: weekdays noon-6:45 pm, weekends 11 am-7 pm
Membership/cost: Family season pass $260 / couple $200 / one parent and one child $170 / one adult $120. There are also daily passes available. "Use of the pool is restricted to Town Residents and their out of town guests."


Here's info for Schenectady's city pools. They usually open the last week of June -- we still need to confirm this year's info.

Central Park Pool
Central Park, near Iroquois Lake
Open: June 25-August 24
Hours: Monday-Friday 12:30-6 pm; Saturday and Sunday 1-6 pm
Membership/cost: free -- all swimmers ages 13+ must have photo ID

Hillhurst Park Pool
In Hillhurst Park, Campbell Ave near Perry Street
Open: June 25-August 17
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 am-6 pm; Tuesday and Thursday 11 am-5 pm; Saturdays 1-6 pm
Membership/Cost: free -- all swimmers ages 13+ must have photo ID / all swimmers ages 0-20 must fill out registration form

Front Street Pool
Front St. near North College Street
Open: June 25-August 17
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30-6 pm; Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-5 pm (5-6 pm family swim), Saturday 1-6 pm
Membership/cost: $1.50 children, $3 adults -- all swimmers ages 13+ must have photo ID / all swimmers ages 0-20 must fill out registration form

Quackenbush Park Pool
Forest Rd. near Oakwood Ave
Open: June 25-August 17
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30-6 pm; Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-5 pm (5-6 pm is family swim), Saturday 1-6 pm
Membership/cost: free -- all swimmers ages 13+ must have photo ID / all swimmers ages 0-20 must fill out registration form


Lions Splash Pad
Collins Park
Open: June 30
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10 am-6 pm
Cost: Free


Lovely Lincoln Park Pool is free and open to anyone, but all those suburban pools require residency and payment. I wish the 'burbs would reciprocate the hospitality that Albany shows. That said, I feel lucky to be able to walk to Lincoln Park and breeze in without (much of) a fuss or exchange of funds.

Jenna, you're right.

But the racism of the suburbs will never allow that.

Today I learned that it's racist for a town government to provide town services to town taxpayers.

Talking about Lincoln park pool... Did they fix the leak, or is it still a flow through?
And about money draining from the city.. sometimes it becomes too literal!

@ Jenna: Let's be real here for a second. I think VERY few people from the suburbs are driving into Albany to use the Lincoln Park pool.

@Grandmastergus That wasn't my point, it was about the odd inequity. Imagine if Albany closed Washington Park, or Tulip Festival, or Alive at 5 to non-residents, or required suburban folks to come with a resident as a guest. It sounds absurd, right? City residents pay just as much (actually... usually more) in taxes that support these resources, but again, I am glad to support resources that are open and welcoming to everyone! Honestly, I am not driving to Bethlehem to use their pool, either... but why do they shut me out?

@Jenna. You're comparing apples and oranges. Parks, concerts, festivals, in suburban areas such as Clifton Park, Ballston Spa, and Round Lake are indeed open to all. A pool is a different type of thing. Those suburban pools you criticize restrict non-residents from anywhere, not just Albany. I live in a suburban area (with no pool) and am just as restricted from using those with residency requirements as anyone in Albany. Kudos to Albany for their hospitality but saying the restrictions elsewhere are rooted in racism is unjustified.

Jenna, lets be real once again. Why Albany cannot charge for those parks and events? Because city residents wouldn't be able to afford that. I can come up with the numbers, if needed.

Albany doesn't charge for parks not because of hospitality....

The Guilderland town parks are not free for non residents. Also you need a residency permit to use their dog park whereas Albany dog parks are open to all. People (and dogs) from all over the Capital Region enjoy Albany's muni golf course for walking, skiing, and snowshoeing for free. As an Albany tax payer I'm beginning to think that maybe we should charge a fee to non residents to utilize Capital Hills off season.

@Fisher please note, I didn’t say that. I just said it would be nice if everywhere was as inclusive as Albany.

Every municipality has advantages and disadvantages. I spent last summer at the Delmar pool job searching and saw tons of jobs with the City of Albany I was interested in and qualified for that I couldn't apply for because I'm not a resident.

I will say it is hard to deny that there is *some* racism at work here when people like Mike make comments like the one above...

Look at how this conversation unfolded.

"Man Albany is free and other places are really restrictive"

"That is because you poor folk in Albany can't afford entrance fees, oh and suburban people wouldn't want to use your gross pool anyway... "

Way to keep it classy. Glad I won't be seeing you at Lincoln park this summer.

Jenna, no need to label plain facts as racism. It undermines your credibility big time. Just some numbers for your review:
Albany County average household income is $60,904, 12.1% Persons in poverty
City of Albany $42,335, 25.6% Persons in poverty,albanycountynewyork/PST045216
Census tract 23, area where Lincoln park is located, has 37.1% poverty rate.

These numbers are regardless of race, and describe a part of problem city of Albany faces. And I doubt that $5-10, a common price range for vehicle entry into park, is so easy for those in poverty.

I think it's worth noting that, locally, suburban communities charge for a lot of recreation amenities--not just pools.

Aside from the golf course, Albany charges a nominal fee for ice skating, but everything is essentially free for city residents. This is rare. A lot of cities / towns across the nation charge for recreation--classes, camps, pool usage, etc.

Maybe Albany needs to come up with a system to begin charging folks--a sliding scale? Which begs the question, would anyone be willing to pay? Not sure...

@chrisck - I believe Bethlehem requires residency to go their dog parks, also. I completely agree about Muni/Capital Hills - heck I'd be willing to pay a nominal fee myself for the privilege of skiing there and I'm a taxpayer.

During the recent tulip dig in Washington Park, it occurred to me that there should be a way to provide city residents with priority access when it comes to distributing those bulbs. Didn't we buy them?

It would be nice if there were some benefits to being a resident that folks who only come in to town to take advantage of events and amenities don't receive.

OMG! must everything be race/racism? We're talking about swimming places for crying out loud. Must everything be partisan? These are the facts. Charges vs. no charge. Hey, running a pool is expensive- it's up to each town/city to figure out how to pay for chemicals/water/staffing/insurance. State parks charge for entrance... is that racist too?
The name of this article is "Capital Region Swimming Pools 2018". Facts. Does this really need to be an argument?

@Silvia Meder Lilly - Some friends and I were just saying the same thing about the Washington Park tulip dig. Not to shut out suburban residents (we want the Washington Park Conservancy to make as much as possible from the fundraiser), but just what you suggest, priority access for city residents. One Conservancy board member pointed out logistical challenges with proving residency, particularly if city residents don't have an id.

@Erin T - Maybe people who wanted to have priority access could bring a copy of their tax bill or a utility statement if they don't have id? It wouldn't have to be too complicated.

Has there been a typo somewhere bc to me it's not fee vs no fee but pee vs no pee. I'd just like to find a pool for adults only. I'm not hatin' on kids I just don't put any faith in their bladder control. I'd welcome pools that were restrictive by age rather than residency. Thats why I'd rather go the extra mile and $ and enjoy Victoria pool in Saratoga.

So there I am, checking the comments for any updated info on area pools, and see... racist suburbanites. And where dogs may be walked (and poop). And tulip bulbs. C'mon, you guys can do better than that! You're long past mentioning Nazis!

Mike your commment was racist and you know it, now I’m not calling you a racist but to assume all city people can’t afford something is a damaging statement, considering you don’t know all the city people . Your taking some bullshit analytical research and painting a broad stroke. That’s where you missed the mark in trying to make your point. Too much assumption based on your personal feeling. And just to be clear , be man enough to admit you mean “ black people” not city people!!!

I enjoyed Albany's free city pools for many years, but recently paid to join the JCC just for the summer. Why? Mater Christi pool became too crowded, and the garbage cans were overflowing. Lincoln Park pool is nice, BUT you have to have a quarter for the locker, the water is cold, and it bothers me that not very many people there can swim past the black line separating the shallow and the deep areas. Racist? No. Aware? Yes. And yes I think there should be a small user fee for suburban pools for those who could pony up the money and had access to them.

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