Drawing: Tickets for Hidden City House & Garden Tour + gift certificates for El Mariachi Tapas and Capital Wine

10 Thurlow exterior angle

10 Thurlow Terrace, next to Washington Park.

Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

The annual Hidden City House & Garden Tour in Albany is coming up next Thursday, June 21. And we have a pair of tickets to give away.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: The prize package also includes a $50 gift certificate to El Mariachi Tapas and a $25 gift certificate for Capital Wine.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's your favorite local street? Why?

It could be a major thoroughfare or a tiny block. It could be a street as it exists today or as it existed in the past -- or even as it might exist in the future. We'll draw one winner at random. That person gets the tickets and gift certificates.

This year is the 43rd for the Hidden City House & Garden Tour, a self-guided tour of gardens and homes in Albany's Center Square, Hudson/Park, and Washington Park neighborhoods. It's a collaboration of the Center Square Association, Hudson/Park Neighborhood Association, and Historic Albany Foundation. This year's tour includes "The Castle" at 10 Thurlow Terrace (above).

Tickets are currently $20 and available online. (The price increases to $25 starting June 16.)

El Mariachi Tapas is at 271 Lark Street and offers a menu of Spanish and Mexican tapas. And Capital Wine is a neighborhood wine store at the corner of Lark and State.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 17, 2018 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 9 am on Monday and must respond by 9 am that Tuesday.


Marion for a nice walk in the summer gawking at the "mansions"

Chestnut street between Lark and Dove! I lived there for three years, and it was just so beautiful

I have always enjoyed the section of Woodlawn Ave. with the eccentric (for Albany) Spanish colonial houses.

State street is great. From along Washington Park down to the Capitol, it seems to cover a lot.

My favorite street is Central Avenue. It has everything. What other street has a mosque, a Vietnamese restaurant, and a Target?

State Street between the Capital and the Plaza.

One can experience two spectacular and fantastically different architectural wonders just by turning around.

River Street in Troy because of the Troy Farmers Market, Troy River Fest (this weekend), so many cool shops & Monument Square.

Manning Boulevard, between New Scotland and Western. Beautiful homes, lots of trees.

Elm St between Eagle and Phillip. Beautiful, colorful, Italianate row houses directly down the hill from the Executive Mansion.

Governors Lane, Schenectady. It's very short but it starts on a hill and ends at the Mohawk. Beautiful houses and ivy

State St. before the Alfred E., I love looking at all the beautiful houses, and picking out which is mine!

East University Dr., there's no better road than the one you call home, if only for the time being.

Troy: 2nd St between State and Broadway. I factor an extra 30 minutes if I take that route because I run into so many people I know.

Chestnut between Swan and Lark, all those cool little carriage houses, just sort of hidden away.

As a die-hard 3rd-streeter I hate to admit this, but 2nd Street in Troy. Some pretty great establishments (Confectionery, Plumb, Bacchus (RIP Daisys neverforget), Carmen's, etc., etc), Washington Park, TSBMH, monument square, Sage, library, historical society, architecture, and even a bike lane for a portion now.

Elk Street or Helderberg Ave- for entirely different reasons!

2nd Street in Troy, it's quiet, very green, architecture is attractive, plus all of the stores, cafes, restaurants it offers.

I like State St. to look at all the beautiful houses along Washington Park!

This might make me an outlier, but Pearl Street! It's really interesting historically and architecturally (I especially love the Kenmore Hotel), I have a family connection to it (my great-great-grandfather lived in a boarding house on Pearl), and how down-at-heel it is now just makes it feel more full of possibility.

Chestnut between Dove and Swan or Elm between Dove and Swan. They’re just so classically Albany and sweet.

I love the area of Second Street in Troy by the library and Russell Sage. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to picture the area 100 years ago! The old buildings are so picturesque.

Partridge Street - born there - so was Andy Rooney

Washington Avenue in Schenectady (part of the Stockade). Beautiful Dutch and English 17th/18th-century buildings. Each house is individually beautiful.

I like Marion Avenue. Half giant mansions, at least for Albany, half regular sized houses. A street that best represents the duality of man.

I always enjoy a drive down Lake Ave. Lovely homes.

River street in Troy has so many cute little shops!

Hudson Ave, because it's fun to look at the different building facades

Euclid Ave. always makes for a pleasant stroll.

Chestnut Street - love the beautiful carriage houses!

Hall Pl in the Ten Broeck Triangle. Delightfully unique architecture bordering a pleasant park.

I love Jay Street in Schenectady- cute little family owned shops and eateries.

State street with the beautiful homes facing the park.

N Jay in Schenectady, largely because of Perecca's

There's something great about State St. next to the park. Squint and you're in Brooklyn.

I love all the streets branching off Madison- around the park and the cathedral. The albany iSpy games had been particularly awesome in seeing all the neat buildings.

I'd say Manning Blvd. between Western and Washington. 1. I grew up there, 2. It has a beautiful mix of homes with large setbacks from the street, 3. The bridle path is unique and makes for a wonderful stroll almost any time of year.

State Street along Washington Park.

I have to say Lark Street. I love all the little shops and restaurants, all within easy walking distance. Thai food, sushi, Chinese food, craft beer, wine, health food, Mexican food, coffee, breakfast, flowers, Indian food, etc.: so much variety for just a few blocks!

I love Lancaster between Lark and Swan. So quiet and has the cutest town houses.

Toss up between Marion and South Manning - I love the center medians, and beautifully maintained older homes.

Rapp Road. Great views of the Pine Bush. If only the speed limit was higher ;)

I'm all about Lark Street. I've worked on the same block for nearly 17 years (!) and it just feels like home.

Jay Street. Love pedestrian streets

Madison. Love the uptown area by St. Rose with the little shops and restaurants. Then you see some great architecture as you get closer to Washington Park. It takes you right through the old neighborhood until you get right to the NYS museum and Empire Plaza. You really see the whole city in that one street.

That little peek of trolley tracks down on Grand St always makes me smile.

Happy to see both the street I grew up on and the one I live on now mentioned in these comments!

State Street between Swan and Lark. Enjoy the historic architecture and small boutique shops along the treed route.

I work at a bar on lark street, so I spend a lot of time looking for parking! Which has me always walking through Albany! The achritectire in the houses that line the park are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I very often take photos of them or admire the differences in brownstones. I’d say the ones on state St are my favorite though. More recently I’ve gotten to go in a few of the apartments around that area, and they’re just as beautiful as they look from the outside. The city is always full of more gems than people imagine!

Dove street in Albany, between Washington and Madison, has a combination of pretty houses full of nooks and crannies, and views to enormous trees, pretty in itself, but also leading to a wonderful cacophony of bird song Spring to Fall.

Fairlawn Ave., near Melrose, where I grew up. Many memories.

Hackett Boulevard travels from Holland Avenue to Manning Boulevard and is my favorite street/roadway. The drive is scenic, the walkway is generous. I like the variety of community and government facilities mixed with residential areas. There are three highschool academies, the Department of Health, several physician's offices, church, nursing home facility. Something for everyone, also a part of my neighborhood for the past 25 years.

Lower Lancaster is the best street in Albany. The neighbors are great and so is the beautiful architecture.

Lancaster Street between Swan and Dove Streets, it's super quiet and has many well preserve homes.

I absolutely love Garden Alley in center square. I had lived in the area for years and never noticed it until a couple of years ago.

Myrtle, because I lived there for almost a decade, and it's how I fell in love with Albany

Broadway in Albany has buildings by my favorite local architects, Marcus Reynolds and Walter Van Guysling

State Street between Lark and Dove. The only place for quality stoop action.

Madison Avenue- for Washington Park, really nice houses, restaurants, and The College of St. Rose.

North Swan for Life

Manning Blvd beautiful homes!

State Street

Willett St. Beautiful architecture on one side and a beautiful park on the other.

Grand Blvd, Old Niskayuna. Each house is so different from the next and the median makes for great dog walking.

Delaware Ave around the Spectrum theatre.

Cherry Alley in Hudson or Long Alley in Saratoga. Alleys are much more interesting than the main streets.

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