Gym options for downtown Albany / around the Empire State Plaza?

Empire State Plaza concourse 2018-May

Meredith reaches out to us via the electronic mail (links added):

I know that you've had questions about local gyms before, and I know that downtown Albany remains a gym desert, apart from a couple nice but decidedly diminutive downtown office-building options that offer community memberships (e.g. Omni Fitness). I keep hoping that before the weather again turns too crappy/cold for running outdoors to be palatable, some fitness entrepreneur will notice that there are actually a large and growing number of humans living in Center Square/downtown/surrounding areas, and that we, too, might like to have even a low-frills chain gym within walking distance, such as sprout like mushrooms in the suburbs. (Seriously, what is it about Albany? We used to have a couple Ys -- particularly awful ones, compared with the fitness temples in the 'burbs -- but even those have been gone for years now. Even wee little towns elsewhere have gyms; why not here?!)
But whining aside, here's my question for you: I heard rumors last year that a gym was coming back to the Empire State Plaza. The Times Union reported back in December that the rumors were true. ... [D]o you know anything?

We checked with the state Office of General Services for an update on gym developments at ESP, and a spokesman said there wasn't anything new to add to that report from late last year. It is worth noting that the ESP hosts outdoor post-work fitness classes ("Fitness on the Plaza"), though the current season just ended. And there are also lunchtime fitness classes run by Empower State Plaza Fitness weekdays in a rehearsal room at the Egg.

It's been about four years since the gym at the Steuben Club in downtown Albany closed. But the neighborhood has a growing residential population. And a lot of space there is currently in the process of being opened up and repurposed (including, potentially, the old Steuben building).

So... Maybe one of these developers can get together with one of the local chains or orgs and work something out. It sounds like there might be growing demand.

Got a suggestion for Meredith about gym options? Please share.


There is a new Yoga studio in the old Eba building on Lark. Alas, it is not a gym, but it is something?

I'm in on a downtown gym!

I did go to the public gym in Lincoln Park a few times.

It was great that there wasn't many people there and free for residents but I found that it was missing too many pieces of equipment for my workout. Worth a shot, Meredith!

It would indeed be nice to have something in walking distance. And open nights/weekends.

This statement applies to lots of things, actually. Albany does some cool things for daytime state workers - why not more for residents?

I thought the Lincoln Park "gym" was for youth only, I will have to check it out.

There was also talk of a gym/yoga studio in the Pearl Street Pub (former Jillian's) building - is there an update on that?
Many of the new residential buildings have their own gyms, but between residents in other buildings and those who work downtown, the Pearl Street area could definitely support a good-sized gym.

A large gym with classes is still coming to the Empire State Plaza Concourse, it is just taking awhile. It will be nice to be able grab a lunchtime workout instead of just sitting outside or at ones desk.

The Lincoln Park Fitness Center is free for Albany residents.

They have variety of weightlifting equipment, treadmills, elliptical machines, exercises bikes, a dance fitness room, and boxing equipment. The facilities aren't fancy and as of last year it looked like some of the equipment could use updating. But it works.
Monday – Friday 4 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Kinetic Training on Hamilton just opened recently. I think they may primarily focus on by appointment personal training, rather than an open gym, but the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with.

Recenter Pilates is also on Hamilton Street. It mostly focuses on personal training and Pilates, and there are some group classes. If you train there, you can use the equipment other times. Http://

And the yoga studio in the old eba building is

Both places are highly recommended and locally owned.

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