Drawing: Tickets for Troy Prom -- a prom for adults -- at Takk House

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Takk House is again hosting Troy Prom this November 24. It is "a grown-up themed dance party for anyone who might need to replace or re-live their prom memories." This year's theme is "Great Gatsby."

And we have a pair of tickets to give away -- maybe to you. To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's something in the Capital Region that's glamorous, elegant, or fancy?

It could be a building. It could be an event. It could be a season. It could whatever. We'll draw one winner at random and that person gets the pair of tickets.

Additional Troy Prom blurbage:

"This is a second chance at the prom," said Frank Sicari, who co-owns Takk House with his wife Heidi Sicari. "You can get a redo if it wasn't good the first time in High School. Or you can do it again if you had a great time. And now you can drink... legally."
"We just wanted to create a good reason to dress up and dance. There aren't really a lot of places to do that around here that aren't a club or a wedding, but there's added pressure and weirdness at weddings," said Heidi Sicari. "This is a no pressure event. Just a silly time in a safe place."

Troy Prom is Saturday, November 24 starting at 8 pm. Admission is includes live music, a snack buffet by Slidin' Dirty, open bar, a photo booth, and prizes. There's also an afterparty at Franklin Alley Social Club downstairs. It's 21+ event.

Tickets went on sale this past Friday. They're $80 per person ($70 per person for groups of six or more). In years past, tickets have sold out, usually in a few weeks.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) You must be age 21 or over. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Wednesday and must respond by 5 pm on Thursday.


Yaddo is quite fancy.

The Fort Orange Club is pretty fancy.

I always feel particularly fancy drinking a cocktail at Speakeasy 518!

Sweatpants and Uggs are so glamorous it hurts.

The NYS Capitol, of course! Especially fancy with the lights shining at night.

Drinks outside at Saratoga National always make me feel fancy.

Going to see a show at Proctors always makes me feel quite fancy.

The University Club in Albany

The Blue Hen at the Adelphi could basically be a fancy greenhouse dining room at the Breakers in Newport - except no sea view.

The Hudson river, glimmering and gleaming on a fall morning. Glamorous.

Dinner at Yono's then drinks at Speakeasy 518 and a walk along the capitol building.

I always feel super fancy when I dress up and grab a drink at the Speakeasy 518.

Steak dinner at 677 Prime

You know that dog on that there building in Albany (RCA) is mighty fancy when fall leaves blow on his shiny head.

Seeing a performance at the Troy Savings Bank!

Sipping champagne and eating oysters and french fries at Plumb Oyster Bar.

A romantic evening at 677 Prime. Drinks and dinner, along with live music, makes your visit one to remember.

A few different things that make me feel fancy: dinner and drinks at Peck's Arcade in Troy, drinks at the Speakeasy in Albany and catching a show at Proctor's in Schenectady. And one more out there -- going to a farm to table dinner at Dancing Ewe farm in Granville, NY (what a beautiful setting and absolutely delicious food and wine).

Had some elegant dishes at Fish and Game in Hudson, maybe not considered capital district. Let’s go with that staircase inside the NYS capital, very elegant.

Events at The State Room in Albany.

Dinner at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga was very elegant, seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra at SPAC very elegant, or just having a drink up at the Saratoga track.

Albany Med's Dancing in the Woods Gala is the fanciest!

Drinks at the Lucas Confectionery feel fancy.

The Speakeasy has to be my choice. I've only been there once, but I love the ambiance and mood.

the Speakeasy is pretty fancy! Right below the City Beer Hall. One of the only places I get dressed up to go to.

A glass of something with bubbles always makes me feel fancy - particularly when it's at dp's or Yono's.

The Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs is glamorous, elegant and fancy.

I think I felt fanciest dressing up and going to the Speakeasy!

Drinking wine on the airplane.

No one is going to mention Jack's Oyster House?

I think the Palace Theater is quite glamorous.

The Nutcracker every year at Proctors, when I was little that was the most glamorous and elegant event each year

The Mafia Table at Peck's Arcade gives me all the fancy feels!

Franklin Plaza in downtown Troy is beautiful :) On a side note, I never went to either of my proms because kids ARE AWFUL. This would be really nice :) Thanks!!

I feel quite fancy at Fancy Schmancy in Latham. Got my wedding dress there. Very nice dress trying on experience.

Lucas Confectionery and Peck’s Arcade are so fancy! And weddings at the Takk House ??

The Tavern above Peck's Arcade has an especially elegant and magical vibe. The lighting, the exquisite cocktails, peeking down from the mezzanine, all the little nooks... I love it!

Drinks at the Twisted Vine in Delmar, especially when there is live jazz!

I always think Christmastime is very fancy especially with the snow!

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