A handful of upcoming cooking classes to get tuned up for Thanksgiving

unbaked apple pie

It's apple pie season. / photo: Deanna Fox

This time of year is a good time to take a cooking class.

It's cozy to gather around a kitchen as the weather turns cold. A class can be fun to take with a friend. And, of course, the winter holidays are big cooking months for many people.

So here are a handful of upcoming cooking classes around the area -- to maybe learn something new or just get tuned up for Thanksgiving...

November 8: Vegetarian Thanksgiving! | Different Drummer's Kitchen
"Who needs turkey when you've got a bounty of fall fruits and vegetables? A complete Thanksgiving meal can be made with rich flavor and local vegetables, no meat required. In this hands-on class, we'll make a flavorful vegetarian feast that includes everything--except the meat!" Taught by Caroline Barrett. 6 pm -- $65

November 9: Not Your Grandmother's Thanksgiving Sides | Market Bistro
"Switch up the flavors of your Thanksgiving meal with a little creativity. We've taken traditional ingredients and inspired them to rise to a new occasion." 6 pm -- $60

November 13: Gluten-Free Holiday Treats - Hands-On | Different Drummer's Kitchen
"Learn to modernize a few holiday classics by making them gluten-free! Students will learn how to make a traditional croquembouche -- a tower of small eclairs filled with pastry cream and held together with a rich, sticky caramel -- in gluten-free fashion starting with a choux pastry than can also be made into savory appetizers." Taught by Melanie O'Malley, owner of the gluten-free baked goods company O'Malley's Oven. 6 pm -- $65

November 15: Ric's Thanksgiving 101 | Different Drummer's Kitchen
"Looking to add a little kick to your Thanksgiving menu? Rely on flavor expert Ric Orlando to teach you how to add some global flair to your classic turkey..." 6 pm -- $75

November 15: Mastering Classic Pies | Gio Culinary Studio
"Students will learn how to make a perfect pie every time. All butter pie crusts along with three classic pie fillings! We will be using scratch ingredients along with traditional techniques and professional tricks of the trade that can be easily duplicated at home." 6:15 pm -- $65

November 17: Thanksgiving Pies - Hands-On | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Deanna Fox leads a class on baking pies. "Anytime is a good time for pie, though especially Thanksgiving. What would our top eating holiday be without a pie to grace the buffet? Students will gain hands-on pie experience and make their own personal pie to bake at home." 11 am -- $70

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November 20: Thanksgiving Side Dishes | Gio Culinary Studio
"Students will learn to prepare several classic sides along with some unique side dishes that will be sure to impress your guest. We will be using all scratch ingredients, along with professional and traditional techniques that can be easily duplicated at home." 6:15 pm -- $65

November 20: Thanksgiving Pies | Market Bistro
"Make and bake your own Thanksgiving pies to share with family and friends. Lite fare served." 11 am -- $60

While we're talking about cooking classes...

A few others coming up that aren't necessarily Thanksgiving/holiday themed but did catch our eye:

October 30: Sushi 101 - Hands-On | Different Drummer's Kitchen
"Satisfy your sushi cravings by learning the basics of this Japanese art. Students will learn how to make the perfect sushi rice, where to find the best ingredients to make the freshest sushi, how to expertly form and cut perfect sushi rolls, and what condiments to use when preparing and serving." Taught by Yasuo and Kathy Saso of the much-loved former Saso's in Albany. 6 pm -- $65

November 5-December 3: How to Cook Series | Different Drummer's Kitchen
"With our five-week How To Cook series of classes, you will learn the basics of home cooking -- from knife skills to how to use spices and seasonings -- that will set you on the path of being an outstanding home cook. This series is great for younger adults out on their own for the first time to anyone else who is ready to put down the take-out menu and pick-up a knife and whisk. While each class can be purchased individually, students save when the entire series is purchased in this package." The class is on consecutive Monday nights. $65 each or $300 all together

November 16: Quintessence Chicken Teriyaki | Market Bistro
Our Chef Donnie spent many years at Albany's legendary Quintessence Restaurant. He shares his chef tales and recipes at our most popular class." Chicken Teriyaki, Spinach Fettuccine, Quintessential Salad, Brownie Sundae. 6 pm -- $60


Anyone who hasn't checked out a class at Gio Culinary Studio (really the only true local cooking school listed above) should do so ASAP! The food is drool-worthy and you could fill pages with what you'll learn from just one class.

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