Albany family gets bill after home demolished, people of many faiths gather to mourn synagogue shooting, Rensselaer County DA debate, how soon is now for film shoot

Sheridan Hollow home demolition
Albany city officials continue to say the city did nothing wrong during the emergency demolition on Orange Street that ended up prompting the demolition of a family's adjacent home -- and on Monday the family received a $36k bill from the city for the demolition of their house. [TU]

Local response to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
+ Community members and leaders of multiple faiths packed Congregation Gates of Heaven in Schenectady Monday for a vigil to mourn the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. [CBS6] [Daily Gazette]
+ Rabbi Matt Cutler: "If you yield to terror, change your ways ... If you succumb to the fear, terrorism wins. And that's not going to happen." [WNYT]
+ Sara Foss: "Those of us who aren't Jewish -- a category that includes myself -- need to express support for those who are, and to denounce anti-Semitism whenever possible. What was once a fringe movement in America is creeping into the mainstream, and it's unacceptable." [Daily Gazette]


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Gubernatorial election
+ A profile of Marc Molinaro and his uphill fight to become governor. [NYT]
+ The Molinaro and Cuomo campaigns are going back and forth over a civility pledge. [TU]

NY-21 debate
An overview of Monday's debate for the NY-21 Congressional District, the for which includes Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik and Democratic challenger Tedra Cobb. [Spectrum]

A bit to the west: A profile of the NY-22 Congressional District election between incumbent Republican Claudia Tenney and Democratic challenger Anthony Brindisi -- Tenney is openly siding with Donald Trump. [Politico]

Rensselaer County DA debate
Among the major topics at Monday's debate for Rensselaer County DA between Republican incumbent Joel Abelove and Democratic challenger Mary Pat Donnelly: qualifications, ethics, and the SAFE Act. [TU] [Spectrum]

Money in state elections
A trio of stories related to where the campaign cash comes from for state elections, and how that sometimes puts backers of the same candidate at odds with each other. [TU x3]

Second person charged in fatal Albany shooting
A second person -- a Vermont man -- has been charged in the fatal shooting of Equan Fallen on Livingston Ave in June. [TU]

Clifton Park hit-and-run arrest
State Police say they've made an arrest in the Clifton Park hit-and-run crash this past weekend in which a pedestrian was seriously injured. [Daily Gazette]

Schoharie limo crash
A profile of the Schoharie County DA and the relatively limited resources her office has for the high-profile Schoharie limo crash case. [TU]

Daily fantasy sports legality in New York
A state judge has ruled that New York's law allowing daily fantasy sports games violates the state's constitutional ban on the gambling, the implications of which are unclear for the games. [USA Today Network Albany]

Cohoes Community Center
Sorting through the various threads of the Cohoes Community Center closure and how the org might have ended up in so much debt. [TU]

Stewart's is closing two stores, including the one on Morton Ave in Albany. [TU]

Last harvest
Lindsey's Idyllwood Orchard in Clifton Park is closing. [Biz Review]

Morris Massry
Morris Massry -- the prominent local real estate figure and philanthropist -- has died at age 89. [TU]

That movie shooting in Albany and Troy
+ Emily Masters connected a bunch of dots and figures that movie shooting in Albany and Troy is one about fans of The Smiths in the 1980s. [TU]
+ Here are the road closures in Albany for the filming. [APD]

Stuff going on today

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
Tuesday: Author Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah will be at UAlbany as part of the NYS Writers Institute visiting writers series. His short story collection Friday Black has been getting glowingly good reviews. It's "a satirical look at what it's like to be young and black in America, offering surreal tales and dystopian satire about American consumerism and race." Adjei-Brenyah is also a UAlbany alum. (There's also a craft talk at 4:15 pm.) Tuesday 7:30 pm, Performing Arts Center -- free

Capitol Hauntings
Today-Friday: This is the last week for the Capitol Hauntings tours at the state Capitol. "The tour lasts about an hour, but the chilling, ghostly tales might haunt you forever." The tours have been extended through November 2. Monday-Friday 1 pm and 5:30 pm -- free (but you must make a reservation and they fill up)

Historic Haunted Pub Crawl
Tuesday: Historic Albany Foundation, Ten Broeck Mansion, and The Original Albany Ghost Tour have joined up for a series of historic haunted pub crawls. It starts with a ghost tour of the Ten Broeck Mansion and then heads to a trio of downtown pubs with stories along the way. Tuesday 5:30 pm, 6:15 pm, 7 pm -- $25

Halloween Ghost Tours at Canfield Casino
Tuesday: The Canfield Casino building Congress Park in Saratoga Springs will have a ghost hunt led by members of the Olde Saratoga Paranormal Group. (Tours leave every 15 minutes.) Tuesday starting at 6-8 pm -- $10 / ages 6-17 $8 / under age 6 free

Tuesday: Proctors is showing the National Theatre production of Frankenstein directed by Danny Boyle and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. Tuesday 2 pm and 7 pm -- $15

Brainfood for the Curious
Tuesday: The Brainfood for the Curious series of short lunchtime talks at the State Museum continues with a sneak peak of a collection of Woodstock Art Colony pieces that was recently donated to the museum. Tuesday 12:10-12:30 pm, Huxley Theater -- free

Music: tUnE-yArDs at MASS MoCA
Art pop. With: U.S. Girls. 8 pm -- $25 ahead / $35 day of

Music: Kosha Dillz at The Low Beat
Rapper. With: Devmo, Moleown. 7 pm -- $10


The situation with the Orange Street house is so awful. Is there a Go Fund Me or anything for them? I really hope the City cuts the family a break, that they get a good lawyer, and that they sue the pants off the demolition company and the owner of the neighboring property.

The way the City of Albany has treated the Johnson-Graham family is appalling. I'm certain the site will now be redeveloped for luxury rental housing. I second the notion that they need a lawyer and hope one steps up through legal services or pro bono. Losing one's home is traumatizing enough, but then to be treated so shabbily by the City is beyond what any of us should tolerate.

I would posit that there must be some level of negligence on the part of the demolition contractor. Probably not the first time that the 'shared structural wall' situation has been seen in the older architecture of this area, and perhaps it could be argued that they should have reasonably expected this possibility. I think the family should certainly take legal action against them.
Also, I believe the city is legally culpable in this, and they are taking a hard stance to establish blame on the home-owners in order to avail themselves of perceived legal liability. Its just shameful to me, and embarrassing that, as a citizen of Albany, my own city government and officials would scapegoat this family for the city's mistake and then hand them a $36000 bill after they lost their home!

Message to the Mayor, whom I voted for..... - LOW CLASS MOVE.

Message to the family that lost their home.....- SUE THE CITY.

(also, perhaps people should crowd source the family's legal fees to a reputable law firm as well as other financial help? just an idea.)

I agree, the city should be shamed for treating the Graham family this way after their home in Sheridan Hollow was demolished. Cristo failed to assess conditions and protect the Graham’s house. There is absolutely no excuse. And Mayor, you need to take care of this family.

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