It's Election Day, TU editorial board revokes Tedisco endorsement, lawsuit over incident involving off-duty Troy police officer, meatballs before voting

Polls are open until 9 pm. Don't know where to vote? Take a few seconds to check with the state Board of Elections website.

Would you like to see a sample ballot for your election district? Check with your county board of elections: Albany | Rensselaer | Saratoga | Schenectady

Key elections and issues
+ Some of the New York Congressional elections -- including the NY-19 here in the Capital Region -- that are tightly contested and could be key in deciding which party controls the House of Representatives. [Spectrum]
+ Just one seat could decide which party controls the New York State Senate. [TU]
+ The Times Union editorial board revoked its endorsement of Jim Tedisco for the state Senate Monday because it believes Tedisco misrepresented his stance on abortion rights in its discussion with him. Update: Here's more on Tedisco's side of the story -- he says he was misquoted. [TU] [Planet Albany]


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Niskayuna High School lockdown
Niskayuna High School was locked down for 5 1/2 hours Monday afternoon after officials say a student found a threatening note. Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in a sweep of the building and students didn't start dismissal until after 6 pm. [Daily Gazette] [TU]

Armed officers in schools
The Saratoga Springs City Council passed a resolution requesting that the board of education allow trained school resource officers to carry guns in schools and it's offering to pick up 25 percent of the cost. [TU]

Lawsuit over incident involving Troy police officer
A North Greenbush Little League official is says he plans to sue over a confrontation with an off-duty Troy police officer -- he says the officer elbowed him in the face and pressed a police against his forehead after a game. His attorney also released police audio and video of a conversation between the Troy officer and North Greenbush officers in which he says of policing in Troy: "It's a lot easier. You don't have to deal with this f__ing sh__. You'd be slapping people around telling them to f__ off and 'Go play over there.'" [News10] [TU]

Distraction burglary
Rotterdam is the latest site of a reported distraction burglary. [Daily Gazette]

Man accused of drugging drink in Saratoga Springs
Saratoga Springs police say a man was arrested after a witness said he drugged another patron's drink at Gaffney'. Police say they found an eyedropper on the man and tests concluded it contained the drug MDMA. [TU] [Daily Gazette]

Recycling company exec sentenced in Stewart's case
The president of a regional company that recycled cardboard for Stewart's was sentenced to 30 days in jail and more than 150k in restitution after pleading guilty to illegally underreporting the weight of items recycled for the store chain. [TU]

Albany County hotel law veto
Albany County exec Dan McCoy vetoed legislation that would have required hotels to inform guests about issues such as infestations, construction, and employee strikes -- he said the bill has good intentions but was too vague. [TU]

New parking garage at ALB
Albany International Airport's CEO says the airport's planned 1,000-space parking garage could be in open in 2020 -- and costs estimates range as high as $42 million. [TU]

Uber and ALB
Uber and ALB have reached an agreement allowing the service to drop off and pick up at the airport terminal. (Lyft already had an agreement.) [Daily Gazette]

Cohoes Community Center
SEFCU is paying the last week of wages for employees of Cohoes Community Center, which closed abruptly because of financial problems. [TU]

Kenwood Commons
That plan for a huge redevelopment of the Kenwood campus in Albany is projected to have a $500 million price tag and would take a decade. [Biz Review]

The South End Albany org AVillage announced Monday that its longtime executive director Willie White has stepped down. [AVillage]

Albany filmmakers get grant
Albany documentary filmmakers Ira McKinley and Bhawin Suchak are getting a Sundance grant for a film they're working on. [TU]

Meatballs before Election Day
For more than half a century there's been a bipartisan night-before-Election Day spaghetti and meatballs dinner in Troy. [WNYT]

Stuff going on today



ALB Parking: I'm curious how much money the airport makes from parking. It's a shame there aren't more public transportation options to/from ALB.
ALB Uber: The airport charges Uber/Lyft $2 PER PERSON to pick up or drop off at the airport. Bets on who's going to end up paying that $2? (Still cheaper than parking.)

re: ethan, I had a ten day trip over the summer and usually go for long term parking but wanted to try lyft instead. With tip lyft was slightly more expensive but both options were really close in price. It comes down to external factors: do you feel safe parking your vehicle long-term at the airport; do you have off-street parking while you're away; how much of a convenience is not having to drive yourself.

Is this the same parking garage that will be in the place of the ice rink?

Or has the plan to remove the ice rink been nixed?

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