How that new connector between the Northway and ALB will work

Major construction on that new connector from the Northway for Albany International Airport is set to begin this winter, the Cuomo admin announced this week. The plan is for the $50 million exit reconfiguration to be finished by spring 2020.

That video embedded above is a Cuomo admin explainer about how the new connector ramps will work. We found it helpful in understanding the reconfiguration.

You might remember ALB is also getting a new parking garage and some makeovers, a $42 million project that's backed by $22 million from the state.


Sounds good! One question: will this impact the old Wolf-Kemp cemetery that sits just off the Northway, south of the Desmond? I couldn't tell from the video. I hope it will be protected in some way.

Why oh why did we build a beautiful airport and then hide it with an ugly parking garage...

A traffic circle would really make things flow better than the light at the end of the ramp. Until the traffic at the light on the other side of the Desmond backs up.

There are 2 problems here:

1) All the south bound Wolf Rd traffic coming from the North; which has always backed up onto the frontage ramp. This doesn't really do anything for that other than get rid of one left at the light.

2) The northbound Wolf Rd exit is now gone. It means rental car returns don't pass a gas station easily. The rental car companies will love that one all the way to the bank. Or someone has already bought the lots by the new light...

This will make my trip to the airport better, but not substantially faster. Fine by me.

BTW: 'ALB' is the IATA code for the Albany Airport, 'ALB' is also the Amtrak code for the Albany-Rensselaer train station. The 9th busiest in the US, serving over 800,000 passengers a year. How 'bout we fix the traffic in and out of there? Ramp to nowhere.

komradebob - roundabout wouldn't work, too much traffic, too many left turns. Thank god someone actually looked at the numbers before dumbly slapping another circle.
As for gas station - I just hope they will put it on the correct side of the road, not the way it was.

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