A year later questions remain about man's death, county budgets approved, Albany police investigating flag burnings, an epidemic of unhappiness and despair

The death of Raolik Walls, a year later
The family of Raolik Walls -- the man whose body was found 38 days after his death in his room at a Troy facility for men recovering from addiction -- and his family says it's still waiting for the results of a state investigation into how he died and why it took so long for someone to notice. The state's Justice Center says the case is an "open and active investigation." [TU] [CBS6]

Albany County budget
The Albany County Legislature approved a 2019 budget that reduces the tax levy 1.5 percent, and reduces the property tax rate more than 4 percent. [TU]

Rensselaer County budget
The Rensselaer County Legislature approved a 2019 budget that increases spending 1.9 percent, but holds the tax rate at the same level as 2018. [TU]


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Alleged Schenectady murder-for-hire trial
The second day in the trial of the man accused of hiring two hit men to kill Charles Dembrosky -- he was fatally shot outside his Bellevue home in 2016 -- included testimony about life insurance policies and beneficiaries. [Daily Gazette]

Latham stabbing
Colonie police are investigating a stabbing at JJ Rafferty's Bar and Grill early Saturday morning. CPD says there had been a fight between two groups. [News10] [TU]

Thefts from hockey team with disabilities
Colonie police say an Albany woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing about $800 from members of a sled hockey team while they played a game at the Albany County Hockey Facility -- CPD says it recovered the money. CPD says it filed three of the counts as a hate crime -- which would make them a felony -- because it says it believes the woman targeted the people because of their disability. The woman -- whose son was at the facility playing hockey -- had recently posted a GoFundMe page that stated she was raising money to get an apartment so she could get custody of her son. [WNYT] [Spectrum] [News10] [TU]

Albany flag burnings
Albany police are investigating a series of incidents in the New Scotland/Woodlawn neighborhood in which a rainbow flag, Canadian flag, and South Korean flag that had been displayed in front of houses were burned. APD says it believes the incidents are connected. And one of the people whose flag was burned says he's already ordered a new one and will put it back up when it arrives. [APD] [Spectrum] [CBS6]

Buffalo Billion
Buffalo developer Louis Ciminelli was sentenced to 28 months in prison and a $500k fine for his role in bid rigging associated with the state's Buffalo Billion program. But he's allowed to stay out of prison while he appeals. [AP/NYT] [TU]

Equal Rights Amendment in New York
A look at the arguments for New York State adopting its own Equal Rights Amendment. [TU]

Troy as sanctuary city
Rensselaer County exec Steve McLaughlin is against the proposal in front of the Troy City Council to declare the city a sanctuary city. [TU]

Funeral for state trooper
The funeral in Rotterdam for state trooper Jeremy VanNostrand -- killed in a crash last week while waiting to turn into the parking lot of the State Police barracks in Montgomery County -- drew an overflow crowd family, friends, and law enforcement. Andrew Cuomo was among the attendees. [TU] [Daily Gazette]

Chris Churchill on opioid overdoses, suicides, and the nation's declining life expectancy: "What this region, and so much of the country, is experiencing suggests nothing less than an epidemic of unhappiness and despair -- a deeply worrying spiritual crisis and loss of connection, a social catastrophe. Put simply, we're not living right." [TU]

Stuff going on today

Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberley
Tuesday-Sunday: The Rep continues its production of Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberley, based on characters from Pride and Prejudice. "In this charmingly imagined sequel to Jane Austen's masterwork, the ever-dependable Mary Bennet is growing tired of her role as dutiful middle sister in the face of her siblings' romantic escapades. When the family visits for Christmas, an unexpected guest sparks Mary's hopes for independence, an intellectual match -- and possibly even love?" Tuesday-Sunday various times -- $22 and up

Susan Orlean
Tuesday: The Susan Orlean event at Northshire is sold out, but it sounds like there will be some standing room available. Tuesday 6 pm

Brass Tacks
Tuesday: The Brass Tacks poetry and spoken word series is back at The Low Beat. 7 pm

Music: The Messiah at The Cathedral of All Saints
The 147th year of the performance by The Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys. 7 pm -- $30 / $25 seniors / $15 students / $10 under 12

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