Pedestrian killed in Latham, Kaloyeros sentenced, jury deliberating in murder for hire trial, Cuomo urges Dems to oppose funding for wall

Pedestrian killed in Colonie
A 61-year-old woman was struck and killed by a car on Tuesday night at the intersection of Swatling Road and Route 2 in Colonie. Police are investigating but they say alcohol was not a factor in the crash and the driver called 911 immediately. [TU][Spectrum]

Alain Kaloyeros
A federal judge sentenced Alain Kaloyeros to 3 1/2 years in prison on Tuesday for his part in a bid rigging scheme connected to the Buffalo Billion initiative, and for trying to cover up his crimes. Kaloyeros will remain free pending his appeal. He told the judge, "Your honor, I stand before you with a heavy heart. I feel enormous responsibility for the hurt and loss I have caused others. ... I feel enormous sorrow and pain. I take full responsibility for their struggle and will spend the rest of my life trying to make amends."[NYT][Spectrum][TU]

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Murder for hire trial
Jurors have begun deliberating the fate of the man on trial for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill Charles Dembrosky. [Gazette]

Soares: killing was justified
D.A. David Soares says an investigation showed that a man who fired a shot near a sleeping baby, killing an intruder in his home, was justifiedin the shooting. The man will spend three years on probation, however, on a marijuana possession charge. [TU]

Schoharie crash
+The family of Amanda Rivenburg, the 29-year-old woman who was among the 20 victims of October's Schoharie limo crash, has submitted an intent to file a claim against New York State arguing that the state failed to make the intersection safe and failed to take the unsafe limo off the road. [Spectrum][WNYT]

+A bipartisan group of upstate members of congress introduced legislation on Tuesday to close a loophole allowing stretch limos to avoid comply with Federal regulations. [TU]

Bus driver facing sex charge
A school bus driver from Troy is facing charges for allegedly trying to have sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy after allegedly exchanging sexually explicit messages with an undercover police officer who was posing as a 14-year-old boy. [WNYT][TU]

Don't fund a wall
In a radio interview on Tuesday, Andrew Cuomo urged congressional Democrats to oppose funding for a wall not he U.S.-Mexico border, even thought Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the government over this issue. [Spectrum]

Chris Churchill takes a "superficial" look at potential candidates with ties to the Northeast. [TU]

Terroristic threats
A pair of Schenectady men are facing charges for making terroristic threats in separate incidents in the city. [Gazette]

Following a conference on Tuesday at the Rensselaer County Courthouse, lawyers for Luna, the dog facing euthanasia after being startled and biting another dog an its owner, say they are confident about the dogs chances but are still awaiting a final decision. [TU]

Helping out an old friend
After seeing a story about a young boy helping a man in a wheelchair, some of the man's high school classmates got together to help him even more. [TU]

Rescued owl
"The whole thing was absolutely tremendous,(I was) very grateful to have been in the right place at the right time and that he didn't take my finger off when I picked him up." -- A self described animal lover who rescued an injured owl from the road. [TU]

Stuff going on today

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley
Today-Sunday: The Rep continues its production of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, based on characters from Pride and Prejudice. "In this charmingly imagined sequel to Jane Austen's masterwork, the ever-dependable Mary Bennet is growing tired of her role as dutiful middle sister in the face of her siblings' romantic escapades. When the family visits for Christmas, an unexpected guest sparks Mary's hopes for independence, an intellectual match -- and possibly even love?" Tuesday-Sunday various times -- $22 and up

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Wednesday-Sunday: The Classic Theater Guild has a production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in The Addy at Proctors. Wednesday-Sunday various times -- $20 / $16 students, seniors, military

Marijuana: Justice, Equity, Reinvestment
Wednesday: An event called "Marijuana: Justice, Equity, Reinvestment" will be at the Albany Capital Center. It includes a series of talks, panels, and discussions related to marijuana legalization in New York State, and the opportunities that could present for economic development and social justice. Tuesday-Wednesday various times -- free (registration required)

Wednesday: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades at Caffe Lena
"Bluegrass mavericks." 7 pm -- $20


And yet another person gets killed on a multilane road. When will we fix the killer roads? Walkers blame drivers, drivers blame drivers, and no one talks about the real cause: the roads are too wide. Anything wider than three lanes should have a median.

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