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Kristin Luberda

Anti-bullying club


Peaceful T-Shirts that are Teacher Approved

AntiBullyingClub is in business to spread the all important messages of peace, 
kindness, and antibullying to children, adolescents, teens, teachers, and 
parents through the use of t-shirts. 

Students love t-shirts (everyone loves t-shirts); we all wear t-shirts, read 
t-shirts and see the messages of their images all day (in and out of school). 
Our t-shirts promote messages of peace, kindness, and antibullying in a unique, 
fun, and captivating way.

We are a small start-up family owned business. Among us we have a teacher, a 
printer, an artist, a writer, and a salesperson; together we draw on our own 
personal strengths and expertise to create AntiBullyingClub Peaceful T-Shirts 
that are Teacher Approved. 

We are a unique business having the benefit of a teacher's experience and 
perspective of what a student's life is like inside of the school environment. 
And we believe every school needs the positive messages our t-shirts provide.

Within every school the messages of respect, kindness, and being a good 
person are always among the most important lessons our students can learn. Yet 
within the six or more hours students spend in school each day, the lessons 
and messages of peace, antibullying, kindness, appreciating diversity, etc. are 
not part of their standard everyday curriculum; it is a very important missing 
link, and in our opinion, it is among the most important information we can 
teach on a daily basis. 

Students primarily learn through the use of visual, kinesthetic (hands-on) or 
auditory learning styles. In school all day long students are taught from an 
audio perspective (primarily through lecture); our AntiBullyingClub T-Shirts 
teach peace and kindness by targeting the visual learning style. The more 
students wear and see our AntiBullyingClub T-Shirts the more these messages of 
peace are reinforced. 

Currently we offer 12 t-shirt designs for all ages and we use fun, clever, 
colorful and age appropriate designs to grab students' attention. We also offer teacher lesson plans as easy teaching tools to go along with the t-shirts.

So far, our response has been incredibly positive. Teachers, administrators and 
parents would all love to incorporate our program in their school; but budget 
cuts across the board are stopping their wish to provide these peaceful t-shirts to their children. This is where your generosity of the Sunmark Grant can make 
a huge difference in children receiving the benefits of our AntiBullyingClub 
T-Shirt program by providing us the funding to start our Corporate Sponsorship 

Proposed Project: 
 What's Next: Where there is a will there is a way! 
Our new initiative will be to get local and corporate businesses to sponsor our 
t-shirts and upcoming programs (please see Extending the Grant).

Even though our prices are as low as we can go, due to budget cuts schools still 
just can't afford our AntiBullyingClub T-Shirts right now. With the Sunmark Grant we 
will be able to launch directly into seeking corporate sponsorship for AntiBullyingClub T-Shirts so children can still receive the benefits of our program. 

With the generosity of the Sunmark Grant we could create a small business and 
corporate sponsorship webpage to add to our website. The web page would accept 
small business and corporate sponsorship donations; depending on the size of 
donations, corporate sponsors could have their actual names printed on the 
AntiBullyingClub T-Shirts; additionally a space on the site would be dedicated to recognizing and thanking small business and corporate sponsors. Funds from the Sunmark Grant would also help our efforts in contacting corporate sponsors via direct communication and social networking.

Our website was self made through an easy template system. This next level is 
beyond our expertise but would be easily affordable with the Sunmark Grant 
because the programming involved would only involve the simple functions of this 
one project. Please visit our website which is in progress at

This new initiative is a Win - Win! Local Businesses and Corporate Sponsorship 
would allow the school districts who want our AntiBullyingClub T-Shirts to 
receive them for free and would allow local businesses and corporations to 
contribute to their community.

 We just need a little help to accomplish this. With the Sunmark Grant we would 
be able to hire the web designer we have been in touch with and start this 
important initiative.

If we are awarded your Sunmark Grant we will be able to implement our corporate 
sponsorship program during the summer and hopefully many sponsors will sign up 
for our program and allow AntiBullyingClub T-Shirts to reach children in our 
schools throughout New York State and beyond. 

(Extending the Grant)
The Sunmark Grant would also help us with our next initiative. Our next initiative would be to design FUN101. FUN101 will be a parent-child assembly held at the school to help parents, students, and schools talk about peacekeeping in a fun, unique, and creative 

We are excited about helping students, teachers, and parents keep our schools a 
fun, safe and peaceful place to learn. Thank you for your careful consideration 
and willingness to help AntiBullyingClub spread messages of peace to our youth.

Please help us help children of all ages. If we can provide you with any 
additional information or help your efforts please let us know. You can reach us at

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