Who needs Facebook when you can have your very own phone book?

stacks of phone books as tall as a man

After seeing the post this morning about stopping the never-ending barrage of phone books (OK, we exaggerate... a little), a friend of AOA sent along this pic from Union's campus center today. Yep, those are phone books -- stacked in piles taller than that guy.

And, really, this makes sense. When you think of a demographic that would immediately turn to a phone book for information, you gotta think college students.

(Thanks, George!)


Okay...no..that is crazy...outside our apartment is a stack of phonebooks..and I am pretty sure they just keep dropping more off...a group of homeless could have kindling for years or a family of four could build a small home and live comfortably for the amount that we have in front of our house. Have the phonebook guys heard of this new concept called the internet or this crazy new thing called the environmental movement..reduce, reuse recycle.

Where can these tomes be deposited without overloading the nearest trash bin?

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