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Don't let this happen to you.

So you're having a great time at lunch or you're stuck in a meeting, but the time is almost up on that parking meter you popped your last quarter into. You're tempted to leave it to chance but if the parking gods aren't with you, what will it cost? A parking violation in the Capital Region can run you anywhere from $10 to around $200.

A few weeks ago we learned that an alternate parking violation in A-Town carries a $65 fine, even if you're caught switching sides a few minutes early. Most folks learn the price of a ticket the hard way. So we thought we'd try and save you a couple of bucks and a whole lot of trouble by posting the fines from Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga. Here's what we found:

Add $15 NYS surcharge to every ticket in Albany.
Fines double after 20 days.

Overtime $25

No Parking $35

12 Inches from curb $35

Wrong Side to curb $35

Unauthorized Angle $35

No Standing $25

Double Parking $75

Emergency-No Parking $35

Blocking Driveway $50

Handicap Parking $150 + $30 NYS surcharge.

Tow Away Zone $35

Fire Lane $35

Fire Hydrant $100

Snow Removal Obstr. $35

Traffic Obstruction $50

No Stopping $50

Crosswalk Parking $35

Sidewalk Parking $35

Fines double after 20 days.

Meter Violation $15

Double Parking $25

Blocking Traffic $30

Overtime Parking $10

Blocking Driveway $25

Other $30

All Night Parking $25

No Parking $25

Fire Hydrant $55

Improper Parking $25

Intersection $25

Fire Lane $55

Wrong Way to Curb $25

Sidewalk Parking $25

Handicap Parking $105 (Add. State Surcharge $30)

Bet. Curb & Sidewalk $25

No Stopping $25

End of Isle/Mall $25

Priority Street $55

Abandoned Vehicle $55

No Standing $25

Snow Removal $30

Snow Emergency $70

Fines double after 14 days.

Within 15 ft of hydrant $110

Double parking $35

Blocking drive $35

On sidewalk $35

Within pedestrian crosswalk $35

Facing wrong direction $35

In an intersection $35

Over 12 inches from curb $35

Uninspected $35

No valid registration $35

Posted prohibition $35

Within bus stop area $35

Allowing less than 10 feet for free flow of traffic $35

Within loading zone $35

Occupying more than 1 marked space $35

City lot without permit $35

Overtime parking 1st violation - $20

Overtime parking subsequent violations-$35

Handicapped - $140 + $30 NYS surcharge

"Other" violation $35

In Saratoga you can pay parking violations online
but unless you're paying in cash, add a $5 surcharge to all Saratoga tickets.
Fines double after 20 days.

Restricted Night Parking $25

Improper Parking $25

No Parking Zone $25

Handicapped Zone $140 + $30 NYS surcharge

Obstructing Traffic $25

Overtime Limit $25

Abandoned Vehicle $25

Obstructing Intersection $25

Obstructing Crosswalk/Sidewalk $25

Obstructing Driveways $25

Obstructing Loading Zones $25

Obstructing Snow Emergency Zone $25

Obstructing Or Parking Too Close To Fire Hydrant $60

Parking In Or Blocking A Fire Lane $60

Parked Facing Wrong Way $25

Alternate Side Parking $25

Double Parking $25

Unregistered Motor Vehicle $25

Uninspected Motor Vehicle $25

Failure To Display Current Registration Certificate$25

Truck In Residental Zone $95

Second Offense $195

Other $30

A couple of things we noticed:

**Parking in a handicapped spot carries one of the heaviest fines in all four cities-- but at
$150 + the $30 NYS surcharge, it's most expensive in Albany. Of course no one who reads AOA would park in a handicapped spot without a tag so it's sort of a moot point.

**Far be it from us to encourage anyone to violate the law, but if you're going to violate a parking regulation, it appears that Schenectady is where you'll get your best parking regulation violation value.


Does anyone know when you get booted in Albany? I think I am pretty close...

That's a good question. I just saw someone getting the boot the other day.

Anyone know why is there a $15 state surcharge in Albany but nowhere else? Is that the price we pay for the "prestige" of living in the capital??

@Fred: The answer is forthcoming. We noticed that too and did some checking. We should have the details together later this week.

Albany has one of the more outrageous parking situations around. Last week, Dove St. in Center Square was paved, and signs were not posted as of 5pm on July 8. On July 10th @ 7:45am my car was towed. In Albany, 48 hrs notice is supposed to be given for street parking closure. The total fine has come to around $250. Have there been major complaints about cars being towed on Dove St. last week, and is this just another example of Albany law and order abusing its constituents?

@Fred-We have an answer. If you've got $200 or more in outstanding tickets, you're eligible for the boot--or the tow truck.

Good to know...I still have a couple of tickets to go.

First to the guy who said tickets weren't handwritten: pffft. Also, that ticket looks awfully familiar....I wonder who's car took one for the team? :-P

I don't live in the city and my car got a ticket for parking 12" from the curb. Do they take pictures with a ruler? If not, is it easy to fight the ticket?

In Albany, your best bet is always to show up at city hall (hours are printed on the ticket). Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't.

Every time I've gotten a ticket in Albany, I've gone to city hall and they've helped me out, either by reducing the fine, giving me an extension if I say I can't afford the ticket, or both. You don't even really need a good excuse.

B and rana are right.

I went to City Hall to pay a ticket a few months ago. I asked the security guard at the front where I should go to pay (FYI, the payment office is RIGHT BEHIND the security desk). He said, "You mean you're not even going to ask them to reduce it?" I said no. He said, "They'll always reduce it if they can. You should go up and ask them."

So I went up to the ticket office (on the second floor of city hall, very much convenient) and they cut my fine in half! I didn't even give them an excuse--I just told them the security guard told me to ask them to reduce my ticket.

Hooray! An Albany success story! (Except the fine was still $60. That part sucked.)

In Schenectady my wife got a ticket for taking a right on red when she shouldn't have. The ticket said, "disobeyed traffic control device."

How much will this cost? Also, does this require a lawyer?

Does anyone know if you can have an unregistered vehicle parked in your driveway, my son has a classic 67 Pontiac GTO mint and I'm worried it will be towed or ticketed?

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