The AOA survey

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In the prize pack: pizza from DeFazio's, cupcakes from Spa City Cupckakes, albums from Collar City Records. There are Spectrum passes, too.

Here's the deal: AOA has to start paying for its pixels, and to do that we have to have some sense of who's stopping by the site every day. So, we've put together a short survey that we're hoping you'll take.

To thank you -- and to make things a little more fun -- we're giving away a prize pack of cool Capital Region stuff to one person who takes the survey (the winner will be drawn at random). Here's what's in the pack:

+ A gift certificate for a dozen cupcakes from Spa City Cupcakes in Saratoga

+ A bundle of four albums from Collar City Records, including Kentucky by Mathew Loiacono and We Are Giants Now by Ben Karis-Nix

+ A gift certificate for pizza (or really, whatever) from DeFazio's in Troy

+ two passes to the Spectrum in Albany

Here's the survey. It should take five minutes (at most) to complete. We appreciate you taking the time.

The AOA survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill it out! We appreciate it!

Questions or concerns? Email us: editors |at| alloveralbany |dot| com


6: About how often do you read a local newspaper?
Hmmmm, online or offline?

Now give me my damn cupcake coupons.

Making $$ to support bandwidth (or staff) is always tricky. Hope you can find advertisers who like your demographic!

Please don't go. I love you all.

I tried taking the survey and when i got up to the questions about breakfast, lunch, and dinner the survey would not let me input my answers.

@sharon: Hmm. That's odd. We'll look into it and try to figure out what might have happened.

If anyone else has trouble, please let us know.

hey - I took the survey, clicked "Done", but it never gave any confirmation or anything, and it says yous are having server problems. talk to me babe, whats the haps...
(p.s. I've been meaning to post something for a while; hell of a job with the site gang)

I'd be curious to find out the responses to the survey once they are compiled, do you guys plan on posting them?

With regard to ScentHerSquare's question...

For those who speak nerd:
We use Movable Type and all the MT scripts we had running under FastCGI apparently just stopped working overnight. Why? No idea. We switched back to using regular CGI and that seems to have fixed the problem.

For those who don't speak nerd:
The server running AOA got up this morning and decided not to eat breakfast because we were making toast with wheat bread even though we'd been making toast like that for months. Why? No idea. We switched back to white bread and it seems to have been appeased.

If anyone notices anything not working, please let us know.

@Jackers: Yep, we'll post some of the aggregate info in the not-to-distant future. We just have to get things collected and collated.

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