Responding to the AOA survey comments

Otto closeup

A few people asked for more of Otto, the AOA office dog.

A few weeks ago we posted a survey and a bunch of you were nice enough to take it. Thank you. We appreciate it. And congratulations to Ned Abbott -- he's the winner of the survey prize pack.

We'll publish the aggregate data from the survey soon (we're still organizing it), but we also wanted to respond to some of the comments that people made. So, we went through and paraphrased a bunch of the most common comments. Included in our answers are a little bit about where we're hoping to take AOA. If you have any ideas/suggestions about that, we'd love to hear them.

On with the comments...

"Enough already with all the Saratoga and Track stuff."

We hear you. We went a little overboard with the Saratoga stuff this past August. We'll be sure to keep things a little more balanced next time around.

"Love the food stuff. More, please."

We'd love to do more food items. And we have something food-related coming up that we think is going to be really fun (it'll be better as a surprise). Aside from that, anyone have ideas for the type of food items you'd like to see? We'd like to do something a little different in addition to Eat This.

"More in general. Just... more."

We're working on it. Amy, AOA's new shopping person, just started. And we're hoping to bring a a couple of other contributors into the mix soon. A few people also requested new stuff on the weekends -- that's probably a way off at this point, but we'd like to at some point.

"You guys should organize some events."

That sounds like fun. We've kicked around the idea a bit, but we haven't settled on anything. Suggestions? What kind of event would you like to see?

"I wish commenting was easier. And I wish there was someplace people could discuss stuff."

We're working on that. It'll probably be a few months, but it's down the road.

"How about some kind of calendar thing?"

We're working on that, too. We just need to feed our web monkey more bananas.

"You know, the Rachael Ray stuff was funny, but it's getting a little old."

We agree.

Any other suggestions for things you'd like to see covered, uncovered, recovered?


Why the long face, Otto?

I hope part of your comment system revamp includes posting comments right away. I don't mind if you moderate them (i.e. by taking them down after they're posted) but I hate posting a comment and then checking back over the next while to see if it's shown up yet. Plus you don't want to be schmuck with egg on your face when someone else posted the same thing first (and it was currently awaiting moderation when you posted).

As for "more", I could care less about fashion and shopping, but I would like to see more stuff that's not within walking distance of Lark St (some of us are stuck in the 'burbs, after all).

Also, how about more info (even just a heads up) about the various ethnic fests around the region? Greek Fest, Polish Fest, and so on.

how about some grammar help too?

re: CouldNotcareless

I believe you meant "How" not "how". Remember, your grammar majesty, sentences begin with capital letters.

More Troy stuff!!! I know you're All Over ALBANY, but I do appreciate the Troy bits....

More various things happening around town, even if it means for allowing moderated guest "posts" with tips on area happenings, with photos too

i would be interested in participating.

love all over albany. just could do without the wext lists and the dog. missed you while you were away and the dog was worse than no posts at all!!!

I think you should hire Pantaloons and put her on staff. His/her comments always crack me up.

A user-submitted story section would be interesting. Something that doesn't actually go into the main feed, but a kind of "journal" or "diary" section where we can all post our observations and events around the region.

RSS feed for the comments, thanks :)

All I want is to be more informed as to what's going on in Capital Land. Really, I dig the digested Newspaper Posts and focus on Local Culture. I want to see more of these things. Also, I don't think the WEXT playlists are so bad being it introduced me to the Radio Station. Prior to that I figured WAMC was the only thing worth listening to in the area.

How about reviews of local fitness places? We have a lot of yoga/pilates studios in the area and other random fitness places that might be nice to try but I'm always cautious about spending money without an honest review. For example, The Movement Lab in Troy or eStudio in Latham.

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