Colonie facing a lot of red ink, smoking ban proposed around hospitals, Schenectady looking at slick solution for graffiti, chowderfest winners

Auditors for the Town of Colonie report the town is facing a $19.5 million deficit -- that's even bigger than the previous estimates that prompted finger wagging by the state. Town supervisor Paula Mahan says the town is still looking to collect a one-time deficit reduction tax next year. A plan to do that earlier this year was blocked by the state legislature. [TU]

John McCain said last night on 60 Minutes that Andrew Cuomo, who's currently the New York attorney general, would make a good head of the federal Securities and Exchange Commission. [Daily Politics]

Capital Region colleges say they're seeing jumps in enrollment and financial aid requests, possibly because of the state of the economy. [Daily Gazette]

An Albany common council member says he's going to propose a ban on smoking within 100 feet of hospitals. It's not the health effects that have him bothered -- it's the litter. [TU]

David Soares' office is at odds with the DA's office in Onondaga County (Syracuse) over the alleged "kingpin" of an upstate gambling ring. Part of the rub: the accused is a quadriplegic and the potential cost of covering his care has kept him out of jail in Syracuse -- that might not be the case here in Albany. [TU]

It looks like the ethanol plant proposed for the Port of Albany is moving forward. The plant may not just be using corn to produce the fuel, though. There's now talk it could process everything from molasses to cellulose. [TU]

Bee keepers are upset with a New York State plan to expand its hive inspection program. They're worried information collected by the program could be used by bee rustlers. [TU]

The City of Schenectady is looking into widespread use of anti-graffiti paint. The stuff is apparently so smooth that spray paint won't stick to it. [Daily Gazette]

The Shen School District is charging "secondary" parents $2.50 a month to get copies of their kids' report cards and other communication mailed by the school. [TU]

The Albany Pump Station took the judge's title at the Troy Chowderfest over the weekend. Yanni's Restaurant won the people's choice category. Perhaps because of the Troy Pig Out sample controversy, the participant's in this fest were required to show up with at 30 gallons of chowder. [Troy Record]


How about a law allowing people to slash tires of anyone seen throwing burning cigarettes out their windows?

Sometimes I jog past the AMC campus and I can't recover from all the smoke and dodging of the cigarettes and sheer number of bodies standing and smoking. It's terribly ironic that a place built to better your health makes mine worse while I'm exercising to make my health better. I almost got hit by a car while running on the other side of the street to avoid the smokers- construction has the sidewalk closed. Basically- AMC is a death trap.

Katherine, Bravo for jogging and putting up with such disgusting and horrible obstacles! I am in awe of your self-discipline. I don't move very fast these days, unless someone says the magic words: "Krispy Kreme is closing in ten minutes". In which case, I'm out the door like a fireman.

A firewoman, Pantaloons, a firewoman: don't ruin it for your fan(s).

That's right. Make no mistake. I am all woman. Despite what my doctor will lead you to believe.

Pantaloons, if I didn't know any better I would say you were taking a piss. :)

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