Eliot Spitzer hails his own cabs now

spitzer tragedy composite

Apparently he agrees it is more like Aeschylus than Shakespeare.

Over the weekend, NYT followed up on what Eliot Spitzer's doing these days (aside from, you know, "hanging out" with his kids). A few of the highlights...

+ According to Alan Dershowitz, Spitzer is "not goofing off."

+ He has to -- gasp! -- hail his own cabs and buy his own coffee now.

+ The last time he talked to David Paterson was in June when he called to wish the now-Gov good luck in the Utica Boilermaker. And he apparently got seriously ticked off at Paterson in August after the Gov made comments indicating that Spitzer's people didn't know what they were doing in Albany.

+ Spitzer reportedly thinks of his tragedy as Greek. Good call.

And from Spitzer emails NYT got a hold of via FOIL:

+ David Paterson's strong suit is not punctuality.

+ Amtrak officials realize their service sucks sometimes.


My professor told me that if you take the length of Eliot Spitzer's ears and multiply it by 3, you'll have the precise length between the Earth and the Sun. I know, I know, I didn't think it was true either, but I punched in the formula on my scientific calculator, and by golly he's totally right!

Sorry, still a little bitter about the whole you-restored-my-faith-in-government-and-gave-me-hope-only-to-then-turn-around-and-completely-betray-that-trust thing.

Both Alan Dershowitz and Elliott Spitzer in the same post. Nice. Wonder if Elliott spent anytime with either Sunny or Klaus?

For once, I am not making this up--> I had a dream last night where several of my ex-boyfriends appeared. I have no doubt that the dream was inspired by this blog post. So, please, for the love of god, no more Eliot Spitzer updates. It's like reading about an ex-boyfriend with whom you've had a horrible break-up. Maybe I'm being too needy, but I think you should bring back the Rachael Ray World Domination Watch because I've thought of several Rachael Ray related jokes in the past few weeks, but have had no place to use them. So, I think it is a pretty legitimate concern.

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